In the era of internet commerce, CPA marketing, and online business in general, many users are keenly interested in effectively monetizing website traffic. Classic banners and native ads don’t always bring desired results, prompting advertisers and website owners to seek new alternative monetization methods. One of the market-leading companies offering innovative ways to profit from website visitors is Partners.House. Next, we’ll tell about the Partners.House platform itself, explore the monetization opportunities it offers, and provide detailed information about the latest platform update, which many will find appealing.


Partners.House is a traffic monetization platform, which is part of the House Group holding, whose other projects include the competitor advertising monitoring service Spy.House, the advertising network Push.House, the CPA affiliate network CPA.House, the traffic filtering service Cloaking.House, and the payment solution Pay2House. Currently, the platform offers monetization opportunities for both publishers and media buyers. Monetization is achieved through the use of effective advertising formats on web resources, including classic Web Push and InPage, as well as more aggressive OnClick formats.

Since its debut in 2019, Partners.House has come a long way, gaining recognition in the market and announcing several significant changes and updates. For publishers, Partners.House serves as an excellent tool for monetizing website visitors, offering full support at every stage of cooperation, the option to choose advertising verticals to appear on their site, and collaboration under one of two popular payment models: CPL or RevShare.

Over time, the project’s main focus shifted to attracting advertisers and providing them with the opportunity to monetize both their own landing pages and Partners.House landing pages. The provided landing pages are optimized for desktop and mobile devices, allowing effective monetization of traffic from over 185 GEOs. Like publishers, advertisers have access to two payment models (CPL or RevShare), with withdrawals available to both cryptocurrency wallets and fiat. Currently, the platform offers the following withdrawal options: WebMoney, Capitalist, Visa/MasterCard, Tether (USDT TRC20), YooMoney, and others.

For those seeking additional benefits, the platform offers participation in a referral program, promising a 3% share of the income from each referred referee. If you encounter difficulties or have any questions during cooperation, Partners.House provides full support and professional support, whose main task is to assist partners and help solve problems. Support responds to requests promptly and handles inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages of Partners.House

Summarizing all the features mentioned above, the general list of advantages of Partners.House looks as follows:

  1. Monetization of any type of traffic. Currently, the platform successfully monetizes traffic from over 185 GEOs and accommodates websites of various niches.
  2. Effective advertising formats. Including Web Push, InPage, OnClick, and 2-Click Push (for sites without SSL protocol).
  3. Offers two monetization options. Partners can choose how their traffic monetization will occur: via CPL or RevShare.
  4. Professional support. Support staff respond to inquiries at any time of day or night.
  5. Wide selection of withdrawal platforms. Partners have access to withdrawal options through WebMoney, Capitalist, Visa/MasterCard, Tether (USDT TRC20), YooMoney, and many others. Payouts occur instantly once a week — on Mondays. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.
  6. Ready-made landing pages. Connect your own landing or use specially prepared landing pages from Partners.House.
  7. Referral program. Earn 3% of the income from all referred referees throughout their cooperation with Partners.House.
  8. Quick setup. Thanks to the built-in service worker installation check tool, adding a platform takes no more than 5-10 minutes.
  9. Extra monetization. A new useful tool for publishers and advertisers, allowing a 40% increase in site revenue. More details about what Extra monetization is, how to enable it, and its advantages will be discussed separately.

Extra monetization

Extra Monetization is the latest platform update that allows the collection and monetization of traffic from landing pages by integrating Partners.House advertising formats (InPage, Web Push, and OnClick) on the site. According to various estimates, with the help of Extra Monetization, website owners and advertisers can earn up to 40% more profit. The feature is available and can be beneficial for both publishers and media buyers regardless of their experience in promotion.

Despite the platform’s stated name, the most accurate characterization of the function would be as an extra monetization tool, as traffic processing occurs concurrently with the main promotion.

Important! Extra Monetization does not affect the main advertising campaign and is completely safe.

Here’s how Extra Monetization works:

  1. A special Extra Monetization code is installed on the offer’s landing page.
  2. An advertising campaign is launched on the selected traffic source, and users begin to flow to the page.
  3. Users on the landing page are offered to subscribe to advertising notifications using the chosen advertising format selected during the site’s addition process.
  4. For each new subscription, the partner-owner of the landing page receives payments, which in total make up to 40% of the total income from the main promotion.

On the Partners.House website, you can find a detailed guide on how to connect Extra Monetization to your site using two popular ad trackers — Keitaro and Binom.

Case Study: How to earn $1642 on push subscriptions and $321 on InPage in two weeks using Extra Monetization.

To clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the feature, Partners.House recently released a detailed case study from one of their partners. In it, they share the process of adding formats to the landing page, provide examples of landing pages, and screenshots with full statistics for 15 GEOs. Looking ahead a bit, it’s worth noting that in 2 weeks of promotion, the partner earned $1642 from push subscriptions and $321 from InPage. Interestingly, the case study doesn’t mention OnClick, but most likely, the format hadn’t been announced yet at that time.


Despite the wide range of advertising formats and ways to generate income from visits, the question of traffic monetization in 2024 is more relevant than ever. If you’re considering finding a reliable partner to increase revenue from your website visitors, Partners.House is exactly what you need. The platform offers a wide range of earning opportunities and has minimal requirements regarding the site’s theme, offer verticals, and the potential traffic GEO.