Let’s look into the features of Moonstar affiliate network and find out what advantages and features it has and how exactly it helps media buyer in promoting gambling and crypto-offers.

What is the secret of successful promotion? High-quality creative? Proven tools for traffic management and optimization? A compelling offer? A reliable partner? Anyone who works with web traffic knows that everything is important for a media buyer! Sometimes, to achieve success, they have to carefully select all the components in the equation, where the result is the final profit. Finding a reliable affiliate network and suitable tools can take time, not to mention testing offers and promotional materials. How can one bypass this stage and from the very beginning find a trusted partner offering full support and assistance in promotion?

The Moonstar affiliate network has been created by an experienced team of media buyers who understand the importance of reliability, quality, and speed for webmasters. Right now, we will dive into features of the Moonstar affiliate network, discover the advantages and peculiarities it possesses, explain how exactly the affiliate network helps media buyers in promoting gambling and crypto offers, and share the secret of why now is the best time to start cooperation with the affiliate network (spoiler alert! contest!).

Let’s go!

Moonstar Network

Moonstar Network: top affiliate network and more

Moonstar Network is a multi-vertical affiliate network for top gambling and crypto offers, providing partners with all the necessary promotional materials and discounts in partner services.

Moonstar Network first gained attention in 2021. Initially positioned as private, the affiliate network opened access to the platform for all buyers as the range of offers expanded. Today, Moonstar Network partners can not only effectively promote popular crypto and gambling offers that have proven themselves on the market but also utilize products from the holding, such as:

  1. AdPay.Cards – service offers cards for advertising accounts on Facebook, Google, Bing, and TikTok Ads. It provides users with cards from three European bins, mass issuance, and useful team functionality with various access levels.
  2. Traffis – a useful multitool that allows you to create a ready-made funnels in 5 minutes. With Traffis, a buyer can forget about buying a server, setting up TDS and much more. The service also offers promotional materials for nutra, crypto, and sweepstakes.
  3. AQUM – a fast and secure anti-detect browser for working with thousands of accounts created based on unique fingerprints.

As a participant in the holding, Moonstar Network offers its partners discounts in all SVG services, significantly saving not only time in finding an effective tool but also minimizing unnecessary losses to the advertising budget.

Moonstar Features

Moonstar Network is a product created by media buyers for media buyers. The affiliate network offers partners comprehensive support, assistance, and guidance in promoting all offers available on the platform. Thus, a webmaster working with Moonstar not only receives support from a personal manager but also all the necessary promotional materials for effective work. This includes IOS, Android, PWA applications, landing pages developed by the affiliate network and validated by media buying, as well as targeting settings and other tips to improve the final conversion rate – just a part of the advantages available to a Moonstar Network partner.

The key distinction of Moonstar Network is its commitment to building healthy partner relationships, where both parties maximize their profit from collaboration. For any questions arising during the work, partners can turn to their personal manager or the affiliate network’s support. Here, partners can clarify any details about setting up advertising campaigns and receive up-to-date information on approaches to work, targeting, available offers, and rates.

In other words, Moonstar Network provides partners with EVERYTHING they need for their work and supports them on every stage of promotion. All promotional materials consistently demonstrate a high conversion rate.

Moonstar Network Offers

As for the offers presented in Moonstar, it’s straightforward. The main focus of the affiliate network is on gambling and crypto. The developers decided not to diversify into a wide range and concentrated all attention and efforts on a specific market segment, popular both among the general population and buyers. Today, Moonstar Network offers over 100 gambling and crypto offers, sourced by the owners of the affiliate network for resale. The main pool of offers has remained unchanged for a long time, as the affiliate network is oriented towards working only with proven and reputable advertisers on the market. However, if necessary, webmasters can apply to add a new offer through their manager.

Payouts in Moonstar are 10-15% higher than competitors. And these are not just words. Within the affiliate network, average market payouts are closely monitored, and offers are adjusted promptly in a positive direction. The flexible approach to pricing allows Moonstar Network partners to maximize their earnings, while the affiliate network itself compensates for costs by increasing volumes.

