Cloud Filter – an indispensable tool for arbitrageurs that filters out low-quality traffic and protects against fraud. With its help, you can weed out all unwanted traffic, such as bots, moderators, competitors, etc., allowing you to focus on real users and increase conversions. Cloud Filter works with a variety of traffic sources, including Google, Facebook, TikTok, Yandex, and over 100 other platforms.

Forget about bans and budget leaks – only quality traffic, real users, and fat conversions. Pay once a month, get full protection, and real-time analytics. In short, you can’t do without it if you want to earn real money and not waste cash.

Let’s delve into what it is and the advantages it offers in more detail.

Service Registration

Where to start?

No need to waste time downloading software or installing desktop versions. The entire service is accessible through your browser: simply visit the website On the homepage, you can explore the service’s benefits, partners, pricing plans, and knowledge base.

To get started with Cloud Filter, you’ll need to register.

All you need for this is just an email and a password you’ve created.

After filling out the form, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. By clicking on this link, your profile will be activated, and you will be able to log into your account to proceed with your work. Next, you will proceed with the payment process.

A significant advantage is that the service offers a 7-day trial period. To get it, please contact support at:

Campaign Setup

Right after successfully registering with the service, you can start creating your campaign and proceed with its configuration. To save time on initial parameter setup, it’s recommended to prepare your safe page and offer page in advance.

Let’s create the first campaign by clicking on “Create”.

Fill out the information about your campaign, including the name, link to the Safe page (for unwanted traffic), and link to the Offer page (for targeted users).

In the Loading Type, we keep the checkbox on Show Content, as the service recommends. This way, bots and moderators will see the content of the Safe Page without redirects.

However, if your Offer page is a tracking link (affiliate link), then choose the redirect method.

The service also offers A/B testing for landing pages with offers to find the one that converts better.

The next step is configuring filters.

The main filter, Premium, is a proprietary development of the Cloud Filter service, which includes a database of bots and moderators.

Optionally, you can enable additional filters such as VPN/Proxy, IPv6, Maximum Clicks per IP Address, Geo, Devices, and others.

You can choose the filters that best suit your needs.

Also, note that the service offers additional filtration based on browser type, operating system, and browser language.

When all settings are ready, you choose the campaign status:

  • Active: All filters will operate as you specified.
  • Pause: Regardless of selected filters, traffic will be shown a White page.
  • Dedicated: Here, you can select the number of clicks after which the campaign will switch to Active status.

Here we’ve created our first campaign. Let’s save all settings and proceed to the Campaigns section.

Integration into Safe Page

Cloud Filter offers 4 integration methods, each differing in technical aspects and application area:

  • Using PHP code allows cloaking of regular websites or affiliate links.
  • If Safe page and Offer page are hosted on the same server near our script, then local cloaking can be set up using PHP code.
  • JavaScript integration is suitable if your safe page is created on a builder platform (WIX, Tilda, Shopify, etc.).
  • If you have a WordPress website, you can easily integrate cloaking using a plugin or directly with a snippet code.

Proceed to the campaign settings and click “Download”.

Here you can choose the cloaking integration method that best suits your needs.

For example, if you have chosen the standard integration method, then select PHP integration and click “Download” again. The final step is to upload the index.php script to your hosting.

In summary, Cloud Filter is a powerful tool known for its simplicity of use. Thanks to its intuitive interface, even beginners can easily navigate its functionalities.

It’s worth noting that the databases are updated in real-time, aided by artificial intelligence — truly impressive features. Trust your arbitrage to Cloud Filter and focus on your success without worrying about moderation.