Stop treating emails as spam and turn them into a source of traffic. And don’t make such a skeptical face! We know what we’re talking about. In this article, we will share the experience of the team in profitable email campaigns.

The reputation of advertising through e-mail is ruined, it’s true. But it’s not even bad because of less competition. It remains to prioritize. Therefore, we will not waste time describing this marketing source in general and will focus on traffic arbitrage.

Advantages of email, beneficial specifically for getting traffic:

  • Direct link in the letter without the need for pre-landers.
  • Advertising is not lost, and the user can view the letter and make a decision at any convenient time.
  • More opportunities for creativity, not limited to one small banner.
  • Small budget is OK.
  • You can send traffic to several offers at once, including several suitable products in the letter.
  • Target audience segmentation, that is, more precise targeting and division of one large audience into several narrower categories.
  • If you did everything carefully and did not scare away the client, then his address can be reused to promote other offers.

Quite an attractive opportunity, right? It would be a pity to miss it along with the traffic it can bring!

Okay, where to start driving traffic via email?

First and foremost, you need a database of contacts. Questionable methods of obtaining contacts are not suitable – you will simply be blocked as spam. Here are some decent ideas:

1. Ask for emails when customers place an order. Place the form on the landing page.

2. A lead magnet will increase the likelihood of filling contacts.

3. Via social networks. For example, through targeted action in an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

You can entrust the collection of contacts to chatbots in messengers. This is less efficient, but definitely not superfluous. Especially if you already have a boosted channel in Telegram or other messengers.

In a word, it is advisable to do the collection of the database and launch the mailing list when you have already configured other sources (social networks, search engines, messengers). Then email will take its place as another but effective brick of the overall traffic pyramid.

As for buying ready-made bases, you know how futile it is. Firstly, most of the contacts in such databases do not work. Second, people don’t want your emails and will block them as spam.


Do you want your emails not to be deleted as soon as they are received? Start with your correct name. Few will open an email from an unnamed [email protected]. The name of the company or the name of the sender is more credible. You can add the word “Team”, or the name of a specific manager, as this sets up in a friendly way.

This does not mean that you need to hide under someone else’s name (this definitely won’t work), but it’s better not to be lazy and think about the name.

​The subject of the email is the main information that shows the content of the email. It is good when it is immediately clear from it what benefit you offer.

Write immediately what you offer and what your target audience is interested in. People are looking for solutions to problems. Make the text short, clear and concise: offer, price, how to buy.

Use one CTA button in one email (buy, subscribe, download, install). With one button, the user will not get confused. It is desirable that it contrasts with the background of the letter, and be noticeable.

Segmentation allows you to send different emails to users, depending on their gender, age, GEO, interests, and purchase history. Segmentation increases the percentage of open emails and targeted actions.

Use special platforms – mailing services, you can choose free ones. They have different limits on the number of letters, they have analytics, mailing automation, and other things that mail providers like Gmail do not have. Ordinary mail services will not allow you to create branded message designs, manage mailing lists, personalize letters and analyze results.

Speaking of results…

How effective is mail traffic?

There are 4 key parameters for measuring email traffic.

Open Rate or OR. Shows how many people have opened your messages. For example, you sent 1000 mailings, but only 30 people looked at them. The OR will be 3% in this case. To improve OR, make headlines catchy.

CTR. How many users clicked on the link or other elements in the email. By this indicator, you can track how interesting your advertising offer is. An unobtrusive call to action and adapting the mailing for mobile devices improve CTR.

Conversion. The share of users who have already completed targeted actions on the landing page (purchase, registration, etc.). To improve the conversion, you need to improve all the above parameters and segment the target audience by interests, gender, and age. Thus, you will send letters to those who are really interested in this.

ROI. It directly reflects income – the difference between invested funds and profit.

Instead of conclusions

Email marketing is not the main, but one of the good tools of Internet marketing. The main thing is not to confuse it with spam. And remember that email marketing is only one of many sources of traffic.

If the publisher generates a newsletter correctly, it will become one of the traffic channels, absolutely not superfluous and quite effective. Especially when it comes to Nutra: a user who has bought a drug, remedy, ointment, gel, and is satisfied with the purchase, may want a “second series” and trusts you as a seller. Has it been a month since purchase? Surely a new offer has appeared in the affiliate network that the buyer will like. Use the address database, purchase history and remind users about yourself, offer a new product – from the same category, perhaps even an analogue of the one already purchased. The newsletter, as practice shows, is an excellent and inexpensive tool for working on CPA, especially with “warmed up” clients.

And suitable offers, creative ideas and the right settings are always at your disposal – just contact managers. We are in touch!