Moonstar payment options

Moonstar Network offers several payment options based on the buyer’s personal preferences and the volume of traffic they work with. As of today, Moonstar Network partners can choose one of the following payment options:

  1. CPA (Cost Per Action) – a popular payment option where the webmaster receives a fixed payout for a successful targeted action (such as making a deposit). This is the starting point for all newcomers in partnership with Moonstar Network. After demonstrating the ability to work with large volumes of traffic, a webmaster can apply to switch to another payment option. The payout range for CPA varies between $500-1100.
  2. CPL (Cost Per Lead) – a payment option where media buyers receive a payout for each user application. Payouts for CPL are lower than CPA, but achieving such profit is feasible due to the simplicity of the targeted action.
  3. CRG (Conversion Rate Guarantee) – a unique payment option not commonly found in the market. The CRG model guarantees payouts for the advertiser in case of a shortage of leads. Although relatively new, the CRG model is gaining popularity among media buyers. The CRG mechanics are simple: the offer rate consists of the CPA payout +% CRG. If the number of successful deposits is less than the set percentage of total leads, the system compensates the buyer for losses.

Again, after registering with the Moonstar Network affiliate network, the media buyer automatically starts with the CPA model. Once the affiliate network ensures the quality of the traffic, the buyer can apply to change the payment option to CPL or CRG and earn in a way that suits them.

The minimum withdrawal amount in the affiliate network is $100, and standard withdrawal times are around 7 days. However, just like with payment options, Moonstar is willing to accommodate buyers working with large traffic volumes and can negotiate daily fund withdrawals.

Where Moonstar Network receives traffic from

It’s simple here. Moonstar Network accepts traffic from any sources. Buyers can promote offers from the affiliate network wherever they find it most effective. Moonstar Network is tolerant of any traffic except motivated traffic. If you’re going to play – play fair 😉.

Available GEOs in Moonstar

Moonstar Network accepts traffic from over 40 GEOs, which vary depending on the offers. For example, for crypto offers, the following countries are available:

– Canada

– Australia

– Italy

– Spain

– Poland

– Switzerland

– Denmark

– Austria

The relevance of GEOs can also be divided based on the buyer’s personal experience.

Experienced webmasters may find countries like AU, CA, DE, AT more suitable. The audience in these regions is more interested in significant investments but requires deeper warming up.

Newcomers may find PL, ES, IT more suitable. The rates here are slightly lower, but it’s easier to find quality traffic ready to make a deposit. Moonstar Network’s support is interested in the success of its partners’ advertising campaigns and provides all the necessary promotional materials, including landings and targeting setup.

For gambling offers, the situation is slightly different. Moonstar Network accepts traffic from most countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Moonstar Network article summary

Summarizing all the points mentioned above, let’s conclude. For clarity, we’ve highlighted all the advantages and features of Moonstar Network:

  1. Comprehensive support at all stages of work.
  2. Accepts traffic from any sources.
  3. Offers a choice of 3 payment options: CPA, CPL, CRG (a universal model with guaranteed payout).
  4. Option to change the payment model for regular partners.
  5. Minimal traffic verification period and the possibility of daily payouts.
  6. Access to landings and applications developed by the Moonstar team, demonstrating a high CR.
  7. Assistance in setting up advertising campaigns.
  8. 40+ GEOs and the ability to add new ones upon request.
  9. 100+ offers and the ability to add new ones upon request.
  10. Discounts in services within the SVG holding: AdPay.Cards card service, Traffis multitool, fast and secure anti-detect browser AQUM.
  11. Payouts higher than competitors by 10-15%.

How to get started with Moonstar

In order to become an affiliate of Moonstar Network, you need to go to the website of the affiliate network and go through an elementary registration procedure.

How to get started with Moonstar

After the application for registration is received, the manager of the affiliate network will contact you, ask you a couple of questions and advise you best offers.

Contest from Moonstar Network

And as promised, here’s the contest from Moonstar. Right now, they organizing a raffle and promise serious gifts for winners. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to do anything special to win. Just attract 1 crypto deposit and you are already among the participants.

The terms are simple. Everyone who brings in a crypto deposit before December 11 will receive: 

1 crypto deposit – iPhone 15 PRO Max 512 gb

5 crypto deposits – Apple Watch 9

10 crypto deposits – Apple MacBook Pro M2 256GB

The results of the drawing will be summarized on December 11 in a live broadcast. To avoid missing out, subscribe to Moonstar Network’s Telegram channel and follow the updates.


Moonstar is a relatively young but highly promising affiliate network that has managed to make a name for itself on the market. Everything we’ve discussed above can be a significant advantage for the advertising network and even entice many buyers to try their hand at promoting Moonstar offers. However, the key advantage of Moonstar has been and remains that the developers of the affiliate network, like no one else, understand the principles of CPA marketing. Therefore, they can offer partners the most effective tools, allowing them to achieve maximum profit in promoting the most popular directions in affiliate marketing.

Go through the simple registration process in Moonstar Network and see it for yourself right now. Good luck!