Affiliate network: Moonstar

Offer: Immediate Edge

Source: Facebook

GEO: Spain

Costs: $4,790 – budget, $150 – Stalker package at Traffis

Revenue: earned – 9900$, profit – 5110$, ROI – 107%

Dates of work: 14.08.23 – 25.08.23

Mediabuyer worked with Moonstar affiliate network, as it offers a convenient payment model (CPA, CPL or CRG), the rates are 10-15% higher than the market average, and you can get discounts on services useful for arbitrageurs, which are part of the SVG holding company.


The affiliate network provided the webmaster with examples of creatives that convert and based on them he made his own creatives for advertising. As a result – creatives immediately gave a good conversion rate and cost per lead.

Work process

Mediabuyer used the usual farms and autoregs during work. Some additional tools:

 Traffis – multitool for customizing ads. Webmaster bought Stalker package for 150$

 AdPay Cards – payment system.

Target was set up for men and women aged 35-65 years, the language is Spanish. Placements – Facebook and Instagram news feed, mobile devices. Launch goal – leads. 

Since the launch was made from regular farms and autoregs – webmaster was has been scaling with accounts


Registrations amount – 117, deposits – 11, CR: 9.4%

Why did baer stop the ad campaigns

The ad campaigns started getting lower conversion rates than when they started. The webmaster changed the messages on creatives and continued working with the Moonstar affiliate network. At this moment, the way of working described in the case study is not working, but you can choose your own offer and get the same results.