MakeMoney TEAM continues to share Facebook lifehacks to make your launches even more profitable. It’s no secret that many webmasters continue to scam Facebook for billing. They even consider it normal. But FB has something more interesting. Today we will raise the topic of the grace period in Facebook Ads. Let’s talk about its features, analyze the current schemes for calling it and show some examples with numbers. 

What is grace period on Facebook

Facebook’s advertising algorithms periodically fail. During this period, the cost of traffic and leads increases exponentially. Webmasters have to either stop advertising campaigns or look for options to adjust ROI at no cost. One of these tools is firstbilling. Legally, this is a fraud of the Meta Corporation. We do not support this, but just talk about the approaches of webmasters to work with this advertising network. 

In FB, in addition to the opportunity not to pay for the first billing, there are so-called “First billing on steroids” or a grace period. If first billing makes it possible to spend $10-20 on advertising, then for cases with a grace period there are examples of $2000-5000.

The scheme of the grace period:

  1. A campaign is launched with a spend of several hundred dollars daily.
  2. The webmaster consistently pays bills, avoiding delays.
  3. After 3-5 days of active work, the webmaster increases the budget and binds a new card or changes the limit on the old one.
  4. Facebook is trying to write off the payment and, if it’s an error, gives a credit period of up to a week. At this time, advertising is unscrewed for free, and at the end, the account is blocked if payment is not received.

In the screenshot below, the webmaster paid $1,500 for advertising from the card, and the total spend was $2,500. Due to the additional budget, he was able to equalize ROI and compensate for losses in the event of another failure of FB advertising algorithms. 

The last payment on the account was on May 27, from the 28th to the 30th the ads were spinning for free. Campaigns stopped after the 30th due to ad profile blocking. 


According to the observations of webmasters, the more spend on the account, the more budget Facebook gives during the grace period. That is, with $15-20k, it is quite possible to get additional traffic for $5,000 more. 

In most cases, the grace period lasts up to a week, but some sources indicate that the period is 30 days and after the end of the period the account is automatically blocked. 

2 ways to call a grace period

For some reason, the community believes that the grace period has long died and you can only count on the first billing of $10-15. In fact, the theme is still working and continues to delight experienced webmasters. 

The grace period is not triggered on all accounts, so don’t count on a free limit of several thousand dollars when you spin off $50 on campaigns in 2 days. You need to test different approaches. 

Telegram channel author Sent Traffic recently shared actual methods of calling grace. We thank him and analyze the approaches below. We tried to describe everything in simple words for beginners. 

Spin up to $250 bill

In the first case, an American setup is used: a strong farm account with a passed ban, advertising accounts with no limits on spend, a fanpage with subscribers, American proxies and BINs.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Add anlim accounts to the antidetect browser (we recommend using Dolphin) and link them to our farm account through the boost (promotion) fanpage.
  2. After approving the advertising post, we wait for the spin to 60 cents and write it off manually. 
  3. Launching the main advertising campaign, waiting for Facebook to spend $250. Advertising is better to unscrew without stopping.
  4. After receiving the billing, we set a limit on the card: $50 per day and $60 per month. 
  5. Facebook will try to write off the money, but it will fail. In this case, the map is active and IN_GRACE_PERIOD should start. 

When an account receives a grace period, it is better not to go to the advertising account once again. The stat can be tracked through autoload in the anti-detect browser or through extensions. Also, don’t forget to increase your ad limits. The larger the daily budget, the more free traffic you get.

Spend for $10

The second method is similar to the first, but there is a difference in the billing amount. It is necessary to reach $10 billing and cause a payment error through setting limits on the card or in another way. 

After calling the error, we return the limits and make a manual payment. After increasing the billing to $15, we lower the limit to $2 and wait for the grace period. The second method is used less often, so there is little data on its effectiveness. 

The author of the schemes claims that lately it has been possible to obtain a grace period in 3/3 of the cases. In the comments of the webmaster, they write that holds often come out and they interfere with getting a “credit limit”. But who has no holds, the chances of grace are high.

Do not forget that without high-quality consumables, it will not work to call grace. You can farm accounts yourself, but it will take months. Therefore, it is better to save money and buy ready-made profiles. 

When buying goods, 99% validity is guaranteed and a quick replacement in case of invalidity. The manager will not only quickly issue the goods, but also help to quickly solve problems.

When launching with a large span, it is quite possible to get $5k grace.  In a recent case Web Pro Aff spent $7,000 and didn’t deposit money in time for the next withdrawal. The profile went into a grace period and in 2 weeks the webmaster received $4,900 in clicks.


In the case above, we managed to save a lot due to grace. The final ROI was 246% instead of 141% if there was no grace. The setup was like this: Ukrainian farm accounts and cheap accounts without warming up. Up to 10 cheap accounts were tied to one farm and the limit was gradually raised to $250, and then an unlim budget was set. 

The grace period in FB is a tool to encourage advertisers. Facebook expects that the webmaster simply forgot to top up the card and gives him a nice bonus that definitely increases the conversion. And how affiliate webmasters use it is another question. 

Write to the chat, what is the maximum grace you could catch in FB. And be sure to subscribe to the blog in Telegram. We often share life hacks that will help you upload even more efficiently.