Affiliates talks: Sergey Borisov CPA NOOB

Sergey is the creator of the CPA NOOB public page and the owner of the CTR 10 creative studio. He has been working with traffic for over 7 years. During this time, he managed to work with almost all traffic sources, improve his skills in video production, shoot a short series about affiliate marketing, run his own blog, and much more.

Affiliates talks: Kristina Neocreo

We talked about the origin of the studio, discussed the situation on the creative market, different creative approaches, and much more. Kristina also spoke about the success of the studio and the direction in which they want to move on.

Amy Cheung: Affiliate marketing and life

STM Forum is rightly seen as one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers to exchange their experiences. Although Telegram chats have been getting more popular in recent years, STM is still well-liked and helps a vast number of affiliates get new and valuable knowledge.


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