CPA is a multi-service affiliate program. has not only offers from 5 verticals, but also several unique tools which are not available in other affiliate programs.

Over the past year, has updated the personal webmaster account, doubled the number of offers, added new GEOs and launched new useful tools for arbitrageurs: Smarland, BotTelegram, BotLand and BotVK, and also made integration with the CPAider service. affiliate program features

In addition to a large number of white offers and competitive rates, offers a wide range of unique tools that are not available in other affiliate programs:

Here is a list for your convenience:

Widgets are special blocks with offers which are installed on a website, blog or portal in just a couple of minutes; blocks with offers. Widgets are suitable for those webmasters who want to launch monetizing on their own website quickly and easily. Widgets generate blocks with offers of the advertisers selected by you. Creating a widget does not require any special programming skills and is done in just a few clicks.

SmartLand is a constructor of smart landing page with several offers. In other words, this is a ready-made landing page that responds to user behavior in order to increase conversion (changes the offers rotation, hides irrelevant offers, etc.). You may easily create your smart landing page: choose a domain (they all have an SSL certificate), website design and offers that you want to place on the landing page, click “save” and your landing page is ready. You can change the order of offers in this section at any time, as well as change your landing page design. All changes will be displayed on your landing page automatically. It is a perfect solution for those webmasters who do not have the opportunity or time to create their own landing pages. Optionally, you may set your Yandex.Metrika for a more detailed traffic analysis: for this, you need to enter the counter number in the appropriate gap.

BotVK is a bot for offers promotion on VK. Creating a bot takes only a few minutes. The bot purpose is to select a suitable financial offer for the visitor, whether it is a loan, a debit or credit card. Such a bot will help bring a doubting visitor to a conversion, and a webmaster will earn more on traffic on the VK social network. The bot has a flexible dialogue and behavior setting – from neat to talkative, the choice of female or male (which will also help monetize traffic with proper audience selection). The bot is available for Russia and Kazakhstan.

BotLand is a smart bot website that helps users find the most relevant offer. BotLand will be an ideal solution for PPC and targeted advertising. Connection takes only about 2 minutes, then the bot immediately stores and regularly updates information about all available offers. You just have to set up an advertising campaign and begin generating traffic.

BotTelegram — This is a Telegram bot for financial products selection. He asks several questions to each user (necessary product, age, amount required, and whether refusals occur) and picks various options. In addition to questions, the bot analyzes other factors (for example, how offers are monetized in Telegram). All these factors are intended to increase the income of affiliates.

CPAider landing page constructor. This is a useful tool in the arbitrator’s arsenal! users may have it for free – without any conditions and restrictions on use.

The possibility of reducing the hold and early withdrawal of funds, which is not so common.

The affiliate program also has a 5+5% referral program. You can receive 5% of the income of each invited webmaster, and he will receive a 5% bonus to the first payment in turn.

In addition, the affiliate program offers the integration of sending requests to advertisers via API, deeplinks, postback, domain parking, the ability to track the call center managers operation, and much more. Here are a few more features that an arbitrator should pay attention to:

More than 250 financial offers focused on the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other geo.

It is also possible to generate traffic on education, insurance and HR.

Voting. If you have ideas for creating cool utilities that will increase your traffic conversion, you can share them with This is a kind of feedback from affiliates who can directly tell about things which they would like to see on the platform. “Wanna” list may relate to technical solutions, functionality or general issues of cooperation. Other webmasters support the proposals with their votes, thereby raising the rating of an idea.

How to start making profit with

Registration is common and easy. It takes less than a minute to fill out the form. You just need to confirm your email to access your personal account. More than 21 thousand webmasters have already registered in the affiliate program at the time of this review publication.

After registration, you land up to your personal account. There are lists of new and top offers, news of the affiliate program and offers, monthly statistics.

Don’t forget that you have 17 tools at your disposal for almost all intents and purposes. If you don’t have your own website, make it with Smartland. If you have a website, but have no widgets – create them using the Widgets tool.

You can check statistics on your campaigns in the corresponding section.

How to withdraw funds from

Withdrawal of funds upon request from 1 day. Fee is 0%. You can withdraw funds to bank cards (self-employed), settlement accounts (LLC and sole proprietorship), ZaleyCash, myTarget, RC Vkontakte.

You can add payment details in the Finances section. Each affiliate has its own status, which affects the payments frequency, the monthly bonus and the amount of fee when withdrawing from the hold.

Conclusion is a great option for those who work in the finance vertical. aims to increase affiliate’s profits. They are constantly improving the functionality, adding new utilities.

A lot of really convenient tools will release the webmaster from routine tasks. Just a couple of clicks and a smart landing, Telegram bot or a ready-made widget for the website is ready. The number of offers with high payouts is also a joy to see.