Facebook is one of the best and also — one of the hardest platforms for advertisers. It has plenty of functions and gives plenty of opportunities as well as it often bans your activities, blocks the ad cabinets and sometimes makes your life look more like never ending appeals.

Luckily, there are developers that create software which really solves if not all but most of such problems. Please meet one of them — Dolphin ads tool for Facebook.

What is Dolphin

Dolphin ads tool is a special program that allows you to create, run, control and manage ads on Facebook. If this is not your first day with Facebook, I am sure this social network has managed to strain your nerves quite a bit: the functionality is limited, the interface is complicated, there are frequent checks and even bans, although you have not violated anything. 

The Dolphin tool acts as an intermediary program between you and Facebook. You get all the Facebook’s functionality, complete with Dolphin features and all this in intuitive and functional interface

How can Dolphin make your Facebook experience better

The developers of Dolphin have added as many features as possible to increase the efficiency of their program.

Ads manager. From the Dolphin interface, you can perform all the basic functions that are available in the Facebook ad manager. You can create and run ads from a single interface with some add-ons:

  • All of your accounts and cabinets are visible from a single screen. Which means you don’t have to switch between different tabs or even devices to work with the right account.
  • You can work with all your accounts from a single device: there is no limit on the number of accounts you can add.

Expanded statistics for your accounts. Due to Facebook’s own limitations on the number of accounts and BMs available, it is not possible to calculate all statistics automatically. Dolphin solves this problem: as all your accounts are collected in one window, you can see the statistics of the campaigns, ads and accounts you need. 

If you suddenly need to see statistics for individual accounts or campaigns, all you have to do is mark them and go to the right tab.

Automatic moderation of comments. If you actively work with the community and require help to moderate comments, Dolphin can help with that. The Dolphin ads tool can automatically hide or even delete comments that you don’t want to see in your community. All you have to do is enter keywords and configure what Dolphin should do: hide or delete such comments.

Auto-Rules. Dolphin has a special feature that allows you to automate actions in the browser. For example, automatically disable ads or reduce rates. Automation is set up in a special section of the Auto-rules. 

Compatible with any proxy. To work with different accounts at the same time, you need to change your IP address by using proxies. Dolphin supports all available proxy formats. Moreover, sometimes Dolphin collaborates with other companies thanks to which it is possible to get a discount on the proxies of trusted services. 

Integration with popular trackers. You can add trackers directly to Dolphin to improve the quality of your work. The company has integrations with Binom and Keitaro.

Working with the entire team. With Dolphin, you can have your whole team working in the same workspace at the same time. Your team members can sign in the same account simultaneously from different devices or even locations. Also, you can set roles: Admin, Teamlead, Buyer and Farmer. 

Fast loading of advertisements. In Dolphin, you can quickly upload your ad bundles and then easily add them to all accounts. This bundle will be saved in the system, so you can add it to your current accounts as well as to new ones. 

Automatic appeals

Temporary account blocking is a common thing for Facebook, even if you haven’t violated anything. However, you can set up automatic appeals against bans.

If there are features you miss in Dolphin, or if you want to improve the quality of Dolphin, you can send your suggestions in the browser chat. 

What else is important to know about Dolphin

Attentive Support. Generally, the support team is an asset of all Dolphin products. All the specialists know the products very well and are able to help you for sure. 

Also for faster adaptation, Dolphin has an extensive knowledge base, which is actively updated with new articles and materials on the topic.

Your data is well protected. Unlike most services, with Dolphin your information is stored on your personal server which you create when you register. Although this action does incur additional costs, at the expense you can be sure that only you have access to your data and ads.

Nice prices. With all the features that Dolphin opens up, the program has affordable pricing:

That said, you can get acquainted with the service absolutely free by taking advantage of a 4-day free trial period.