The creative is the first thing that’s seen by a potential lead. Whether the audience clicks on it or misses it and forgets about it depends on the originality of the creative.

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How do you make a creative that works?

By using! is an advertising spy service for Facebook Ads. Here you can find templates of creatives and use them to make your own.

How does this work?

The service collects and stores all the ads circulating on Facebook. And you can use all those advertising samples for some inspiration. Instead of having to scroll through all the creatives, you can use the built-in filters to narrow them down to fit your niche.

Fundamentals of the service

At first glance, this service seems rather simple. However, you may reduce the time for searching for contents just by understanding the filters and applying them correctly.

Main filters for searching

First, you will need to apply the Promoted geo filter. Select one country to run the search in. If you need to view more than one country, it is better to do so one by one, changing the filter data, instead of mixing up all the data.

Next comes the /Countries up to filter. Put “1” to get purely gambling creatives. Otherwise you will get a worldwide output. 

The /Link content filter should also be applied. Without it AdHeart will only display white approaches.

One filter that deserves a special mention is the /In domain zone filter, which is mainly used for parsing.

These are the basic and most important everyday filters. Below is another list of filters that can be used to narrow down your search if necessary:

Application platform. Use this filter to sort creatives by device type (Android/iOS). As a rule of thumb, more quality, original and sophisticated ideas for creatives are found in traffic run on IOS.

Placement platform. Each platform (Instagram, Facebook, Messengers, Audience) has its own characteristics and audience. Not every creative will work perfectly on both Facebook and Instagram. So to avoid scrolling through unusable content for the particular platform we need, we stop wasting time and use this filter. However, it’s not all so straightforward. On IG, for example, you can find good creatives that will work well with Tik-Tok.

Type of media content. Set the desired type of media: photo or video.

Format. With this filter you can choose the format of the creatives.

How do I start a search on AdHeart?

Now, first things first:

Open the link, and enter your login and password. This will open the home page, so click on the “Go to Creatives” tab.


Adjust the filters to our request:

– Select the promoted geo.

– Set the limit to 1 country.

– Provide the URL in links so you can search for gambling ideas among all other creatives.

– Optionally, in the domain zone specify the most popular keywords for the niche:

Space, website, fun, online, xyz, site

After setting all the search parameters, our screen looks as follows:

Now creatives in all verticals are displayed, including gambling.

The only thing left to do is to find the right creatives, download them and use them as a template for your new creatives.

Play around with the creation process and brainstorm. Use the service to improve your visual savviness. Don’t use the provided creatives, since they are likely to be used and irrelevant.

A little trick that might help you

Another feature of AdHeart is the option to analyse FanPage.

How to use it?

  1. Find a creative using the aforementioned filters.
  2. Click on the FanPage heading on top of the creative.

  1. The FanPage that was used to launch opens. Analyse the income and creative usage.

Another AdHeart feature!

AdHeart can help you find creatives for gambling apps.

This is very simple to do! This is how:

  1. Select the “Applications” category in the top left corner.

In the “Period covering” specify “In a month”

Let’s apply the second filter. In the “First appearance” filter specify “In a month”.

And that’s it! After applying these two filters now you got gambling apps!

Now you can analyse them straight away: traffic volume, workable ideas, the used platform.

That’s about it on the AdHeart review. Use it mindfully, create awesome bundles and run traffic to your heart’s satisfaction!