Zeydoo is regarded as a prominent CPA Network, backed by a team of seasoned professionals who have dedicated over a decade to empowering media buyers to capitalize on traffic monetization across diverse verticals such as Surveys, Sweepstakes, Mobile Apps & Utilities and Lead Generation. With an array of more than 10 exclusive in-house products spanning the globe, Zeydoo offers partners a seamless pathway to launching traffic in familiar countries, facilitating effortless scaling of performance once a successful bundle is identified.

Boasting a network of over 3,000 partners worldwide, Zeydoo has a solid track record in the CPA market, with more than a decade of experience under its belt. Partners benefit from swift feedback on traffic, consistent payments, and a user-friendly platform that makes the process of working with traffic easier. In addition, Zeydoo provides easy-to-use tech solutions, ensuring stability and continuous profit growth for its partners year after year.

The affiliate community widely recognizes the network’s credibility and trustworthiness:

Signing Up and Terms of Work 

Zeydoo CPA Network offers a streamlined registration process that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. To verify the registration and enable payment requests partners are required to undergo a KYC check, which involves uploading payment documents. All provided data remains confidential and is solely used to ensure prompt and regular payments.

After successful registration partners are immediately directed to their personalized accounts, where they can familiarize themselves with the platform and available offers. It is necessary to start the traffic approval process and the standard waiting time for this process is up to 24 hours. For those seeking to expedite moderation, reaching out to support through their account can speed up the process.

In-house products and payout models in Zeydoo 

The affiliate network presents an extensive selection of over 10 unique in-house products that are open for promotion in any geographic location. Let’s dive deeper into their primary verticals: Smart Surveys and Mobile Apps & Utilities. Rest assured that within this CPA network you will only encounter “white” offers, allowing you to work without fear of bans.

The Zeydoo team consistently rolls out monthly updates for their exclusive in-house offers, incorporating novel landing pages, optimized funnels, and refined products (such as reducing app sizes to make installation processes faster). This concerted effort has contributed to a steady increase in the conversion rate for over 3 years. Partners can rejoice in the fact that the conversion rate remains steadfast, empowering them to amplify traffic volume and establish reliable streams of income. Once a successful bundle is discovered, scaling can be executed without restrictions, limitations, or interruptions, eliminating concerns about declined payments, holds, or offer suspensions.

Smart Surveys

These offers have proven to be consistent money-makers for our partners. While the vertical may not be as widely popular as gambling or Nutra, it still presents significant earning potential. Thanks to the efforts of the Zeydoo team, this particular vertical has emerged as one of the most profitable options, continually generating stable income for our affiliates.

Smart Surveys are an attractive category of offers where partners receive payment for each completed survey and form submission by users. The flow is remarkably simple, requiring only a minute for users to provide their answers. As a result, with high-quality traffic the conversion rate (CR) is notably great.

Zeydoo’s Smart Surveys offer several noteworthy advantages:

  1. A straightforward flow, with form-filling taking just one minute.
  2. Perfectly suited for pop and push traffic.
  3. Pre-landers for all offers are readily available, allowing partners to start driving traffic immediately.
  4. Ongoing efforts to update and enhance offers, including the addition of new pre-landers and funnel optimizations, ensuring increased earning potential.
  5. An impressive CR when combining traffic back, leading to over 50% return on investment (ROI) due to additional monetization opportunities.

With these advantages, partners can capitalize on Smart Surveys and unlock substantial profits within this lucrative vertical.

Mobile Apps & Utilities

Zeydoo prides itself on a collection of exclusive in-house offers, providing an opportunity to run worldwide traffic and establish a dependable income through media buying.

Within the Mobile Apps & Utilities category, Zeydoo presents a range of attractive in-house products, including:

  1. Fast n Clean: This exclusive app is designed to efficiently delete unwanted files, free up space, and optimize smartphone performance.
  2. Dating SweetMeet: A highly sought-after dating app available in numerous countries, offering an exceptional conversion rate (CR) due to its exclusivity.
  3. Scanero: An incredibly fast QR-code reader capable of scanning and interpreting various documents, business cards, discount cards, and loyalty cards from diverse stores.
  4. SuperVision: Working with the Android system camera this app facilitates content filming with a variety of effects. There are 4 landing pages available in 22 languages, all ready for immediate traffic engagement.
  5. Jax VPN: Offering ease-of-use, this VPN-service covers a global audience and its straightforward flow allows partners to receive payouts for installs and app launches.

By capitalizing on Zeydoo’s in-house products in the Mobile Apps & Utilities category, partners can seize the opportunity to reach a global audience and create a reliable stream of income with their media buying endeavors.

The advantages of partnering with Zeydoo in the Mobile Apps & Utilities vertical are truly remarkable:

  1. Effortless Flow: The installation process requires just a few simple clicks, making it extremely user-friendly for potential customers.
  2. Ready-made Pre-landers: Zeydoo provides ready-to-use pre-landers for all offers saving partners time and effort in setting up their campaigns.
  3. Continuous Offer Enhancements: Zeydoo consistently works on updating offers, introducing new pre-landers, and optimizing funnels. This commitment ensures that partners have access to cutting-edge resources encouraging them to maximize their earnings.
  4. Ideal for Pop and Push Traffic: Whether you are utilizing pop or push traffic strategies, Mobile Apps & Utilities from Zeydoo prove to be a perfect fit that ensure optimal performance.
  5. Multiple App Formats: Zeydoo offers the convenience of APK and Play Market formats, accommodating diverse user preferences and increasing the potential reach of the campaigns.


