How to monetize website traffic effectively in 2024

In the era of internet commerce, CPA marketing, and online business in general, many users are keenly interested in effectively monetizing website traffic. Classic banners and native ads don’t always bring desired results, prompting advertisers and website owners to seek new alternative monetization methods.

RollerAds push and popunder ad network

In the modern world of internet advertising, where the competition for user attention is incredibly high, effective methods of attracting and retaining audiences have become an integral part of a successful advertising strategy. One of the time-tested methods is push notifications.

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Push.House!

On August 19th, Push.House advertising network will be celebrating its 5th anniversary! Over these years, we’ve embarked on an incredible journey and have become one of the leading push notification advertising platforms. Each day, our partners’ advertising push campaigns reach over 525 million users in 185+ countries.

Push.House advertising network Review

The CPA marketing market continues to change. New advertising formats, categories and services appear every year. One thing that remains relatively unchanged is the sources of traffic. Today, most affiliates are focused on Facebook and Google. These sources of traffic have never been notable for low cost, and since CPA became popular, they have become the most competitive on the market. 

A working funnel for dating with 51% ROI: Zeydoo and TacoLoco

We sometimes hear that push traffic is not what it used to be anymore and is almost dead. So we’re here to bust this myth with a brand new case from a media buyer working with our offers (check out his YouTube channel here). He found a working funnel with 51% ROI that is still going strong (and didn’t spend much on the tests – around $204, which just proves media buying is accessible to anyone willing to try).


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