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PWA.Market is a multifunctional tool for creating PWA apps. PWA technology is relative new at the traffic arbitrage market, but currently are becoming more and more popular. With PWA apps you can make profit as via to webview apps. Everything depends on your creativity and ad company settings. Sending traffic via to PWA apps webmasters can make ROI 50%, 100% and even 800%. Today we are going to show you the case study in which we send traffic to 4RaBet offer to India. 

Our internal mediabuying worked very hard assembling this particular case study. We really hope you find the information useful!

Spoiler! PWA applications perform best for Tier-3 countries.


  • Source: Facebook
  • Geo: India
  • Offer: 4RaBet
  • Offering type: Public
  • Payment Model: CPA
  • PPA: $30
  • Period: 26.03.22 – 29.05.22
  • Spent: $66 400
  • Revenue: $166 200
  • ROI: 135%
  • Instal2reg: 1:3
  • Reg2dep: 1:5
  • Total: 78 128 installations ($0.85), 26 000 registrations ($2.55), 5 540 deposits ($12)

India is one of the most popular GEOs, which both experienced webmasters and novice webmasters pour into. The total population of India at the beginning of 2022 was 1 415 billion people. With that being said, India doesn’t compare to any other country in its love of sports betting and cricket in particular.

With the PWA apps + GEO India bundle, we managed to get $166 200. Below we attach the statistics from the Affiliate network:

Statistics from Affiliate Network

When setting up the advertising campaign, we chose the “purchase” goal. Traffic was optimized through the internal Facebook pixel.

Setting up ad campaign #2

The following screenshot shows the first results after launching ad creatives. In about three days we managed to get about 120 installs, 40 registrations and 3-5 deposits.

Initial launch results

The ad creatives where made in richly vivid colors and with people’s emotions. The ad creatives were segmented according to the language of the region. There are currently 22 languages officially recognized by the government in India. Below you will find a preview of two of the creatives:

Ad creative preview #1

Ad creative preview #1

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After clicking on the ad, we sent the moderators to the white page in the style of Ludo India Game and users to the PWA application designed in the style of the 4RaBet offer itself. By the way, you will not be able to design the webview appls in the style of the offer itself, because the marketplaces will not admit them. But with PWA you can make absolutely any design.

An example of white page in the style of Ludo India Game

Example of a PWA app for the 4RABet offer

After the user installed the app, we “pushed” it with push-notifications. We made them in English to cover a larger audience. We also selected the English/Any function in the settings, so that notifications would be sent to devices with any browser language.

Example of push-notification #1

Example of push-notification #2


No matter what someone says, PWA apps have definite advantages over webview which are worth using. The lower weight of the apps gives faster loading, the ability to design a PWA app in any style gives a higher conversion rate to install. It is impossible to ban a PWA app, and you can create a new domain for it in just 1 minute. Sing up to PWA.Market and get high profit.

Our team is open to close cooperation with all the webmasters, teams, advertisers and affiliate networks. We will be glad to write a joint business case with you! For the case we provide cool bonuses. If you have any questions connected to cooperation, please, contact Alexandra.

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