If you can still get through with accounts and creatives, then FB looks at the payments in the first place and the BINs of any card quickly turn from trust to trigger. Because of this, there is less postpaid, more holds and outflow on risk payment. The recommendation, as always, is to look for new services with unused BINs. Passability will be much higher, and that’s a fact!

Actually, you don’t have to look for anything today, the guys from AnyBill — the service of mass production of virtual cards for FB, Google and TikTok themselves knocked on our personal message and told us about their service, which we will introduce to you today.

P.S. For Aff Secret readers, the review includes a nice bonus 🙃

Right off the bat: WHAT’S about commissions and BINs?

  • Reliable private BINs from three UK banks
  • There’s 3D Secure – yes
  • Cards with payment systems represented – Mastercard, Visa or Union Pay
  • Cost of issuing cards – $0
  • Transaction fee – $0
  • Deposit commission – 3-4.5%, depending on the amount deposited per month
  • No required KYC
  • You can issue 100 cards at a time – yes

It is also important to note the availability of progressive commissions for declined transactions, which can occur due to zero balance, card closure, sales limit, etc. In this case, the following tier is provided:

  • Up to 3% – none*
  •  3 to 5% – 0.2€
  •  5 to 7% – 0.3€
  •  7 to 10 – 0.4€
  •  10 to 15 – 0.5€ 
  • from 15% – 0.6€

*Please note, that this fee is charged for each declaration.

Why you should try the AnyBill service:

But, as usual, the positives are much more numerous. In addition to the appropriate conditions of cooperation, which we have already mentioned, it is worth paying attention to the availability of infrastructure for teams. Perhaps this is one of the most interesting solutions on the market, which will “catch up” with competitors. Namely, corporate accounts.

What’s the trick: let’s say you are an owner or teamlead. You create a company account, top up your account, and then invite people with the ability to assign them roles according to the hierarchy in the team/company. This way team members will not have access to “unnecessary” information. Each buyer will only see their cards and their activity, and let’s say the teamlead will see the activity of each buyer, and the manager will see the picture for all departments.

This is how it works in practice:

Of course, the extra hassle and bureaucracy on other points are also resolved:

  • 100 cards can be shared with one click;
  • There is a custom configuration of the number of cards and their limits for each specific employee;
  • Instant credits to the balance;
  • Easy registration without the need for verification (see below). 

Send an telegram to @alex_supportAB, if you have any questions, and we’ll move on to registration and a review of your personal account.

How to get started with AnyBill

Registration is fairly straightforward. Click on the homepage “Get started” and you will be taken to a three page questionnaire. Enter your first name, last name (can be nicknames), email, team name, leave a contact and choose a country.

Clarify the number of teams/people that may use the service.

And specify the average monthly expenses that you can generate. 

Then go to the email you provided during registration and click “Confirm Account”.

We come up with a password and get into a personal account.

Next, just click on “Add Cards” to get the cards.

Select the desired BIN, select an account to which the card will be issued (if you are issuing a card for a Bayer, for example (it must first be added to the service), specify the e-mail where the code will come 3DS, give the card a name (for easier orientation in the pile of cards, specify the number of cards and set limits on them, if necessary.

When everything is ready, click on the “Add” button and get up to 100 cards at a time and start earning money 😎.

BONUS: The first 50 people to use the promo code “AFFSECRET “, will receive 3 first refills for free.

If you are not one of the lucky ones – don’t worry. Nobody leaves AnyBill a loser! Use the same promo code to get your first free deposit. Note that bonus deposits can only be up to $3,000.

That’s all there is to it! Remember, good card are 90% of success with Zuckerberg’s ban machine. So work with the best and everything will pay off for you. All the best 🙏

Link to AnyBill