Why use proxies? – a common question, but it’s more accurate to ask, “What benefits can you gain from using proxies?” For many business owners, marketers, and affiliate marketing specialists, proxies are tools with endless possibilities. With Proxyma, you’ll discover new horizons:

  • Data Collection: proxies enable the gathering of extensive information from social networks and other web resources without restrictions. 
  • Monitoring and Analysis: track competitors, monitor prices and aggregators to shape competitive offers. 
  • Verification of Ad Accounts: strengthen the security of your ad campaigns with anonymous IP addresses. 
  • Managing Multiple Accounts: proxies allow you to handle multiple social media accounts without the risk of being blocked. 
  • Intellectual Property and Brand Protection: use proxies to safeguard your brand, reputation, and prevent fraud. 
  • Testing: conduct speed and website availability tests more efficiently using proxies. 
  • Marketing Research: explore the market, gather competitor data, analyze SEO metrics, and enhance your marketing strategies.

Section 1: Advantages

Proxyma is not just a proxy; it’s your dependable companion in the world of affiliate marketing. One of Proxyma’s key strengths is its versatility. This tool provides both static and dynamic residential proxies, giving you the choice of both connection types.

Residential proxies are a gem in the arsenal. Unlike regular server proxies, residential proxies offer real IP addresses tied to actual user devices. This means your traffic will be incredibly anonymous and hardly distinguishable from regular user connections.

Proxyma also seamlessly integrates with popular services for Telegram and anti-detection browsers like AntBrowser, GoLogin, and Octo Browser. These tools help you bypass recognition systems and ensure maximum anonymity while working online.

Section 2: Available Services

Proxyma offers diverse features to meet the needs of various users:

Dynamic and Static Residential Proxies: Provide maximum anonymity and network flexibility. 24/7 Technical Support: A team of experts is always ready to help you solve any technical issues. Fast Connection: Proxyma guarantees high speed and reliable connections essential for uninterrupted operations.

Section 3: Pricing

Proxyma offers five pricing plans for dynamic residential proxies, catering to different needs:

  • Startuna set (1 Gb): Excellent for individual users. 
  • Nebula set (10 Gb): Suitable for small teams. 
  • Protostar set (30 Gb): Bestselling plan with optimal pricing and traffic volume. 
  • Supernova set (80 Gb): Ideal for medium to large teams. 
  • Pulsar set (160 Gb): A plan for uncompromising work with large traffic volumes and the most competitive price.

Additionally, five pricing plans are available for static residential proxies:

  • Orion (1 Gb): A good choice for beginners. 
  • Gemini (3 Gb): Stable proxies for moderate loads. 
  • Cygnus (5 Gb): An ideal choice with 5 Gb traffic for advanced tasks. 
  • Pegasus (10 Gb): Excellent for working with the best solution on the market. 
  • Libra (20 Gb): Unprecedented quality and 20 Gb traffic for professional tasks.

Section 4: Money-Back Guarantee

Proxyma demonstrates confidence in its tool by offering a 24-hour money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the quality or functionality, your investment will be refunded without unnecessary questions.

Section 5: Registration and Usage

Registering with Proxyma is a simple and intuitive process that can be completed manually or through quick registration via a Google account.

After registration, choose a suitable plan that meets your needs. It’s important to note that the tool offers a trial subscription with 1 Gb of traffic to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of this partnership.

Section 6: Ordering and Using Proxies

Ordering proxies from Proxyma is a process that doesn’t require deep technical knowledge. Simply replenish your balance, choose the necessary plan, and create a proxy list with your parameters (country, region, city, or provider).

Technical proxy verification ensures the security of your work and guarantees a high connection speed, especially crucial for marketing campaigns and data parsing.


This tool is the optimal solution for your business. Residential proxies, high speed, money-back guarantee, and flexible pricing make it a true ally for IT and digital marketing professionals. Your success online depends on how effectively you utilize all the possibilities of this powerful environment. Don’t leave anything to chance – trust Proxyma, and you won’t regret it.