Making the most out of affiliate conferences: networking for the first time

We decided to shake things up a little. Instead of posting our usual content about traffic (and yes, we have dozens of articles about Facebook), we’ll be talking about networking today. As we’re heading to AWBangkok, we see more and more comments like ‘why would I spend that much money, if I can use this grand on traffic?’. And still, AW, Sigma and other conferences are as always fully booked.

How to create a BM on Facebook: tutorial

Hi, ADLEADPRO here! We’ve noticed that many accounts’ shops don’t have BMs for sale anymore. What’s more, Facebook is acting out, so that no Fan Pages can help you here. This might be a great time to breathe out and prepare yourself for future traffic. And in this article we’ll tell you what you can do – obviously, farm more BMs (which makes sense: several BMs are way better than just one).  

Searching for approaches and funnels in mVas

The more articles we publish on mVas, the more we get asked about how landings/pre-landings work, how to find creatives, how to build a funnel that will actually work. So today we decided to research spy tools and look for real funnels that publishers use. So that everyone can see => customize => use.


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