Opportunities and insights are what make an affiliate’s heart tick. It’s all about looking for gaps and tiny window openings, about finding a soil ground that will make your campaign flourish.

Wanna run Sweepstake offers? We got you. How exactly? By providing information on where it’s profitable for sure to run your favorite Sweeps. 

We don’t want to keep you in suspense, so we will cut to the chase right away.

Africa, Asia, LATAM: Where the SOI Sweeps bloom

When hunting for the perfect Sweepstake offer, there are two main things to take into consideration:

#1 The conversion flow – you need to choose between several types of offers regarding how the users will convert. In most cases, you will come across SOI (Single opt-in), DOI (Double opt-in) or CC-submit (Credit Card submit) Sweepstake offers.

SOI offers are perfect for newbies who are still on a learning curve but are eager to make significant profits. They are basically asking users to do the simplest of all actions – usually it’s just filling the form with their email address. And as a result their response is huge, so the conversion rate is quite high.

But they are perfect for seasoned affiliates as well. Because it’s way easier to scale a campaign based on SOI flow, and to make a steady income stream.

#2 The best GEO – the second crucial step is to decide where to run your Sweepstake offers. And here comes the part you were waiting for:

→ Africa, Asia, and LATAM are ideal regions for launching your Sweepstake campaign. More precisely, it would be best to run Sweeps in these countries:

  • LATAM – BR, MX, CL, PE
  • Asia – ID, BD, IN, TH, VN
  • Africa – NG, ZA

But even more, there’s a high potential for SOI Sweepstake offers in particular.

The opportunities are huge. First, because the population in these regions is huge. We are talking about 6 billion people overall. And second, you won’t find many competitors.

As for why these GEOs are growing in terms of Sweepstakes, the reasons could be many. But most likely because the Sweeps are still kind of a new and exciting thing in these parts of the world. These landers will be noticeable, and they will awaken interest in users.

“This is a great opportunity for affiliates. The so-called “blindness” for this type of offers has not yet been developed among the audience because they haven’t seen something like this before. When the user sees the landing page offering him a chance to win an iPhone – the trust level and interest will be high since this is new,” – our Media Buying expert explains and adds:

“The same thing happened with white chocolate when I was a kid. We hadn’t seen it before, and when they started advertising it, everybody wanted to try it. It’s as simple as that.”

Note: Zeydoo tends to open new GEOs quite often, by preparing pre-landings in native languages.

We have a suggestion: Give it a go with Rewardis

In case you want to test the waters in these GEOs, Rewardis comes as the most logical step for you.

Let us tell you why is that.

Rewardis represents a set of SOI Sweepstake offers, suitable exactly for the GEOs we mentioned above. And it comes with 3-10 times higher payout rates than the default ones. How high the rates will go depends mostly on the traffic quality. 

“This opportunity we provide to our partners, giving offers that demonstrate high performance based on various sources of traffic, is perfect for affiliates who are looking for ways to avoid fighting with competition and earn significant profits,” – the Zeydoo team explained.

Best traffic sources for SOI Sweepstakes in these GEOs are, Social PPC traffic, especially TikTok and Facebook, Native, Email, SMS, as well as Push and Pop traffic

Our expert also gave a tip on the fresh traffic type that could lead to nice profits:

“I would recommend In-App traffic for SOI Sweepstake offers as well. Based on my experience and knowledge, it’s running really well. Especially for Rewardis campaigns.”

Regarding social traffic, pay attention to what social media platforms are being used in the GEOs you are planning to include in your Sweeps campaigns (like WeChat is popular in China, Telegram has a great number of users in Russia, etc). This could make a huge impact on your campaign performance. However, this approach is not only relevant for Social traffic but for Native as well.

Here are a couple of Rewardis offers you should consider running:

  • GEOs: Multiple
  • Payouts: $0.04 – $0.45
  • Platform: Android
  • Conversion type: SOI

Note: For more information on restrictions and recommendations, visit Zeydoo and check the description of each offer.

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