The competition among affiliate programs in the nutra-vertical is high, and there are few quality affiliates with high rates and without shave. Therefore, it is high time to tell you about one of them – ProfitPay.

ProfitPay is a direct advertiser of COD-network in Poland and Czech Republic. It offers 150+ low price and full price offers at high bids. Interested? Read the review and find out why ProfitPay is worth your attention.

Benefits of ProfitPay affiliate program

ProfitPay is a direct nutra advertiser, and this is its first advantage. You work without intermediaries in the form of CPA-networks, which always take the commission.

PP also offers COD, a nutra category with much MORE coverage than SS/Trial.

And finally, all of the offers have been advertised in Poland and the Czech Republic – profitable GEO for pouring nutra.

Now let’s break down the other benefits of advertising:

  • 150+ Offers;
  • 15+ nutra-vertical categories: weight loss, adult, diabetes, cholesterol, joints, parasites and more;
  • The main GEOs are Poland and Czech Republic, but there are a few offers for Slovakia, Italy and Hungary;
  • high payouts from the start
  • custom rates based on volume;
  • opportunity to develop and start exclusive private offers for teams;
  • translate creatives and customize prelendings to the right GEO for free;
  • stable payments on demand;
  • responsive affiliate managers;
  • convenient personal account;
  • built-in cloaca;
  • lots of tools to work with: traffic distribution using TDS, domain parking, integration with trackers, open API;
  • Regular useful content in the TG channel and blog on the website;
  • referral program.
  • ProfitStore with top products for arbitrageurs of any level.

Some of the benefits are worth highlighting and talking about in more detail.

Only author’s offers. The affiliate program knows one of the reasons for low conversion rates and uptake – hackneyed offers that bore Internet users. That’s why they constantly create new products and update old ones: they add branding and prelendings, slightly change the packaging design, etc.

When a new product is launched, the ProfitPay will announce it

Own call center with natives. The guys are interested in consistently high uptake, so they set up their own call center, rather than using outsourced services. In addition, they hired only native speakers as operators: because all Poles and Czechs recognize non-native speakers immediately, even if they don’t have an accent. That’s why webmasters don’t worry about approve rate: for example, AR on low-price offers stays stably around 20%, which is good for this product category.

Internal bying makes traffic from teaser networks, Google and Facebook*, and can give tips on advertising. ProfitPay Media Buyers make ads from three sources of traffic and can share current developments with trusted partners. For example, they can tell you which teaser networks to work with, and which ones only use bot traffic. Or which payment system to use for Facebook*, which cloaca is the best for Google, and so on.

ProfitPay Most competitors
High payouts from the get-go You have to shed first before you get the bump
Regular contests that give a nice bonus to the main earnings Rare contests
The Telegram channel is filled with useful information Water in the Telegram Channel, written by non-scholarly copywriters
Responsive managers, focus on the arbitrageur’s earnings Managers are throwing offers that no one is pouring in on
Offers are constantly being finalized Sometimes it’s the finalization that gets nailed down
Stably high approve rate on offers The longer you pour, the lower the boost. I wonder why.
Affiliate managers are constantly learning and can give advice on the advertising and know what arbitrageurs live by Affiliate managers come to just work and are not interested in what their affiliates do for a living
Aff managers respond in a couple minutes, within an hour only if the workload is high Affmanagers respond once an hour, especially if it’s an affiliate with low volumes
Loyalty program or ProfitStore where arbitrageurs win iPhones and other expensive gifts.  Loyalty program is constantly “in development” or simply does not exist

Advantages of advertising over competitors

Registration in ProfitPay affiliate program

Registering with ProfitPay consists of a few simple steps.

Step 1: Fill in the basic data

Open the official site of the ProfitPay affiliate program and click on “Registration”. Then fill out the form: enter your name, email, password and Telegram contact. Pass the captcha.

The registration form in the ProfitPay is not kilometer long – partners indicate only the most necessary data

Step 2: Confirm registration

Then you will receive an email with an activation link. Confirm your registration and you have access to your personal account, and you can look at offers at once. You don’t need to wait for your account to be updated by a personal manager.

Step 3: Communicating with a personal manager

An affiliate manager will write to you during business hours. He will ask about your experience in traffic arbitrage and the source you are working with. If you want top terms right away, you will need to show statistics from other affiliate programs. After a short conversation, the manager will choose a top offer for your experience and source.

If you don’t have experience, that’s okay, ProfitPay accepts beginners.

And here are the contacts of the managers – if you have any questions, write to them:

Affiliate managers reply on weekdays from 8 to 18 CET. Other times – if possible.

Write to [email protected] if you are not registered in the affiliate program but want to ask a question.

ProfitPay personal account overview

Personal cabinet of nutra-partners is convenient: the interface is intuitive, you do not need 5 minutes to find where to click.

Detailed statistics. Stats are filtered by more than ten parameters: clicks, date, hours, streams, sources, devices and others. When viewing stats in a special filter, you can choose which parameters to display and which not to display.