Zeydoo has exciting plans on the horizon preparing to introduce novel in-house Sweepstakes products and offers compatible with incent traffic.

Take a sneak peek at some of the upcoming new offers:

  1. Rewardis: A captivating Sweepstakes offer that gives users a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy A53. With a straightforward SOI flow and an impressive conversion rate (CR), this offer guarantees simplicity and enticing rewards.
  2. Watchads: This innovative offer requires users to watch a series of ads before returning to the initial page. It is designed to accommodate incent traffic, providing partners with a variety of options for monetization. This offer is available for both CPA and RevShare arrangements.
  3. Biward: An interesting CPL offer that incentivizes users for completing tasks from a predefined list. With incent traffic allowed, users have the opportunity to earn rewards while engaging with this offer.

By diversifying their in-house products and incorporating enticing Sweepstakes and incent traffic offers, Zeydoo is set to present partners with a wealth of new opportunities for profitable ventures and success in the ever-evolving affiliate marketing landscape.

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Multi-vertical Smartlink

Zeydoo takes pride in its own multi-vertical Smartlink, a game-changer for mixed traffic management. With this innovative solution, there’s no need for media buyers to conduct extensive tests across various offers and verticals. Instead, they can simply implement a universal link, and Zeydoo’s intelligent system will automatically identify the best offers and landing pages tailored to their traffic.

The Smartlink not only incorporates Zeydoo’s products but also integrates offers from their partner network. This expansive selection gives media buyers a diverse array of opportunities to monetize different types of traffic more effectively.

To further optimize performance, the Zeydoo team diligently monitors and fine-tunes top slices, which encompass crucial targeting parameters such as GEO, vertical, offers, device types, and platforms. These slices undergo weekly optimization, allowing partners to access customized slices that align perfectly with their specific traffic and its unique characteristics. Consequently, this strategy leads to increased conversion rates (CR) and profits.

The Smartlink proves especially advantageous for various scenarios, including:

  1. SEO-traffic: When managing a website in English with a global audience, the Smartlink ensures that users from different countries don’t slip through the cracks, leading to enhanced user retention.
  2. Wide targeting: Launching funnels in multiple GEOs becomes much more efficient with the Smartlink, streamlining the process and maximizing results.
  3. Banner placements on content websites: Similar to SEO-traffic, the Smartlink prevents conversions from slipping away, allowing media buyers to extract the utmost value from their ad placements.
  4. Free traffic from platforms like TikTok: With little control over the global reach of content, the Smartlink in a bio section comes to the rescue, monetizing users from various locations by identifying the most relevant offers.

By leveraging Zeydoo’s Smartlink, media buyers can supercharge their approach to mixed traffic, saving time and resources while achieving optimal results without the need for extensive testing or substantial budgets.

Zeydoo advantages

Zeydoo, with over 3000 partners successfully running traffic and turning it into real money, offers a great number of advantages that make it an ideal CPA Network to partner with.

  1. Exclusive Offers: Zeydoo’s selection comprises only exclusive offers that cannot be found elsewhere, providing partners with a unique edge in the market.
  2. Rigorous Testing: All updates undergo meticulous testing by the internal media buying team before being rolled out to affiliates. This ensures partners receive foolproof products with perfectly optimized funnels, enhancing their chances of success.
  3. Dedicated 24/7 Managers: Engaged and competent managers are always available to support partners, offering guidance and assistance to maximize their earnings.
  4. Swift and Punctual Payments: Zeydoo has a solid track record of paying partners without delays for over 10 years, providing financial stability and peace of mind.
  5. Quick Optimization and Feedback: Partners enjoy prompt feedback and optimization on their traffic, eliminating the need to wait for lengthy quality checks and streamlining the testing and scaling process.
  6. User-Friendly CPA Platform: Zeydoo boasts its own user-friendly platform, ensuring a bug-free experience with 24/7 stable operation.
  7. Multi-Vertical Smartlink: Partners can leverage the Smartlink to extract the most value from their traffic, making the process of traffic management more effective and efficient.
  8. Unlimited Caps: For partners seeking to scale their funnel with unlimited profit potential, Zeydoo offers unlimited caps.
  9. Worldwide Coverage: With Zeydoo, partners can tap into worldwide GEOs, enabling them to work with any location that exhibits high conversion rates.
  10. Customized Rates: Zeydoo offers custom rates depending on the type of traffic partners bring, ensuring they receive the best compensation for their efforts.

For high-volume partners ready to invest and increase their profit further, Zeydoo extends additional benefits such as custom offer rates, user integration, product modifications, and personalized rates.

Overall, Zeydoo’s CPA Network offers a comprehensive suite of advantages, catering to partners of all scales and empowering them to thrive in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.

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Payment methods in Zeydoo

Here are the following payment methods available for partners:

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal USD
  • Wire USD/EUR
  • Wise USD/EUR
  • Webmoney Z

For all new partners payments are processed after a 14-day hold, a standard procedure in place to ensure a thorough quality check of traffic and to safeguard against potential fraud. However, Zeydoo understands the importance of flexibility and meeting the needs of their affiliates. If a partner wishes to speed up the payment process or explore alternative payment methods, they can discuss it with their personal manager. The Zeydoo team is always willing to go the extra mile and accommodate their affiliates’ requirements, fostering a productive and collaborative partnership.

Referral program in Zeydoo

By leveraging your partner link you have the opportunity to earn up to 5% of the lifetime revenue generated by sub-affiliates who register through your link. To obtain your unique referral link, simply reach out to your manager on the page designated for activating the referral program. Seize this chance to increase your earnings by inviting others to join the affiliate network under your referral.

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