The more opportunities the online gives, the more complex it becomes.  For years, marketers, affiliates, and other professionals have been desperately fighting the restrictions and blocking that corporations routinely enforce.

The bad news is that the trend toward stricter user control is unlikely to go anywhere. The good news is that advanced users have already learned how to deal with this problem using advanced software. Such as Dolphin {anty}.

How Dolphin anty solves “the ban problem”

Dolphin{anty} is an autodetection browser whose job is to mask your computer and Internet connection data. Thanks to this, you can work from a single device to impersonate users from different countries.

In addition, Dolphin{anty} has various features that will make performing digital tasks much easier. 

What are the functions in Dolphin{anty}

Dolphin{anty} has steadily joined the list of powerful and popular browsers that have gained the love of users. In Dolphin{anty} you’ll find:

Simple and customizable interface

Dolphin’s developers have done everything they can to make life as easy as possible for its users.

The browser has a simple design with handy panels of individual sections and search. Depending on your preference, you can choose a light or black theme.

Automatic Fingerprint Selection

When you create a new browser profile, Dolphin{anty} automatically picks a fingerprint that suits your device. The fingerprints themselves are automatically collected online. This is to ensure that:

  • you don’t attract the attention of the security systems 
  • look as similar as possible to any average user.

Large set of filters

When creating an account, you can:

  • choose your profile type: none, FB, TikTok, or Google
  • come up with statuses
  • come up with tags

All of this data will help you find accounts quickly. This is especially helpful for users who work with dozens of accounts at a time or in teams.

Compatibility with any proxy

The browser shows excellent results in combination with any proxies: HTTP, Socks5, Socks4 and SSH. Just don’t forget to pick proper proxies, otherwise you can get banned just because of the wrong proxy.

Especially for mobile proxies, there is a function of updating IP-addresses directly from the anti-detect. You can save the proxies you want in your browser so that you can easily add them to your accounts later.

Bulk loading and unloading of accounts

The browser has a special functionality for fast transfer of your accounts to the browser with randomization of fingerprints: you won’t have to waste time to enter the accounts’ data manually.

Cookie robot

This function is an indispensable assistant for users who often work with new accounts. With its help, a special algorithm will visit different sites for you and form cookies that will pass the anti-fraud system check.

Simultaneous work of the whole team

You can add as many users as you need to your account: just choose the right subscription plan based on your profile needs and number of participants.

You can customize the access rights to each user:

  • full access Admin role
  • access only to accounts of the chosen team the Team Lead role
  • access only to their accounts User role

What makes Dolphin different from other anti-detect browsers

Dolphin{anty} has been around for just a year and has already gained fans all over the world in that short time. The product is used by over 100,000 users from all over the world. 

There are several objective reasons for such rapid growth:

Large set of digital fingerprints

Dolphin{anty} can change over 20 parameters of your PC. This includes WebGL, WebRTC, canvas, Memory, CPU and more. 

Dolphin{anty} is based on the Chromium browser. As soon as the main browser is updated, the developers promptly take up updating the anti-detect browser.

High quality of the product

The Dolphin{anty} software is constantly being refined and regularly updated to meet the strict demands of digital professionals. This ensures a high level of emulation, which not even the pioneers of the anti-detect market can boast of. 

The ability to admit mistakes

Unfortunately, there are no perfect programs in the world that always work without failures and errors. And only few companies are ready to admit their mistakes, work hard on them and do everything to make sure they never happen again. By choosing Dolphin{anty}, you can be sure that the company is in the process of constant improvement of its products.

Willingness to really help the user

Although Dolphin{anty} doesn’t have 24/7 support yet, during working hours the team reacts quickly to any users requests. The Dolphin team communicates a lot with the users: 

  • feedback forms
  • chat conversations
  • product managers hold open meetings where they talk about the current status of the product, its future and discuss user suggestions. 

Loyal pricing

In most cases, anti-detection browsers are expensive products, which not all users can afford. In order to deliver a quality product while covering as large an audience as possible, Dolphin{anty} uses a flexible line of pricing plans. In particular, a completely free plan is available to all users.


Even great programs like Dolphin{anty} have disadvantages. The key ones are:

  • the antidetect doesn’t have a mobile app. Obviously, such sophisticated software as anti-detect can be difficult to implement in a mobile app format. However, this would be a great advantage of the browser
  • Limited support time. Given that anti-detect is used by people from all over the world, it didn’t hurt that the company could provide support at any time.


The Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser is one of the most progressive solutions for users who want to move to the next level of online efficiency.

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable product, Dolphin{anty} deserves your attention.