OWNR Wallet – is an international fintech company, which was founded in 2018. It has 6 licenses for a provision of virtual currency exchange and crypto wallet services in:

– Estonia, OWNR WALLET OÜ;



– Czech Republic, OWNR WALLET EUROPE S.R.O;

– Australia, OWNR WALLET AU PTY. LTD.;

– Brazilian division of OWNR CARTEIRAS DIGITAIS MERCOSUL S.A. received a license most recently, in 2022.

The UK and Hong Kong affiliate companies are currently in the process of obtaining financial licenses.

Today, residents of 200+ countries around the world work with cryptocurrencies through OWNR Wallet, where they can buy, sell and exchange crypto, order and use prepaid Visa cards and much more.

OWNR Wallet supports all major traded cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BNB, Solana, Tron and more. In addition to that, all ERC-20 and TRC-20 tokens are supported, including Tether (USDT).

Recently, OWNR Wallet has created its own affiliate and referral program with an exclusive crypto offer and a lifetime % rewards to partners. 

Affiliate Program

If you are an owner of a website with traffic, marketing specialist and publisher, a blogger or an opinion leader, then this is a great chance to monetize your resources.

OWNR Wallet offers to its affiliate partners to earn up 38% of the company’s net profit generated by the actions of invited users in the 1st year of their activity. And from the 2nd year, the partners’ income becomes lifetime and equals to 25% from each operations such as:

  • Buying cryptocurrencies with a bank card
  • Ordering a Visa card and operations with it
  • Crypto-crypto exchange

To start earning, you only need to

  1. Sign in the affiliate program as a partner.
  2. Request an offer by going to the “Offers” section in your partner account, or contact your personal manager by email / messenger.
  3. Select advertising materials and place them on your sites with traffic.
  4. You can also generate an anonymous referral link to start engaging affiliates with a passive income of 5% (details below).
  5. Use both partnership formats and receive lifetime passive income together with OWNR Wallet Affiliate.

As a partner you will get

  • Monetization of your traffic-generating web sites
  • Webmaster’s account
  • Dashboards with detailed reports
  • Ability to track traffic sources
  • Ready-made advertising creatives
  • Regular monthly payouts

Referral program 

Each partner can join the referral program to engage affiliates with a passive income of 5% of their earnings, lifetime as well!

To do this, you need to generate a unique referral link in your personal account, attract referrals using it and earn a percentage of their income from anywhere in the world.

As a referral partner you get

  • Referral network of active affiliates 
  • Transparent remuneration system
  • Tracking the profitability and activity of affiliates
  • Unlimited number of referrals


Payments are made by the financial department on a monthly basis in automatic mode to all partners. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. There is no hold and no limits. Payments are made with USDT TRC-20. 


Registration in OWNR Wallet Affiliate program is very simple and won’t take long. You need to enter your email address, then your password, and also enter your Telegram to be contacted by your personal manager. Next, you need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Create account”.

After that, a link to activate your account will be sent to your email. Follow it. You will be notified again by mail about account activation.

After logging in, you get into your personal account, where you can manage and monitor the activity of invited users. Also here you can get contacts to contact your personal manager.

Affiliate program

In order to start working with the affiliate program, you need to get offer. So, you should to go to “Offers” – “All” and request access to the offer.

 Or, you can write to OWNR Affiliate manager in Telegram to get it.

Please note!

In order to approve your access to the offer you shall pass a brief survey suggested by the affiliate manager. We do this to help you to set up the advertising campaigns in the most efficient manner.

After you have gained access to the offer, you can go to the offer page. Here you can set the offer up and generate tracking links to direct your traffic to them:

There you can choose a landing page and a prelanding (transit) page which are suitable for your audience:

You can also set up subaccounts here:

You have the option of adding postbacks and pixels:

Once all the necessary settings are completed, you can copy your tracking (affiliate) link by clicking a button:

Referral program

In order to get your personal referral link, you need to expand the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “Settings” item there.

Now you are in the settings field, where you can add data about yourself in your personal account and much more. But we are interested in the “Referral program” section.

Go to the “Referral program” and see a short link. This link is your individual invitation for referrals, which will help you to get passive income.

Monetize your web resources with OWNR Wallet Affiliate and get rewards from anywhere in the world!