Working with most popular traffic sources involves launching several advertising campaigns from different accounts. The moderation systems of Google, Meta and other sources prohibit the promotion of “gray” verticals and regularly block profiles of media buyers. For safe launching, complete anonymity and guarantee of launching advertising campaigns from several accounts, webmasters use special programs – antidetect browsers. 

In the domain of affiliate marketing there are many browsers that promise safety in web and offer a wide range of functions for comfortable promotion.  Today let’s talk about a browser that has surpassed all the nearest competitors and has gone far ahead not only in functionality, but also in ergonomics – Undetectable.


Undetectable is a popular antidetect browser for safe work in most popular traffic sources and anonymous web surfing. Undetectable allows you to create multiple profiles with individual parameters and imitation of user behavior necessary to bypass the antifraud systems and reduce risk of account blocking.

Browser application

Undetectable is useful not only for affiliate marketing. The developers of the browser offer the following options for using the software:

Multi-accounting for SMM

Working in multi-accounting format – creation, control and operation of several accounts from a single window. Multi-accounting opens up new opportunities for promotion in social networks and allows you to effectively promote not only the offerers of popular verticals, but also to develop the accounts themselves in parallel for further use.

Affiliate marketing

Launch and manage targeted and contextual advertising with minimal risk of being blocked by moderation systems. Undetectable allows you to launch multiple advertising campaigns in popular sources and easily bypass moderation systems, simulating the activity of real users in web.

Bounty and Airdrop

Mass participation in tokensails and airdrops, increasing the probability of winning.  Undetectable offers reliable multi-accounting of Web 3.0 resources for such purposes.

E-commerce and dropshipping

You can use a large number of unconnected accounts on popular marketplaces and e-commerce platforms to sell and resell goods.  With Undetectable, you can create as many online stores as you want on different browser profiles, and maximize your profit.

Online betting

Undetectable can be useful for betting fans and professionals. Software allows you to create and manage multiple accounts on betting sites without fear of being blocked.

Ticket resale

With Undetectable, users can buy tickets for events just at the time when sales starts. Most systems block repeated purchases from the same IP address. Undetectable allows you to bypass the blocking and protects you from possible suspicions from anti-fraud systems.

Browser features

The Undetectable app is optimized to run on Windows 10/11, macOS (M1/M2) and macOS (Intel). The antidetect browser itself is powered by dual cores:

  • WebEngine is the first generation of the Undetectable core.
  • Chromium is an open source web browser. The core allows you to install extensions, supports devtools and other standard Chrome tools. For example, automatic page translation.

Chromium provides a wide range of privacy protection and content automation tools. The core is automatically updated and allows you to simulate user activity by connecting from the latest version of Chrome. And through the browser extensions manager, you can add extensions to all profiles on the core at once, as well as remove or deactivate them if necessary.

The developers intentionally did not remove WebEngine, giving users choice – which core they will work on. You can change the core in software settings.

Undetectable provide users following features to improve security and save memory:

  • Multi-accounting. The browser allows you to work with thousands of unlinked browser profiles on a single device. All accounts are automatically identified by the system as unique, which guarantees the safety of use and work. The browser supports Amazon, CoinsList, Facebook, TikTok, Google and Winline profiles.
  • Fingerprint and cookie spoofing. Undetectable uses browser-based configurations based on real users to create digital fingerprints. Accounts based on the same configuration differ due to additional uniqueness at the time of creation part of the parameters, allowing you to create an unlimited number of profiles. For anti-fraud systems of popular sources, the relative diversity of profiles allows you not to stand out from other users.

The following parameters are substituted in Undetectable:

  • UserAgent
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Languages
  • Locale
  • Fonts
  • SpeechSynthesis
  • navigator.userAgentData
  • WebGPU
  • WebGL
  • Storage
  • MediaDevices
  • Canvas
  • ClientRects
  • Screen
  • Time zone
  • Geolocation
  • Cores
  • Memory
  • WebRTC

The fact that free configurations are updated more than twice a month can be considered as  an advantage. The browser offers the possibility of using the counter of configuration’s frequency, as well as their independent naming. 

