Hi, it’s ADLEADPRO here. As we get more questions about some basic principles of working with Facebook, we decided to step back a little and explain how you can link the setup in this source. At the moment we’ll be using a BM from a well-farmed account (the one we call ‘king’) with autoregs.

Have everything ready for the setup

Let’s start with what you need for starting an ad campaign on Facebook. It’s pretty solid, but it might require a bit of mambo-jambo with the quality of the supplies.

  1. A ‘king’ with BM. We have talked already on how to farm an account on your own in 21 day + create a BM. Everything you need for it can be found here and here.

  2. Fan Page with no restricted ad activity that is linked to our ‘king’. You can farm it yourself, they are not really cheap.
  3. Linked autoregs to the BM. Usually we add 10 accounts, not more. Though we know there are people adding 15 or even 20.

Launch the campaign through Fan Page. That’s about it. You can find different shops where you can buy everything. In this article we’ll show where to click to start with advertising. 

Give Fan Page to the ‘king’

So you bought a Fan Page of New Page Experience. Open an anti-detect browser and log in with our ‘king’, our Fan Page account and autoregs. And let them be for a while, have them mingle a little (at least for 12 hours). 

If you plan on using Dolphin, you can use our promo code ‘ADLEADPRO’ that will give you a 20% discount on your first payment.

Then add the account with the Fan Page as a friend. Go to the Fan Page account and there click on Professional Dashboard.

There you can find ‘Page access’ (should be on the left of the page). And there we can see everyone that has access to this Fan Page. Click on ‘Add new’ and then put the name of our ‘king account’ (or the one you want to link to the Fan Page).

Choose our account for shared access. Don’t forget to give the ‘king’ full control of the page. Click on ‘Give access’. After that Facebook will ask you to give your password (as an account with the Fan Page) to verify the action. Do it.

Now the other account receives the invitation. We go back to the ‘king’ account, go to the Fan Page and click on ‘Review invitation’. Accept everything Facebook asks you to. Including switching your account, so that you use Facebook as the Fan Page.

Link ‘king’ with autoregs and give ad rights

The linking itself consists of two steps: adding autoregs to the ‘king’s’ BM and then appointing the ‘king’ as the manager in the ad accounts of autoregs. This will give the ‘king’ more trust when it comes to launching ad campaigns and will avoid getting banned (only autoregs can get banned after this step). Here is how it should look.

Let’s start with the first step. Go to the BM and send a request to our autoreg. For that we need to:

  1. Go to Ads Manager of the autoreg and copy the ID of the ad account. You can find it in the brackets after the name of the account.

  2. Go to the open tab in the anti-detect with our ‘king’ there. In the Bm click on ‘Ad Accounts’ => ‘Add’ and then ‘Request Access to an Ad Account’.

  3. In the new window put the ID of the autoreg’s ad account and then ‘Confirm’.

  4. Go back to the autoreg. Кefresh the page, see the request from the ‘king’ and then give the BM access to the ad account.

Let’s go back to the tab with our ‘king’, refresh the page and see that we have our autoreg in the ‘king’s’ BM.

Appoint ‘king’ the manager of the autoreg’s ad account:

  1. Now to be able to launch campaigns from the autoreg’s account using our ‘king’ account we need to give it ad rights. For that go to our BM and click on ‘Add people’.
  2. Then choose our ‘king’ as the admin. Give it full control of the and then confirm the settings.

That’s it. Repeat this whole routine for all other autoregs and then in the Ads Manager of the ‘king’ you’ll see access to all your autoregs. 

It is quite easy, ain’t it? We’re preparing a few more FB tutorials to help you start off easier.

See you in our next article.

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