The statistics display is customizable – it’s convenient

In the “Leads and orders” section you will see information about each lead: from which IP the request was made, from which device (mobile/PC), OS and browser. In case of ineligible leads you will see the reason for rejection. The information is stored indefinitely.

Offers are filtered by category. As we have already mentioned, ProfitPay has more than fifteen of them: joints, vision, cholesterol, weight loss, rejuvenation, and others. There are even rare categories, such as hair growth and muscle growth offers.

Also, only the top 10 products or exclusive products can be displayed in the Offerwall

In the offer card you will find the necessary information: bid, allowed and banned traffic sources, average CR and AR on the offerer, as well as landings and prelendings:

Almost every product is accompanied by pictures of it from different angles. That’s because users are more likely to buy a product if it’s depicted in a realistic background. Here’s a study that confirms this →

The ProfitPay implements functionality for teams – thanks to it all team members can sit from one affiliate account. Owner can make visible or vice versa close the list of team members, statistics and filter blacklists:

ProfitPay Affiliate Program Offers Overview

Let’s list the offers that ProfitPay recommends to advertise right now. The advertiser gives bumps up to $34 to webmasters with volumes – so knock to the affiliate manager and negotiate TOP conditions.

All products are advertised in capsules and have the appropriate documents.

  • A-cardin. Capsules that help in the fight against cholesterol. ID: 74. Bid: from $26;
  • Vigordic Potency capsules. ID: 199. Bid:from $26;
  • Ketomorin Slimming capsules. ID: 85. Bid: from $26;
  • Diabetins Capsules to assist in lowering blood glucose levels. ID:114. Bid: from $26.

ProfitPay also has a wide line of Low Price offers across 10+ categories

  • Glukofin (Low price) — Capsules to assist in lowering blood glucose levels . AR: 21.7%. Bid: from $16.5;
  • Reviten Forte (Low price) — Capsules for Joints. AR: 19,4%. Bid: from $15.

The ProfitPay Telegram channel regularly publishes the top offers by approve/volume for the week. Subscribe to be flooded with the best products.

How to start earning with ProfitPay

Direct advertiser offers a lot of opportunities for webmasters to earn money, all you have to do is make leads and keep in touch with your personal manager. And while you’re thinking whether to register in the affiliate program or not – we’ll give you a couple of tips on earning on it.

Choose the right tools to work with: smartlink (traffic distribution using TDS), domain parking, API, global postback. ProfitPay also features integrations with popular trackers. You don’t need to set up for a long time – a couple of clicks and you’re done.

See the results of split tests right in your personal cabinet. In the Streams → Split Tests tab, you can see the results of the split test of offers.

Coordinate the source of traffic, if necessary. The affiliate accepts different traffic sources: Facebook*, Google Ads, Bing, advertising and teaser networks, myTarget. Other sources – by agreement.

Contact the aff manager if you need help with translation of creatives and prelendings. They have professional translators from Poland, so they will translate creatives and prelandings for free. All the ProfitPay needs to have from you is a task from you.

Set up the cloaca directly in the personal area of the ProfitPay. AlterCPA One cloaca is built right into the Personal Area, here are instructions on how to use it →

Read useful tips from advertiser. In its Telegram channel, the affiliate shares its expertise every week by posting informative posts.

In its channel the affiliate talks about different sources of traffic, including the most popular one – Facebook*

ProfitPay occasionally posts rip-roaring memes

Also, ProfitPay specialists release articles on working with the nutra every month. These are materials about working with traffic sources, creatives, prelanding, and also interviews with partners.

Profitpay webmasters earn not only by making traffic and getting leads, but also for the very fact advertising. How it works: they make traffic and get bonus points for each approve. 1 approve = 1 point. Then these points are exchanged in the gift store – and there are dozens of them:

iPhones, cameras, smartwatches, wristwatches, coffee machine – these and other gifts are waiting for advertiser partners in a special store

To find out about all the contests, sign up for social media ads:

How to withdraw money from ProfitPay affiliate program

For new webmasters there is a hold, it is 5 working days for the first payment. Further money is paid out in 2-3 business days.

Payment can be delayed only in one case: if the advertiser suspects that the traffic is fodder. But if you attract quality traffic, there will be no problems.

The payout can be received at:

  • Capitalist;
  • USDT trc-20;
  • bank cards.

Wire transfer is also available.

The minimum withdrawal amount is small – $26. This is convenient for those who only want to test the affiliate.

ProfitPay referral program

If you already work with a direct advertiser – recommend it to your colleagues and earn money on it. Your referral link is located in the “Referrals” tab. The referral percentage is discussed individually with the affiliate manager and also varies depending on the offer.

Reviews of ProfitPay affiliate program

Give feedback on your work with the advertiser. Write down what you liked about working with the advertiser and what you would like to improve. Don’t forget to attach a screenshot of statistics – let arbitrageurs see what results you have achieved working with Profitpay.

*Facebook and Instagram belong to Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization and is banned in Russia.