The dependence on the successful launch of a trusted payment service has grown several times over the last year. Similarly, supply has increased along with demand. The current competition allows affiliates to get a better service and cut their coffers in a way it has never been done before. Today I’m going to review one of these services – Spendge.

They have a mega cool loyalty program: there are a cashback, free cards based on turnover, and a referral program. Plus, they have a cool interface for teamwork. Actually, we will talk about all this below.

The terms of issue and use of Spendge cards

To issue cards for Facebook, Google, and TikTok, you can choose several BINs from Visa and MasterCard. The issued currency is euro, dollar, and British pound. So there will be some diversification in case of a storm. There is also 3D-Secure for all cards.

Regarding fees:

  • Card issuance is 5 EUR (a bit pricey, but we’ll tell you how to pay half that below);
  • Top-up fee – 2.5% (most competitors have 3.5%);
  • Maintenance of the card a month – 5 EUR;
  • Issuance of cards is instant, without identification by documents,limits on the number of cards and spreads for the account;
  • There is an opportunity to replenish with crypto;
  • Minimal deposit amount is $300;
  • Special conditions for teams who purchase from 1000 cards.
  • Cards can only be used for media buying and digital marketing.

As said above, the guys have a great loyalty program. You spend more, and you pay less. We’ll tell you more about this later.

Additional features of the service: cashback, team accounts, and crypto-invoices.

Let’s start with the cashback and loyalty program. There are two ways to get small perks – depending on the number of cards issued and the spread. In the first case:

In the second, you get free slots, which you can transfer into cards. In other words, the more you spend, the more free cards you get. The only “but”, this is more of a chip for teams, as solo guys don’t work with these budgets:

From $200k – 50 cards.

$500k and over – 100 cards.

From $1000k – 150 cards.

Also, at the beginning of the month, the monthly maintenance fee for active cards from the previous month is refunded.

Speaking of teams. The Spendge guys have done a great job of implementing a user-friendly interface for seamless media buying. Creating a team account, the team leader or team owner can give access to the service to managers and then start giving them 10-20 cards, fill them the necessary budget for drawdowns, and then just watch how many cards they take, how much they spend, and so on. 

Crypto Invoices. Another useful feature for all crypto-enthusiasts. If your work is arranged in such a way that balance in Spendge must be replenished by the third party (well, or you have a complicated accounting) and only in USDT, then you can create an invoice, by which the person can make payment. If anything, you’ll find the invoice in the “Invoices” tab in your account.

Referral Program. Among other things, you can also cut your coattails with a standard referral program. Bring in your arbitrage friends and get 0.1% of their spread and $1 for every card they issue (available for both team and individual accounts).

Actually, in the beginning, the high cost of issuing cards confused us a bit, but in the end, the cashback and referral allow you to halve those costs. And what’s more, it protects the service from the onslaught of first-timers, who will screw up any BINs in a week. In other words, you get less Risk Payment and a more stable operation for this money. In our opinion, this is a reasonable scheme.

How to issue and top up cards in Spendge

Let’s start with the registration. Here it’s very simple. Click on the button on the website and fill out this short form. That’s it. Confirm the email, and no more hassles.

Then go to a personal cabinet, expand the tab Accounts, go to Billing, and see that you can choose three currencies. Choose the one that suits you and click on the wallet icon. Opens this form, which offers a choice of payment method. We have only crypto available by default. But through the support, you can get bank details.

Next, select the network for the transfer and note that the usual minimum deposit is $300. But till the end of the May 2023 it’s only $50 for the first replenishment!

Next, choose the currency of your account to which your payment is automatically converted. By the way, we have made this choice before, but the system asks us to do it again.

Finally, we get details for payment. If you are using the app, there is a benefit of scanning the QR code.

After crediting the account balance, we press the Add Slots button and choose how many cards we want to issue. It doesn’t mean that you will create many cards at once. You just buy slots, which you can then create yourself the number of cards you want. 

After you open the cards and get the credentials,just tie them up in your promotional offices. If you need to get a confirmation code,it will be displayed in the “Cards Auth Codes” tab.

How do I block my card? Choose a card in your personal cabinet and click the “Block card” button. The remaining funds will be automatically transferred to the balance of your account.

And for anyone who’s finished reading this, here’s our promo code CPALENTA. You can use it to get one free card. 

Spendge website

Useful Telegram Channel