The CPA marketing market continues to change. New advertising formats, categories and services appear every year. One thing that remains relatively unchanged is the sources of traffic. Today, most affiliates are focused on Facebook and Google. These sources of traffic have never been notable for low cost, and since CPA became popular, they have become the most competitive on the market. 

In the pursuit of profit, affiliates often not only disregard alternative sources of traffic, which have long been proven to be reliable, but they also deprive themselves of the opportunity to earn extra income at a distance. In this article we will examine in detail the advantages of one of the most reliable sources of traffic – push networks, using the example of Push.House, a top representative on the market.


Push.House is a leading advertising network with large volumes of targeted traffic and effective advertising formats: on-click, push, and in-page. The advertising network operates on a CPC model and is based on a unique RTB algorithm, which attracts attention to the offer through push notifications and other advertising formats targeted at the product’s audience. With RTB (Real Time Bidding), partners can control the rate offered per display and track changes in stats from the dashboard page in real-time.

Push.House allows you to successfully monetize traffic from the promotion of all top categories and is loyal to the selected approaches, as long as they do not violate the rules of the advertising network. At this moment, prohibits the use of next content in advertising campaigns: 

  • Sexual content
  • Violence
  • Promotion of drugs, alcohol, weapons and smoking mixtures
  • Logos of famous brands as well as images of politicians, actors and other well-known personalities

The most popular areas promoted in the advertising network are:

  • Dating
  • iGaming
  • Nutra
  • Crypto-offers and finance
  • Sweepstakes
  • Mobile Installations

Push.House is distinguished from its competitors by the high uniqueness of its user audience and large volumes of high-quality traffic. Today the ad network reaches over 525 million active users, and the daily number of ad impressions exceeds 14 billion in more than 180 GEOs worldwide. High figures of the number of impressions and audience coverage are conditioned not only by constant development of advertising network and brand owners’ interest in scaling, but also by availability of Partners.House own affiliate program.

The main advertising formats on the platform are:

  • Classic push notifications. A time-tested advertising format that still allows promoting popular offers and achieve the highest profits due to the ability to process traffic even outside the website where the subscription was made.
  • In-page (banner ads styled as push notifications). Visually, this format is something between classic pushes and banners. This type of design allows to show ads to users without subscriptions.
  • On-click (pop-up, pop-under, click-under). A familiar format to many experienced media buyers, which opens the offer’s target page in a new tab after the user interacts with the page content (click).

Due to the ability of these formats to process targeted traffic in several ways, media buyers can achieve high audience engagement and stable conversion rates. Push.House advertising network formats are supported in all GEOs, OS, and browsers, which opens up the possibility for affiliates to work with large volumes of quality traffic and effectively promote offers across various verticals.

Useful tools and features of Push.House

The platform offers a wide selection of useful tools for working with traffic, including:

In-page capping

A tool that allows controlling the frequency and number of in-page format displays on the page, effectively managing the advertising budget and avoiding unwanted losses.

Launching and optimizing advertising campaigns is a labor-intensive process that requires the advertiser to have full control and immersion. Even a minor change in statistical indicators can lead to unwanted advertising budget losses.

Automatic rules

Special commands that free media buyers from detailed control of advertising campaigns. Auto-rules are created at the stage of setting up or creating an advertising campaign and can include up to 10 parameters (impressions, clicks, leads, etc.). If the necessary values are reached or not reached, the system automatically applies the established changes, thereby seriously saving the budget.

Templates in campaign groups

A useful tool that allows you to create and apply one template to an entire group of campaigns. The template group saves time on changing a whole range of campaigns and making necessary changes after editing the template.

Pixel for collecting audiences

An important tool that allows collecting audiences of users who visited the page where the code is installed and use them for further retargeting.


The ability to add up to 10 creatives within one advertising campaign. After adding, the system automatically divides the campaign into 10 copies, allowing you to more effectively and quickly conduct split testing and determine the most successful creative.


A useful campaign optimization tool that allows managing bids on specific advertising platforms without making changes to the settings of the entire campaign.


Badges are small icons on push notifications that increase user interaction with the advertising content.

A wide range of targeting settings

At Push.House, buyers have the following targeting settings available: devices, OS, browsers, browser language, connection type, and subscription age.

Own spy service

All Push.House partners can use the competitor advertising monitoring service Spy.House for free.

Updated API

The latest API update covers almost the entire functionality of Push.House and allows not only to fully automate work with advertising accounts but also to manage campaigns and groups, work with audiences, and receive statistics.

The main advertising formats on the platform are classic push and In-Page (banner ads designed as push notifications). Due to the nativeness of ad formats, affiliate manages to achieve high audience engagement and stable conversion rates. Push ads are supported in all GEOs, operating systems and browsers, which makes it possible for affiliates to handle large volumes of traffic. The system also offers a wide range of targeting options to handle push traffic, the ability to impact RTB (micro-bidding) metrics, as well as audience customization and Spy.House’s own ad monitoring service for competitors.

