In the modern world of internet advertising, where the competition for user attention is incredibly high, effective methods of attracting and retaining audiences have become an integral part of a successful advertising strategy. One of the time-tested methods is push notifications.

Push notifications are a powerful tool that allows delivering advertising offers directly to a user’s device, even offline. Let’s take a look at an advertising network specializing in push notifications and find out why in 2023, advertisers should pay attention to this traffic source.


RollerAds is an international advertising push network specializing in Push, In-Page Push, and OnClick traffic. The company has been offering promotion opportunities through popular ad formats since 2019. During this time, advertisers working with RollerAds have obtained over 11 million conversions. The number of ad impressions for notifications launched through the advertising network has surpassed 620 billion!

RollerAds exclusively collaborates with verified direct advertisers worldwide and provides the opportunity to promote all major verticals of the CPA market except for adult content. The platform’s developers regularly enhance the network’s functionality, offering advertisers new means for effective online promotion.

RollerAds provides a choice of 3 ad formats:

  1. Classic Push Notifications: Short pop-up notifications that allow for non-intrusive promotion, ensuring a stable CTR and profits across all major verticals.
  2. In-Page Push: A unique type of notification that falls between push notifications and classic banners. These appear in the browser when visiting a website and do not require subscription. They function across platforms and devices (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows).
  3. OnClick (Popunder Ads): A popular advertising format that opens the target offer page after a user lands on a RollerAds-connected website.

Currently, over 10,000 publishers are connected to the advertising network, enabling advertisers to effectively promote offers from any vertical.

RollerAds offers various payment models including CPM, CPC, and Smart+ (an intelligent model with dynamic pricing optimization). Balances can be topped up using the following funding options:

– Any payment systems

– Paxum

– Payoneer

– PayPal

– WebMoney

– Capitalist

– Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies

Adding new funding methods is discussed on an individual basis. The advertising network management is flexible in this regard. The minimum replenishment amount is $50.

The service offers partners a free built-in spy service called Creatives Library, which compiles all current competitor creatives. Creatives from the library can be used for inspiration and new campaign creation. The library is regularly updated based on banner effectiveness.

For strategy development, intelligent budget planning, and estimating approximate traffic volume based on the specified bid, the advertising network offers a Traffic Estimator feature.

Manual inclusion of zones in blacklists is no longer necessary. The CPA Optimization feature automatically disables ineffective zones after postback configuration. To access the most converting zones, you can utilize Only Premium Targeting for your campaigns.

RollerAds Network Features

– CPC: $0.001, CPM: $0.1

– Ability to promote in any GEO

– 3 ad formats: Push, In-Page Push, and OnClick

– Unique AI-driven traffic processing tools: Smart Models, Traffic Presets, Traffic Estimator, CPA Optimization, Only Premium Targeting, Traffic Predictor

– In-house anti-fraud system

– Create ads swiftly with an intuitive constructor in seconds

– Powerful optimization algorithms

– Proprietary spy service with current competitor creatives, Creatives Library

– Real earning potential from promoting top verticals

– Real-time statistics monitoring

– Influence the internal auction using the RTB algorithm

– User-friendly and intuitive personal dashboard

– Flexible targeting settings: carriers, GEOs, devices, OS, browsers, language, subscription age, IP

– Large audience for the most sought-after verticals

– 16 internal macros for campaign optimization

– Personal manager support throughout all stages

– Fast campaign moderation

– Ability to create and manage black and white lists

– Referral system: 5% of referral income

– Minimum deposit amount: $50

How to launch an advertising campaign in RollerAds

Creating an advertising campaign in RollerAds takes only a few minutes. To launch an advertisement of an offender in the advertising network, you need to:

1. Register in RollerAds

Click on the link. Click on β€œSign Up” and select β€œAdvertiser” and fill in the registration fields. After filling out the form, go to your mailbox and confirm your registration. Use the password from the automatic email to log in to your RollerAds personal account.

2. Go to the menu for creating an advertising campaign

Once you get to the main page of your personal cabinet, go to the advertising campaigns tab. To do this, click on the β€œ+ New Campaign” icon in the upper left part of the screen.

3. Choose an advertising format

  • Push. Short pop-up notifications
  • In-Page Push. Universal notification format
  • OnClick. Popunder ads.Β 
  • Calendar

4. Specify the payment model

Choose one of the payment models: Smart CPC, CPC or CPM (if you choose Popunder ads as your ad format).

5. Select presets

Select one of the presets that corresponds to your ad campaign.

6. Specify the name of the advertising campaign

Specify the name of the ad campaign and add the necessary macros to the link.

7. Create a creative

Upload an image for the creative, add an icon and spell out the text with a title. Use city and country macros if necessary.

8. Check out the preview of the creative

Test how the creative will look in different OS or add multiple variations of the creative.

9. Add or eliminate traffic sources

Indicate the anticipated rate and budget allocation strategy.

10. Set up targeting

Specify device type, OS, browser, display time, age, browser language, subscription age, etc.

11. Launch the campaign

Save your changes and launch the campaign.

This completes the creation of the advertising campaign. Create an account on RollerAds, launch traffic and earn!