Hello arbitrators! MakeMoney TEAM knows from personal experience that Facebook sometimes behaves unpredictably and limits the comfortable work in all sorts of ways. But sometimes webmasters themselves reduce the ROI of traffic purchase due to trivial mistakes.

We recently talked about automating the routine in affiliate marketing and mentioned the ability to automatically purge negative comments. Today we will dwell on this problem in more detail.Β 

The impact of comments on the FB auction

Arbitrageurs focus on firstbills and spends, forgetting to keep the quality of ads high. Because of this, the effectiveness of the launch can suffer greatly, and then there is the automatic damage to important metrics such as: shows, CTR, CPC.

Facebook Ads algorithms use an auction model to determine which ads to show users at a given moment. They focus on the Relevance score – a complex indicator that takes into account likes, comments, clicks and other positive reactions.

The more positive reactions an ad gets, the more likely it is to get additional coverage. And if there are more negative reactions in the form of hiding and complaints, the result will be appropriate.Β 

Imagine yourself in the place of a potential lead who saw an advertisement for a product, went into the comments, and there is a solid negative. People write that the price is too high, consultants respond for a long time, and it is very difficult to get a refund. The desire to follow the link will disappear abruptly.

Positive comments are rarely written on the ads of affiliates, but no one bothers to post them from fake pages and respond with Fanpage. It won’t take long, but it may affect the overall result.

Some websites claim that the comments under the ad do not affect the cost of a lead and other financial indicators, but it is important to remember the situationality. In some cases, this factor may be decisive. Arbitrage blogger Vlad_R conducted an experiment and wrote that with the help of positive comments under advertising posts, the CPL was reduced.Β 

Experienced affiliates recommend uploading at least 15 positive comments per day and be sure to make reactions + answers from Fanpage. The life hack works especially well on the inside under LatAm, but in Europe the reaction is near zero.Β 

We tested the story with comments when uploading the Cpagetti offer – Cannabis Oil EU (hearing aid) to Portugal and Italy. The result pleasantly surprised us, the cost of a lead decreased by 5-18% depending on the campaign, and the approval grew by 3%. As a result, they uploaded very nicely, you can see for yourself on the screen.

Well, in the context of GEO, the statistics also pulled up:

There is an interesting non-arbitrage experiment in the public. The webmaster created two ad groups with positive and negative comments and leaked traffic for $1,000. The result surprised him. With the same coverage, the cost of an install for a campaign with positive comments turned out to be 3 times lower.

The author of the case concluded that users read comments before clicking on a link. Therefore, it is better to make sure that most of them contain positive reviews.Β 

Do not forget that the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is affected by an integrated approach. Even if you regularly post comments, and there is not enough advertising profile trust, time is wasted. Therefore, we recommend that you first of all pay attention to high-quality accounts.

When buying goods, 99% validity is guaranteed and a quick replacement in case of failure. The manager will not only quickly issue the goods, but also help to quickly solve problems.

How to clean comments?

The problem with cleaning up negative comments can be solved in several ways. The first is to manually clear comments several times a day. This is convenient if there are 10-15 pieces of them.Β 

You can automate cleaning using stop words in the privacy settings of the page from which you are uploading traffic. You create the list yourself or take it from open sources, for example, from Darkeads.Β 

We recommend expanding the stopword list via ChatGPT. The neural network easily copes with the request and generates many variations that a person can forget about. Chatbot can save you hours.


There are also specialized tools for moderating comments on the market: Dolphin Cloud, FBTOOL, IM Comments Cleaner. We recommend using β€œDolphin” autoupload, as it has more features in one interface.Β 

In settings Dolphin Cloud you can select the period for performing operations with comments and the type of action. The list of stop words for the required GEO is also loaded here. Developers give a trial for 3 days to evaluate the convenience.Β 

Working with comments can positively influence the evaluation of the ad and the situation in the Facebook ad auction. Do not forget about this task and you can also boast of a case for reducing the cost of a lead and increasing ROI.Β 

Write to the chat, what software you use to delete comments.Β  And be sure to subscribe to the blog in Telegram. We often share life hacks that will help you upload even more efficiently.