Working with Facebook is becoming increasingly difficult, but still many media buyers keep spending thousands of dollars on different verticals. In this article we’ll have a look at the different ad formats that facebook has, what material you need for launching ads and what verticals have the biggest volumes. Zeydoo team has prepared this knowledge base just for you so you know what to do when you turn to Facebook traffic.

Ad formats in Facebook

While working with Facebook, you can use your promo material in one of these formats:

  • Image Ads are images that appear in Facebook feed or on the sidebar. It can be either landscape, square or vertical orientation with the recommended image size of 1200 x 628 pixels. Ads with these images can include a headline, caption and a button with call for action.
  • Video Ads can be both in the feed or in stories. Their length can be up to 240 minutes, but it’s recommended to have it at 15-30 seconds. The aspect ratio should be from 9:16 to 16:9 and the advisable size – 1280 x 720 pixels.  
  • Carousel Ads are the ads that allow to show several pictures or videos in one advertisement. The recommended image size is 1080 x 1080 and you can upload up to 10 images or videos. Each of them can have their own link and caption. 
  • Slideshow Ads allow you to create a slideshow out of your images, texts and music. The recommended size is 1280 x 720 and the length of an ad – not more than 15 seconds. 
  • Collection Ads make it possible to show several products in one ad. Usually it is used for e-commerce or Nutra offers. They usually consist of a head image or a video that is followed by images of products. The size of the cover image should be 1200 x 628 pixels and the images of products – 600 x 600 pixels. 
  • Instant Experience Ads, also previously known as Canvas Ads, is a full-screen mobile ad. The recommended size is 1080 x 1920 pixels and they can include images, videos, texts and interactive elements. 
  • Messenger Ads are the ads that appear in the inbox in Facebook Messenger. They can include an image or a video with a button with call for action. The images should be 1200 x 628 pixels and videos – 1280 x 720. 
  • Lead Ads are the forms for collecting leads that a user can fill out without leaving Facebook. The recommended size of the image is 1200 x 628 pixels. This format can be used for lead generation offers or collecting databases.

In most cases media buyers make creatives only for Facebook/Instagram feed and do not limit the choice of placements since Facebook itself optimizes ad campaigns for placements and formats that give better results. And the CPM is lower when there’s no narrowing of targeting.

Ad campaign goals in Facebook

So, the creatives for specific formats are ready. It’s time to choose the goal of our ad campaign. 

These are what media buyers use:

  • Traffic allows generating traffic for landing pages. Conversions are not traced and the campaign is optimized for the target audience with lower price for a click. It’s usually used for warming up the ad account; 
  • Engagement helps to get more likes/comments under posts in either Facebook or Instagram; 
  • Leads are the most widespread type of ad campaigns where you can see conversions on the website thanks to Facebook Pixel;
  • App promotion is a format that is used for running traffic to mobile apps and helps track conversions;
  • Sales allow us to track sales on the website. It’s usually used for products or services that can be paid right on the landing page.

Facebook audience and advantages for media buyers

In 2022 around 2,96 billion users went to Facebook every month which makes it one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This is some key information you need to know before working with FB:

  • Age: a significant part of the platform’s users are around 18 to 44 years old. However it’s getting quite popular with the older generation: the number of users older than 65 is rapidly increasing.
  • Gender: there are a bit more women than men, but in general it’s closer to 50/50.
  • Geography: Facebook is used all around the world with the biggest numbers in India, the US, Indonesia and Brazil. Among other countries with a big number of users – Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey. However you can still work with almost any GEO that has no restrictions in the country. 
  • User time: on average a regular user spends around 19,5 hours a month on Facebook. It’s more than on any other platform. 
  • Interests and behavior: Facebook collects a great amount of data about its users’ interests and behavior so that it offers very detailed settings for targeting. 

Thousands of affiliates work with thousands of accounts on different verticals and take their profit. If you have some basic knowledge of targeting in Facebook and get a better understanding of the CPA niche, you can run your first tests and, possibly, take your first profit. And Zeydoo can help you with that.

What you need for a successful ad on Facebook

To work with Facebook you’ll need the following: 

  1. Offer. 50% of a successful ad campaign is a well chosen offer. If you can’t find a good offer, go to Zeydoo. Our managers will recommend offers that convert well right now based on the data from our internal media buying and partners. 
  2. Facebook account. 
  3. Proxies help hide your IP address and avoid account bans. 
  4. Automated traffic (optional) allows to work with dozens of accounts in several clicks and takes the routine work from affiliates. 
  5. Antidetect browser will hide your User Agent and other details of active sessions making you a unique Facebook user that minimizes the risk of getting banned. 
  6. Card for your ad accounteither virtual or physical to pay for ads.
  7. Creatives are images and videos that will be used in ad campaigns.  
  8. A little of your time to set up campaigns manually or with automated traffic.

The setup process is quite easy, but success mostly depends on the quality of your material, alluring creatives, pre-landers and a well-chosen offer. 

Types of ad accounts on Facebook

While working with Facebook you can use:

  • Personal ad accounts. Every account can have its own advertising cabinet. Usually it’s just one, but they are more trustworthy than Business Manager.
  • Business Manager are additional ad accounts that you can create in your profile. With Business Manager you can add and delete other members and create several ad accounts within one BM. 
  • Facebook Partner is usually available with big spendings (more than $100,000 on one account). In this case you get a personal manager and other rewards from Facebook. This status is rarely awarded to publishers and is usually given to big agencies or brands. 

You can register and farm accounts by yourself, but it will take a lot of time. If you’re no newbie, it’s better to buy these accounts in shops and organize your own farming department. 

Verticals that convert with Facebook

Apart from Nutra, dating and gambling where the competition is quite high, you can work with other verticals. In this article we’ll look at some of them that you can run with minimal risk of bans. 


Sweepstakes are offers that aim at gathering data about users: email addresses, phone numbers and any other personal information by taking part in a giveaway. 

We recommend these offers for Facebook

Mobile Apps

White mobile apps that have zero risks of getting banned by Facebook. Yes, the payouts are lower than in gambling or crypto, but the absence of bans and the opportunity to drive more traffic in the long term make up for it. 

Offers that convert with Facebook now:

Lead Generation

Lead generation with white offers is one of the most promising niches in the next few years. We’ve talked about how to work with leadgen in our previous article, so you can tips, market research and insights that will help working with lead generation via Facebook more profitable.

You can start working with leadgen with these offers:

Offers are relevant at the moment of publication. To find offers that convert right now with Facebook traffic you can always talk to our support in Zeydoo. Message Anna or Anastasia in Telegram and get the best rates for any type of traffic. 

Facebook is one of the most popular traffic sources out there that helps generate hundreds of thousands of conversions every month. The main challenge there is to find the converting offer and make catchy creatives that will earn you your part of profit on the overheated market.

Register in Zeydoo and run traffic via Facebook to our exclusive converting offers worldwide.