Despite todayโ€™s main pool of most demanded advertising formats in the CPA market consisting of classic banners, teasers, and short clips, the origins of media buying were marked by completely different formats. These have proven their effectiveness and relevance over the years through profits and hundreds of thousands of leads. Many experienced media buyers have long realized that everything new is well-forgotten old, and real benefits from promotions can be achieved even without a separate budget line for consumables. In this material, we will talk about one of the bright representatives of multi-format media buying โ€” the BroAds advertising network, and find out why alternative advertising formats in 2024 are more relevant than mainstream ones.


BroAds is a promising multi-format advertising network that first made its mark on the CPA market in 2021. Despite its young age, the platform has not only attracted the attention of a significant number of experienced media buyers but continues to hold the title of a reliable source of traffic on the global stage.

Advertising Formats

The project developers position BroAds as a multi-format advertising network. media buyers collaborating with the project can use the following advertising formats:

  • Push Notifications โ€” familiar classic advertising notifications that allow a media buyer to distribute advertising content across all popular verticals on the CPA market. A distinctive feature of this format is that distribution is only possible on user bases that have allowed notifications. Subscription to the mailing list is done through the browser using a server.
  • InPage Push (IPP) โ€” browserโ€™s window pop up ads, allowing traffic processing from any device and OS. Externally, InPage Push resembles classic push notifications, but technically, they are more similar to banner advertising. They appear on the browser page upon visitation and offer advertising content regardless of whether the user is subscribed or not.
  • Popunder โ€” an old school format in the CPA market, this is an advertisement that opens in a new window beneath the tab the user is interacting with. Popunders are considered one of the most aggressive advertising formats;ย however, with the right approach, this does not impact the overall effectiveness of the promotion.
  • Native Ads โ€” standard advertising banners with one key feature: the offer to perform a targeted action and interact with the product happens in a veiled (native) manner. The feature of native advertising is that the ad blocks are placed within the content and are perceived as part of it, not as an advertising material. They look like small banners with a title and visual part. In rare cases, they have a description.

Features of BroAds

The BroAds advertising network can be equally useful for publishers and media buyers. For publishers, the platform offers the possibility of collaboration through RevShare, which in some cases reaches 95%, weekly payouts, and a safe and effective format for monetizing traffic from any GEO.

For media buyers, the list of service advantages looks as follows:

  • Large Volumes of Traffic. BroAdsโ€™ average daily clicks exceed 1 million.
  • Quality Traffic. The platform offers promotion of both its own subscriber bases from partner sites and external verified bases.
  • Reporting System with detailed information about available traffic. Includes information on GEO, average CPC, and the number of requests per region.
  • Integration with Trackers and the ability to connect notifications about conversions. This is done via S2S with macro binding.
  • Support for All GEOs. In BroAds, you can effectively promote offers of all popular verticals to audiences worldwide.
  • Wide Selection of Targeting Settings. Includes targeting by device, OS, browser, connection type, as well as GEO language and device. Push notifications are targeted by age.
  • Own Anti-Fraud System. Allows filtering of spam traffic and guarantees the absence of fraud and click spamming.
  • Creation and Management of White/Black Lists. For effective advertising on platforms with real profit.
  • Modern Methods of Account Replenishment. The balance can be replenished from a USDT TRC20 crypto wallet balance or through the popular service Capitalist. The minimum replenishment amount is $100.
  • Traffic Redirect. The possibility of promoting to user bases immediately after receiving permission for mailing.
  • Support. The platform offers an FAQ for setting up advertising campaigns and professional support ready to answer all your questions.


BroAdsโ€™ advertising formats are equally effective for promoting all popular CPA market verticals. The most popular verticals among network partners include:

  • Betting
  • Gambling
  • Crypto offers
  • Financial offers
  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Mobile installs
  • E-commerce
  • Gaming

The advertising network is tolerant of most advertising content, except for blatantly illegal content.

How to Start

To launch an advertising campaign in BroAds, go to the official page of the advertising network and click the โ€œRegistrationโ€ icon.

After clicking the indicated icon, the system will redirect you to the personal account page, where you can log in or choose a registration role: Publisher or Advertiser. To register as a media buyer, select the second role.

Next, fill out the standard registration form, indicate a convenient messenger for communication, and agree to the advertising network policy.

Once your profile passes system identification, a message with a current authorization link will arrive at the specified email address. Follow it and log into the system.

Personal Account Menu

The personal account menu of the BroAds advertising network has a minimalist design and includes only those tabs necessary for a media buyer to effectively set up and launch advertising campaigns. At the moment, on the left side of the screen, you can find menu sections such as:

  • Dashboard. Essentially, the main page of the personal account. For convenience, it contains all brief information about current launches and replenishment history.

  • Finance. A tab that stores more detailed information about the balance and deposit history, as well as the icon for replenishment itself.

  • Campaigns. A menu section with a detailed list of all previously created advertising campaigns. Here is where new campaigns are set up.

  • Creatives. A tab that allows you to always add new creatives to current advertising campaigns and start split testing. Subsequently, the uploaded creatives can be integrated between campaigns.

  • Optimization Lists. A section for compiling white and black lists by IP, ISP, and ID.

  • Estimation Tools. A useful section with all current information (traffic volume, CPC, CPM) on available GEOs.

  • Reports. Reports on all the media buyerโ€™s activities within the platform. For convenience, reports are divided into subcategories: by date, GEO, platform, or campaign.


BroAds is a reliable source of quality traffic that has quickly gained popularity on the CPA market thanks to stable volumes and a quality technical side of the project. At present, the project is undergoing a transformation, which has already received plenty of positive feedback. Verify the relevance and effectiveness of BroAds advertising formats personally. Go through quick registration and launch your first advertising campaign today.