A new generation of antidetect browsers. With this slogan in 2017, the Linken Sphere team presented its product and announced itself on the market. A few people remember, but such familiar modern features as automatic setting of GEO, emulation of mobile devices and even imitation of human typing appeared thanks to the Linken Sphere development team. Despite a fast start, in 2019, the development of the project slowed down and then stopped altogether. Afterward, the developers will cite internal misunderstandings and disagreements as the reason for the stagnation. 

After several years of silence, Linken Sphere returns with a new product, again ahead of time – Linken Sphere 9 Evolution. Let’s talk about what’s new in their antidetect browser and why you should definitely try it out.

Linken Sphere 9 Evolution

Linken Sphere is a professional antidetect browser that allows media buyers to work from multiple Facebook accounts at once without fear of unwanted blocking by the social network’s anti-fraud systems. Linken Sphere is that rare case when a product was developed by media buyers for media buyers. Thanks to this, all nuances and, at first glance, insignificant features were taken into account, which in the long run can have a positive impact on the process of working with web traffic. 

Linken Sphere is a fundamentally new product among antidetect browsers on the market. The developers took care to make the process of using the software as easy as possible and made some serious changes in the software.

Linken Sphere features

Like most modern antidetect browsers, Linken Sphere is based on the Chromium kernel. Chrome is considered one of the fastest and most stable browsers, and its core capabilities are designed to handle a large number of sessions at once. Users can now access all the features of the most popular Chrome browser, including extensions, bookmarks, saving passwords and setting start pages. 

As for fingerprints, Linken Sphere provides two options for creating them: manual customization using real configurations of existing systems and a hybrid mode that allows you to create native fingerprints with a unique selection of configurations. Hybrid mode is especially useful when you need to uniqueize the session you’re creating and works perfectly on the iOS M-series.

In hybrid mode, the program automatically selects the session video card with all the necessary parameters, RAM, number of cores, browser version, language, etc. While creating the hybrid mode, developers paid special attention to analyzing users from different regions and determining the peculiarities of the software they use. For example, when automatically selecting parameters on GEO France, the program will set not only French, but also English (which is standard in many softwares). Such subtleties allow you to minimize the probability of banning and easily bypass antifraud.

In regular mode, the situation is standard: user can configure all standard parameters himself. In addition, Linken Sphere is the only product that allows manual editing of the subversion. For ease of use, users can also create separate desktops with their own sessions, tags and proxies. Working with a large number of destinations in one software has never been so convenient. 

Digital fingerprint swapping takes place at the kernel operation level, allowing not only the connection but also the configuration to be changed while the session is running.

Linken Sphere also has two modes of working with Windows: smart control (Chrome pages are “glued” to the control window) and normal mode, in which Windows exist on their own. Even in the normal mode there is an interesting feature – you can switch to the control window through the button with the logo instead of searching for the necessary icons in the taskbar. You can choose the one that suits you best and manage all session windows with maximum convenience. Speed and stability will not change from this.

Linken Sphere is easy and convenient to use. Devs have included number of innovations that affect performance and efficiency.. 

The browser is distinguished by a phenomenally fast and customizable session manager. Installation of start pages, bookmarks and any extensions takes place in a few clicks. To create a new session, you no longer need to make changes manually. For quick filling, the developers suggest using session providers. The function allows you to create an unlimited number of combinations of settings and frees the media buyer from monotonous and time-consuming work.

Optimization has become a key tenet of the updated Linken Sphere. The browser offers users mass cookie loading, as well as importing and setting up new accounts. Other mass actions can be customized using hotkeys. All of them are logical, optimized and very fast.

  • Available mass actions: 
  • Export Cookies
  • Data cleansing
  • Change IP
  • Status change
  • Account preparation
  • Change Desktop
  • Copy
  • Sending
  • Deleting

Summarizing all the features described above, let’s highlight the list of the main advantages of the browser: 

  • Quality and user-friendly design with the possibility of customization
  • Fast speed
  • Two modes of operation: manual and hybrid with adaptive configuration setting
  • Mass actions with shortcuts
  • Fast session creation with “super template” – session provider
  • Mass import and configuration of accounts from files and folders
  • Mass loading of cookies
  • Possibility of local data storage
  • Desktops with command access settings

Who Linken Sphere for

Linken Sphere’s antidetect browser is perfect for media buyers. Especially those who work with Facebook. And it doesn’t matter if you’re working solo or in a team. Mass import and customization features, as well as the ability to manage team sessions, allow you to effectively use the browser’s capabilities to solve and control a wide variety of marketing tasks.

Where Linken Sphere can be useful:

  • SMM
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Context advertising
  • Betting and bonushunting
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Working with ad sites

Each user of one account has equal rights and can have access to all desktops and functions for creating and editing sessions. The only limitation in case of working from one account is the number of sessions, which can vary depending on the plan. But more on that later. 

You no longer need to transfer sessions and set up permissions manually. The system allows you to customize permission settings for users, giving them ability to create and edit sessions, proxies, tags and providers by transferring access to desktops. The account owner has access to all desktops and can scale the promotion process as needed.

How much costs Linken Sphere

The service offers 4 pay plans:

  • Pure – limit of 10 sessions. Price – 30$/month.
  • Light – limit of 100 sessions. Price – 100$/month.
  • PRO – limit of 300 sessions. Price – 200$/month.
  • Premium – limit from 1000 to 5000 sessions. Price – from 400$/month.

In case of selecting several months plan, additional discounts of up to 50% are provided. There is also a system of promo codes to get additional discounts and a referral program.

How to start 

To start using Linken Sphere, follow the link to the official website, click the “Download” icon at the top right of the screen and choose your OS.

Once the download is complete, install the app on your machine and go through the standard registration procedure.

For all new users antidetect browser offers a trial period with the possibility of creating 1 session. To purchase the plan, go to the “Account license” section.

To create a new session, simply click the appropriate icon at the top of the screen.

To create multiple sessions with preset parameters, click “Mass Creation” at the top right of the screen.

In the opened window select the desired provider, if any, and specify the desired number of sessions. The system may automatically determine the number of sessions if cookies are loaded. If there are no cookies, the number of sessions must be entered manually.

Click “Create”. System will create the specified number of sessions in a few seconds. To add proxies in bulk, select all sessions and click “Set Proxy”.

You can specify proxies manually or choose mass import from the list. System will automatically check each proxy and indicate non-working ones that can be deleted.

To import Facebook accounts click “Mass Import” at the top of the menu.

In the menu that opens, select the method of adding:

  • Facebook Import 
  • Import from folders

After that, click “Import” and wait for the accounts to finish loading. 

In fact, there are so many unusual and very convenient features here that it would be difficult to reveal all the subtleties of the product in one review. If you want to learn more about the nuances of the new Sphere’s functionality, check out the short tutorial videos on the dev’s website.


Linken Sphere is a professional antidetect browser which sets industry standards, again. Intuitive controls, built-in tooltips, and a fast and clear interface allow you to use product’s features without any complications during the setup stages. And mass creation with the ability to simultaneously upload dozens of cookies and mass import of Facebook accounts saves hundreds of hours of time on routine tasks. See for yourself. Good luck!