  • 3 ways to store profiles. With Undetectable you can store profiles on your device, in the cloud or on your own server. Especially relevant for crypto wallets.
  • Synchronizer. Undetectable synchronizer allows you to perform the same actions in several profiles at the same time. Once the synchronizer is activated, all actions performed in the main window will be repeated on other accounts. 
  • Unlimited local profiles. Possibility to use unlimited number of local profiles on any paid tariff. Profiles are stored on the device and do not require synchronization. 
  • In-depth access settings for teamwork. Undetectable offers more than 33 permission settings for teamwork:
  1. Separation of users by role. A user with administrator rights can create a role and grant it a specific set of permissions and accesses.
  2. Profile grouping. Ability to segment the rights of team members by grouping profiles. 
  3. Management via cloud-based web panel. The administrator can not only manage roles, groups and sessions, but also monitor the status of cloud profiles online.
  • Browser fingerprints store. Possibility to buy browser fingerprints of higher quality up to $1/piece. The store offers a wide range of operating systems and browsers for any task. 
  • Support for third-party VPN and Proxy software. In Undetectable you can save Socks5, HTTP/HTTPS Proxy for reuse in multiple profiles. There is also a quick proxy check in the general list of profiles.
  • Mass Creation. Ability to create hundreds of unique profiles in a couple of clicks based on internal configuration, User Agent or your own data (Name, Cookies, Proxy-type, Proxy, User-Agents, Notes). 
  • Fast loading speed. The browser is capable of loading up to 5000 profiles in a few seconds. Software easily handles mass work with both cloud and local profiles. 
  • Paste like a human. A function that imitates human behavior when pasting text. Allows you to create a more realistic and natural user trail, minimizing the risk of detection by anti-fraud systems.
  • Cookies-bot. Select profiles, specify the required country and the number of sites to be visited by the bot. Cookies-bot will visit the most popular sites in the specified countries, which will have a good effect on profile warming. 
  • Bookmarks import. The ability to instantly import bookmarks from any browser based on the Chromium core.
  • Automation. Connect Puppeteer and Playwright automation services to get rid of routines. You can also configure automatic clearing of unimportant profile cache on closing and disable import of outdated cookies.
  • API. Local API to get a list of profiles and manage their launches. Supports browser profiles on the Chromium core.

In addition to direct use, all users can participate in a referral program and receive 10% of all orders placed by users they refer.


Undetectable offers all new users a free trial with 5 cloud profiles and 10 digital fingerprints, which are updated several times a month. The missing profiles can be purchased if desired. 

The functionality and features of the free tariff are enough to get acquainted with the browser. The tariff is perfect for small solo projects in manual mode. 

Paid tariffs offer the user advanced functionality, including the following features:

  • Local profiles and cloud profiles
  • Access to configuration store
  • Cookie export
  • Mass profile creation
  • Cookie bot for warming up
  • Local API

The antidetect browser currently offers the following pricing options:


  • Base. Ideal for solo work and medium-sized projects. Includes full functionality except for private storage, as well as proxy and local profile export. Has a limit on the number of sessions (1), browser footprints (10) and cloud profiles (50). All limits can be purchased if desired. 

Price: $49/month. Each additional session is $20

  • Professional. Supports 2 sessions by default and includes 100 cloud profiles and 50 configurations. Unlike Base, it supports export of proxies and local profiles. 

Price: $99/month. Each additional session is $15.

  • Custom. The most favorable solution for large projects and large teams. No limitations in functionality, as well as the ability to connect your own server to store cloud profiles or purchase profiles on Undetectable servers.

Supports 5 sessions, 200 cloud profiles and 100 configurations by default. 

Price: $199/month. Each additional session is $10.

Customization depending on the needed amount of cloud profiles, sessions or configurations allows you to save on pricing plans. The service also offers lump-sum payment options for multiple months, offering discounts. 


3 months → 5%

6 months → 10%

12 months → 20%

How to start using Undetectable

To start using the antidetect browser, go to the Undetectable website and download the version for your OS.

After installing software on your computer, register on the website by filling out a standard form.

After launching Undetectable on your machine, log in again. Next, click “+ New profile” in the main menu.

Once clicked, a window will appear on the right side consisting of two sections: profile setup / profile information and notes area.

In order to add a profile (session) the following fields should be filled in:

  • Profile name. User friendly name of your profile.
  • Profile storage location. On the “free” pricing plan profiles are automatically saved to the cloud. If you switch to another plan, that implies changing the storage location. You will be able to specify a folder for local storage or a profile group for the cloud. 
  • Tags. Tags will be needed for further grouping of profiles. In case you need to manage hundreds of sessions, tags become indispensable. 
  • OS and browser model. The operating system and the intended browser of the profile.  After filling in the fields, the system will suggest the available configurations.
  • User Agent, screen, CPU, memory and languages. Fields are filled in as needed.

To add a proxy, go to the relevant tab and select the “New Proxy” option.

The system will prompt you to fill in the following fields: 

Proxy type (http:// or socks5://)

IP address


Login and password

The next tab is where you configure and swap system browser fingerprints without having to manually change the settings.

In the cookies tab, you can import cookies in several formats: 





Once imported, you will be able to edit, view or export the downloaded cookie.

The last tab stores the data of the accounts linked to the profile.

Once you have filled in all the required fields, click “Create“. The profile will automatically appear in the “Profiles” section of the menu on the left side of the menu. 

For new users, the developers also offer a video tutorial on how to start and configure the antidetect browser. 


Undetectable is a modern tool that allows you to solve many marketing tasks that require simultaneous work with several advertising or social network accounts. Setting up and using the service is characterized by an intuitive interface and the ability to customize tariffs according to your needs.

Check out the convenience of the service by yourself. Get a 20% discount on the first payment of any pricing plan with promocode AFFSECRET.

Good luck!