We rarely publish any case studies, honestly, it is not so easy for us) to share such things. It is always better to keep it for yourself, but this one is really simple, everyone needs to know already 😉  Ok. Zeydoo is a multi-vertical CPA Network with 10+ in-house products in core highly converting affiliate niches: Surveys, Sweepstakes, and Apps. 

About Zeydoо as a Top Tier CPA Network

Zeydoo is a multi-vertical CPA Network with 10+ in-house products in core highly converting affiliate niches: Surveys, Sweepstakes, and Apps. Here are the advantages that should also be highlighted:

  • – unlimited caps
  • – worldwide offers
  • – flexible and custom rates
  • – 3+ years offers’ lifespan

Zeydoo is much more friendly for newcomers than Clickdealer or Maxbounty and has a lot of educational content in its blog.

If you haven’t driven any traffic to Zeydoo yet, you can get +33$ to your first payment with the promo code ZEYDOO33. Please contact your manager there for activation.

About the Case Study: Budget, Creatives, Offers

 Today’s case study agenda features an impressive online money-making opportunity from Zeydoo surveys.

Quick side note about Smart Surveys: These are Zeydoo exclusive in-house offers available worldwide for mobile and web traffic. Their top features are minimal testing budgets, compatibility with most traffic sources, and a competitive Hybrid payout model Find out more of what Zeydoo Smart Surveys are.

So Zeydoo traffic experts chose three products: 2755 | Sweep Survey, 9540 | Finance survey, 2025 | Finance Survey for our traffic and see what they got:

  • Tests Period: 01/02/2024-29/02/2024

  • Total/Daily budget: $3,000/$20
  • Bid (Cost Per View): $0,0002 (Min Bid)
  • Format:  Popunder
  • GEO: All (World Wide)
  • Platform: Android Mobile
  • Total Spend: $824.65
  • Revenue: $1602.50
  • Profit: $777.85
  • ROI: 94%

By the way, an excellent aspect of Smart Surveys is that they come with pre-designed landing pages, which have been tested and validated by Zeydoo’s experts. You might want to use your own pre-lander or an additional landing page to your flow. This is fully allowed by Zeydoo offer terms.

After consultation with the Adoperator customer success team, two landing pages were chosen from the Finance Survey offers:

As well as “Reward” Sweepstake landing page:

For the best results, all landing pages are already translated into most languages, so you can skip the painful localization process on your end

Of course Zeydoo team perfectly understands which GEOs yield the best results with Survey Offers. If you’re new to this, it’s not a problem: Adoperator’s managers are always ready to assist you with.

So, the media buyer set a minimum bid and started with the following Adoperator targeting settings:

For better performance of the campaign, the media buyer excluded India (this GEO may not work well from the start as its quality is not always stable and may drain budgets quickly, so he just created another campaign for India) and kept all the rest of the settings standard without specific or advanced targeting. 

Profit Optimization 

After a testing period, media buyer created a whitelist for the best sources and blacklisted sources with bad ROI (as you know, Ad-Operator clients can create, save and keep their traffic sources list right from the reports dashboard) and kept only the best-performing GEOs.

Most profitable GEOs:

Countries with negative ROI

Note from a media buyer: You can try to run separate campaigns with Blacklisted GEOs. If this doesn’t improve the ROI, set these GEOs aside, but consider retesting: traffic can improve in a week or so.

After optimization media buyer left campaign for a several days and only checked if ROI is positive and nothing changes.

Now look at the overall results of the three Survey offer campaigns:

The total profit of the three campaigns was $777.85 in less than a month.

Great results for just a short test.

Here is also what the Zeydoo team recommends:

Collect the top zones that bring profit on several GEOs at once and run a Whitelisted campaign with an increased bid”

You can reproduce this simple media buying strategy by yourself at ease. 

Welcome to Zeydoo for the Survey Offers and Adoperator for high-quality traffic sources.

Thank you for your patience reading)