Choosing a truly deserving bookmaker or online casino from a broad assortment is no easy task. A reliable bookmaker in todayโ€™s context must meet two main criteria affecting the prospects of potential collaboration: offering quality software at competitive rates and prioritizing player user experience. Today, letโ€™s talk about a prominent representative of the betting and gambling industries, which not only meets both criteria but also holds significant ambitions in the global CPA market โ€” DBBet Partners.

DBBet Partners

DBBet Partners is both an affiliate program and a direct advertiser for the eponymous bookmaker and online casino. Officially, the project was launched just one and a half years ago. However, this short span has been sufficient to capture the attention of thousands of media buyers globally and earn a position among the top prospective affiliate programs for 2024.

Like most betting and gambling affiliate programs, DBBet Partners combines the two most popular verticals in media buying: betting and gambling. Itโ€™s not accurate to say there are more slots than odds here. The projectโ€™s developers have managed to find a balance and a sweet spot, meeting the needs of both betting aficionados and gamblers.

Features of DBBet Partners

Payment Models

DBBet Partners is a fresh, regularly updated project with a clean database. The technical side of the affiliate program is enhanced in line with current market trends and the marketing strategies of the programโ€™s owners. By default, the affiliate program offers promotion of offers through a dynamic RevShare model, where the percentage can go as high as 75%. If you are interested in other payment models (CPA, CPL, Hybrid), the projectโ€™s leadership is open to negotiating individual conditions for new partners, provided they can demonstrate their experience in the betting and gambling sphere and provide screenshots of past flows.

Traffic Sources

Despite the affiliate program being openly accessible for only one and a half years, the project owners claim they are prepared to buy any volumes of quality traffic from most popular sources: teaser networks, push notifications, social networks, banners, search engines, etc. Contextual advertising on the brand is considered individually with a minimum RevShare. Only motivated (in any form) and fraudulent traffic are not accepted.


At the moment, the DBBet Partners offer can be effectively promoted in the following regions:

  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Cameroon
  • Kazakhstan
  • Portugal

The list of GEOs is promised to expand gradually, however, even now, looking at the list of countries, one can confidently say that it lacks no relevance. Similarly, the developers have presented GEOs from which traffic cannot be processed by the affiliate at this stage:

  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (Caribbean Netherlands)
  • Curaรงao
  • Aruba
  • USA
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovakia
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Israel

Useful Tools

The platform provides all necessary marketing materials and tools for effective offer promotion to partners. These include:

  • Integration through postbacks and API. Useful tools for obtaining detailed information about user actions and campaign effectiveness, as well as for interfacing several tools within one affiliate program.
  • APK. Ready APK files for promotion on Android devices.
  • Promotional materials. Creatives, banners, landing pages, and any other promotional materials necessary for effective offer promotion in various traffic sources.
  • Referral and affiliate links. Special tracking and attribution links for users attracted by partners. Like affiliate links, referral links are used for attracting new media buyers. For each new user, you will receive a commission based on a set percentage of their payments.
  • Detailed statistics. For those accustomed to closely studying the traffic they attract, the affiliate network offers detailed statistics with the capability to compile several levels of reporting in real-time.


Payments in DBBet Partners have a standard hold from 14 to 30 days and are made weekly via RevShare or monthly by CPA. Payments can be made in any currency through more than 15 popular payment systems, including via crypto wallets.


DBBet Partners holds an official license from Curaรงao, which enables the brand to promote itself openly in most countries of the global CPA arena and expect a favorable attitude from authorities and some traffic sources.

Registration in DBBet Partners

To register in the affiliate program and start attracting traffic to the DBBet Partners offer, you need to:

1. Visit the official DB Bet Partners website.

2. On the right side of the screen, fill out a detailed partner questionnaire. It is based on this questionnaire that support will assess the prospects of your cooperation, select conditions, and build further dialogue.

3. After filling in all the mandatory fields, click โ€œGet Startedโ€ and your account will go for verification. Usually, profile confirmation arrives within a day. In extreme cases, it does not exceed 48 hours.

4. Once the profile is confirmed, you will receive an email. Follow the link from the email and log in to the system.

5. Start attracting traffic to the DBBet Partners offer!


DBBet Partners is an affiliate program that embodies innovation and efficiency in the betting and gambling industries. Thanks to its unique concept and effective operation, the project represents not just an affiliate program, but a real source of opportunities and profit for potential partners. With DBBet Partners, you will not only become part of an innovative project in the world of betting and online games, but also gain access to powerful marketing tools and ensure a reliable and profitable source of income in the long run.

Join DBBet Partners and achieve maximum profit together with the project. Good luck!