Rescue from captcha and ban, an increase in information collection processing speed, agile work with multi-accounts — these are only a few benefits provided by proxies from the Proxy-Store. Add to this excellent prices, weekly sales, and a sound technical support team. This service is definitely worth checking out.

The Proxy-Store team offers IPv4 proxies and does its best to grant you high anonymity. There is a wide range of servers for various purposes on the site: for both regular users (gaming and shopping lovers) and those whose work will be more efficient using proxies (hello, arbitrageurs, SEO experts, parsers 👋).

Proxies with and without traffic, with dynamic and static IPs, for particular sites or all at once — you can find this all on the Proxy-Store.

Keep in mind: you will not get to the sites of payment systems, banks, and resources blocked at the government level. However, we doubt you need it 🙂

What proxies the Proxy-Store offers

Popular datacenter proxies

They are always in great demand, although considered less reliable (compared to the residential and mobile proxies). They are provided by data center operators that change your IP and leave it unchanged throughout the entire rental period.

What the tricks are 

  • low price. You can buy a proxy for a particular reason, for example, FB or Telegram, and do not pay for the other sites
  • consistently high connection speed (precisely because all requests go through data centers rather than real devices)
  • HTTP(s) and Socks5 support 
  • can be bought in one hand (individual datacenter) or used with three users simultaneously (datacenter shared)
  • available individually or in bulk
  • term of purchase — 5 to 30 days, but can be renewed on super-favorable terms. We will tell you about it below.

What they are suitable for

They are awesome to use for simple tasks: check data in view of different geolocations or close the matter of data collection (not too extensional). They are suitable for antidetect browsers (Dolphin, Ads Power, etc.). The key here is to remember that one IP goes for one account. It is better not to save money on it.

Stable residential proxies

These are servers with IP addresses of real users who provide their IPs for bonuses or rewards. Their smartphone, PC, or tablet becomes an intermediary between you and the sites you visit. And the IPs are provided by ISPs.

What the pros are

  • platforms know that the entire pool of residential proxies belongs to real users, so the addresses are almost never blocked. They do not want to lose visitors, even potential ones
  • 150+ locations to choose from. You can check the list of available geolocations on the Proxy-Store site and select the country and region you need in your account
  • dynamic IP — automated IP change once every 10 minutes. It is an extra guarantee that you will not be blocked
  • traffic does not burn! If the rental period ended, you can buy a new package, and the remainder will be added to it.

What they are suitable for

Use them with the special parsing soft, for example, with Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Perform data analysis covering different regions (a huge number of available geolocations allows coping with it perfectly well). Bypass advertising restrictions and enhance the audience you want to interact with. 

Expansive mobile proxies

We tell it like it is: you will have to break your piggy bank 😅 But it is worth it. They are considered the most secure because IP addresses are provided by mobile operators. Sites recognize you as a real user with their own IP, so the probability of getting a ban is extremely low. Random users can catch it in the neck.

What the advantages are

  • they work well on all devices: PC, tablets, and mobile phones
  • unlimited traffic at a fixed price with a rotation of 2 to 3 times a day — if you buy mobile private proxies. A modest selection of geolocations — Great Britain, Austria, Israel, and the USA
  • fixed traffic that does not burn with dynamic IP that changes every 10 minutes — if you buy mobile bandwidth proxies. Wide selection of geolocations — 150+ countries. You can check the list of available locations before the purchase.

What they are suitable for

They can cope with large amounts of collected data: semantic core or key searches. They can even create live user activity on a site and bypass Captcha if necessary.

Why the Proxy-Store

The service monitors the quality and performance of proxies. They have the Telegram chatbot (and chat on the site) for quick help. They delve into all situations and are flexible when addressing issues. 

The site has a cool bonus system, which includes regular sales of up to 60% off on all proxies. Promo codes are published on Facebook and in the Telegram channel

And there are permanent discounts on the renewal of datacenter proxies! You can get 20% off manual renewal and 25% off automated renewal. The renewal is available in your account — it is pretty intuitive, so you’ll figure it out. If not, we told you where to go (but one more time: Telegram chatbot or chat on the site).

You can test all proxies despite the fact they don’t have free trials. If the proxies you bought did not suit you, contact the technical support team within 24 hours to request a refund. 

However, the trial packages are available for residential and mobile proxies with IP rotation for a nominal fee (no refunds). Start with them if you are a first-time user.

Affiliate programs: your chance to make money

The offer for everybody

Mention the Proxy-Store service and bring them new customers to get money: 5% of their mobile and individual proxies orders and 20% of other proxy types. You can find details on the site.

Offer for resellers

Buy proxies at a lower price on the site, sell them, and earn on the price difference. The Proxy-Store grants discounts on the purchase of new proxies for successful sales based on the previous month’s results — 20%, 30%, or 40%. Чтобы стать участником программы Submit a request on the site to become a program member. 

And now, a bonus for our regular users and new users of the Proxy-Store service: 10% off all the residential proxies with the AFFSECRET promo code.

That’s all for today. Explore, use, and work with reliable services. Good luck 🙏