To summarize the benefits of Push.House, we have:

  • Minimum price per click: Classic push – $0.01, In-page – $0.001
  • Low entry threshold — 50$
  • The three main advertising formats are: on-click, push, and in-page.
  • Two main advertising formats: classic Push, PWA, iOS Push and In-Page
  • The possibility of making real money from the promotion of top categories’ offers
  • Wide audience reach – 525 million active users in 180+ countries
  • Integration with major trackers popular on the market: Keitaro, Bemob, Cpatracker, Voluum, AdsBridge, Octotracker, Redtrack, Peerclick, Binom
  • Real-time stats monitoring
  • Ability to impact the internal auction based on the RTB algorithm 
  • Ability to create and work with black and white lists
  • Support for all major payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, Capitalist, PayPal, USDT, Paxum, WebMoney, BTC, Ethereum, CoinPayments
  • User-friendly interface of the personal account
  • Support for Partners.House proprietary affiliate program
  • Flexible targeting settings (GEO, device, OS, browser, language, age, IP).
  • Availability of internal macros for advertising campaign optimization
  • Internal service of monitoring competitors’ advertising campaigns – Spy.House
  • Personal manager support at all stages of a campaign and manual descriptions for the launch of the first advertising campaign.
  • Fast moderation of ad campaigns

Getting Started

To start working you need to create an account. To do this, click on the icon on the main screen and fill out a small registration form. 

If you are planning to promote offers through the ad network, you should continue to register in the “Advertiser” field. If you own a website and want to start monetizing your traffic, click on the registration icon in the “Webmaster” field.

After filling out the forms, the system will redirect you to the main page of the advertising network. The platform menu is intuitive and includes the following tabs:

  • Main Panel. The main dashboard page. Here you can see a list of countries according to their competitiveness. 
  • Network volume. A tab that allows you to study the actual volume of traffic for the advertising format of interest in a particular country. 
  • Campaigns. Menu for creating and controlling your advertising campaigns.
  • Statistics. Monitoring and statistics menu with the ability to sort by month, day, hour, format, country, platform, browser, campaign, site ID, feed, and device.
  • Tracking. Tracker and Postback settings menu for detailed tracking of statistics.
  • Finance. A tab for topping-up your personal account balance.
  • Audiences. Menu of white and black-list creation.
  • Support. Tab for creating requests for solving any problems which occurred during your work.
  • Bonuses. Information about bonuses and discounts offered by Push.House service partners.
  • Rules. Rules of the advertising network: general regulations and unacceptable materials.
  • FAQ. Tab with the answers to the most popular questions about the service.

Creating an advertising campaign

To create an ad campaign, go to the Campaigns menu and click Create Campaign.

Setting up a campaign

1. Specify the name of the advertising campaign

2. Specify the category you are planning to promote.

3. Specify the advertising format. Classic push notifications only support Google Chrome browser. In-page notifications are supported by all platforms and browsers.

4. Specify the landing page. Add a link leading to the offer’s landing page.

5. Specify macros. Available macros:

  • {click_id} – click ID
  • {site} – traffic source ID
  • {camp} – The ID of the ad
  • {pdpid} – Subscription ID
  • {price} – Cost per click
  • {feed} – Feed
  • {country} – Country
  • {city} – City
  • {os} – Operating system
  • {browser} – {browser}
  • {format} – Advertising format
  • {lang} – Browser language

6. Traffic settings. You can work with the Push.House database or specify the required feeds (third-party subscription bases). Feeds allow you to increase traffic volumes by increasing the database. You’ll have to have more than $70 on your balance to work with feeds, and $200 for working in India.

To disable traffic from a specific feed, just uncheck it.

7. Specify the country.

8. Specify the regions whose residents you want to exclude from the list of impressions.

9. Specify the CPC rate for your ad.

10. Specify the white and black lists.

11. Specify the device type: desktop, mobile gadgets, or all.

12. Indicate the Android OS version.

13. Specify the age of your subscription. The fresher the subscription, the more actively users click on ads.

14. Specify the language and browser models.

15. Specify the ad campaign budget and allowable clicks limit.

16. Set automatic rules (optional).

To add a new auto-rule, click “+Add Rule”.

Making creative

1. Specify a creative badge. A badge is an icon that suggests options for action with your ad. The right badge affects the CTR and conversion rate of the ad.

2. Specify the age group of the creative. If the ad contains material with an erotic elements, click “Yes“.

3. Specify the button text. Here you can prescribe the text of buttons to increase the motivation to perform the target action.

4. Specify the title of the creative and the text of the description.

5. Upload an image and check the creative through the ad preview feature. 

6. Click “Start Campaign”. If you want the campaign to stop after moderation, click the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations on creating your campaign! After the campaign passes moderation, you will be able to change its status or make changes to the settings directly from the main dashboard page.

In order to make the process of creating a campaign as comfortable as possible, the developers have published detailed instructions in the F.A.Q. section that are available for everyone who has registered. There you will find not only a step-by-step algorithm for creating an advertising campaign, but also manuals for creating white- and blacklists, as well as for setting up retargeting. If you have any questions about the platform, you can also contact the support chat. The support team will help to solve all problems as quickly as possible.


Push.House is a modern push advertising network that both experienced affiliates and newbies choose. The process of launching campaigns and tracking stats does not require any technical knowledge and allows affiliates successfully monetize traffic from popular verticals. 

By the way, all readers of Push.House review get a personal discount of 10% on their first deposit using promo code AFFSECRET. Get profits and high conversions soon!

For more detailed information on the latest updates and other new features from Push.House, be sure to follow the project’s social media: