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It’s been a while since we told you about new affiliate networks, but today we have a great reason – the guys from “Affastra” decided to show the new affiliate network to the whole world. We will tell you below what is interesting at “Affastra” , how to sign up and what about features and payments as usual. 

As indicated above, Affastra isn’t a newbie who decided to open an affiliate network. The team has been in the affiliate market for more than 10 years and has even had its in-house offer in the esoteric vertical. By the way, the guys are still direct advertisers, so If you are interested check with the manager. However, below we will focus on iGaming.

Review of Affastra affiliate network offers


  • 4RABET / FB APP, $27 per FTD / India. 

The minimum deposit for players is 100 INR. Test KPI – 30 deposits. The average profit per click is $13.50. This means a quality localised product.

  • BetOBet / PPC, $60 / Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru. 

Minimum deposit – $10. Test KPI – 20 deposits. LatAm has been an absolute hit over the last two years. As we can see by the average CR across all partners – 35% of clicks end up in conversions. That’s a lot.

Exclusive bump payouts for AffSecret readers until the end of January – tell the manager the code word “AffSecret” and get +$5 on the BetOBet offer!

  • League Of Slots / Schemes, from $30 / Chile, Brazil, Turkey. 

Partially LatAm yet. This offer is for scheme traffic. Minimum deposit – $2 (Chile), test KPI – 20 deposits (minimum 10 deposits per week).

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about betting. The finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar showed that everyone bets, even the stars. Drake bet $1 million but he didn’t guess the outcome of the match, but that’s nothing. Yeh hang in there!)

In betting, you should pay attention again to LatAm: 

Rabona (FB APP, $30 per FTD/Brazil), TONYBET (FB APP, $20/Chile, Peru), and Fresh Bet (PPC, $165/Spain, Italy).

P.S. Currently the most popular geo in iGaming are LatAm, PT, IT, ES, PL, AT, DE, KO, and Africa (2022 trend moving seamlessly into 2023). 

P.S.S. By the way, here is another quite rare offer for Zambia – Bambet Casino – Zambia: minimum deposit is only about $5 at the local currency rate, and payout for the first deposit is $20. 

Affastra affiliate features

When we talk about iGaming, we pay attention not only to the offers but also to how the affiliate network helps with traffic. Here we found some interesting features. 

  • Apps for Android and iOS. What is gambling without apps? On Android, you can share an application via Telegram bot – simplify and automate as much as possible. On iOS for now, through a manager. Of course, everything is free.
  • Add an offer on request. If you need a particular brand or geo, write about it and the guys will find it and make it for you. 
  • Daily payment option. If your traffic is good quality and you can make a lot of leads, the affiliate network can make payouts daily! Agree that this is a great opportunity to scale. By the way, payouts on USDT and Capitalist are commission-free.
  • Smartlink. On request, the team will make a SmartLink for you based on 1 GEO and 1 offer, selecting the best options.

It is easy to keep track of your statistics in your profile, you can structure information according to a large number of parameters. 

The multilingual network is a joy to use – more than 15 language localisations of the personal account!

How to get started to make money with Affastra

To register, please follow this link and enter your login, password and contact for communication. Check the boxes and that’s it. Your account manager will contact you, approve access and you can use your account. If you are interested, contact your manager or press the relevant button on the dashboard. 

When the offer is available, you will see the following message.

Then drop down and take your link. We always advise you to use postback to scale and optimise your ads.

If you have problems with postback integration or any other issues, you can always write to the manager. The team has years of experience in solving affiliate problems.

Payments in the Affastra affiliate network

Now you can withdraw money from Affastra to USDT wallets and Capitalist. 

The team is also working on connecting other payment solutions.

Average hold is 14 days.

The minimum payout is $50. 

Affastra Affiliate network reviews

If you have worked with Affastra or are working with them now, we would welcome feedback to help colleagues make the right choice.

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