SM App is one of the top offers at Zeydoo CPA network. Working and converting in multiple GEOs, this well-established Social program has huge potential. And we are not going to sound proofless, claiming that! Instead, we present a stellar case study from one of our partners who works with SM App successfully and reaches inspiring results. Practice is everything!

The essence of the case study is: Zeydoo SM App offer brought +731% more profit to our partner after he used it to replace native ads. How? Read and find out.

Briefly about the SM App CPA offer

SM App is an offer where users are presented with a certified application for social acquaintances. A brief presentation:

  • Pricing model: CPI (cost-per-install) 
  • Rates: $1,7 – $0,02
  • GEOs: worldwide, with the highest rates for Japan, Congo, Malawi, Switzerland, and Thailand 
  • Languages: 20+ 
  • Platform: Android (versions 5-14)

This offer is exclusive – it’s available only for Zeydoo partners, and we unlock it per request:

Now, let’s move straight to the case study.

SM App in action: strategies for profit

Our partner has a website and uses banner display strategies to monetize traffic. After the first tests, he realized that SM App converts with traffic from any GEO, so he decided to run this offer using his website as a traffic source.   

First, the banner was displayed on the homepage of his website, so users saw it right away. As he claims, he started with just one banner, but after seeing the first conversions, he added some more to other pages and posts. 

Some campaign details and results:

  • Dates: 08 December 2023 – 05 January 2024
  • GEOs: multi-GEO
  • Traffic source: Banners on the website
  • Amount Spent: $0
  • Profit: $117.16

Additional traffic profits compared to using native ads: around +731%.

And now, let’s see how the campaign was rolling. 

Banners bidding and setup

As we said, everything started with one banner placed on the main page. Our partner says:

“Actually, my total conversions for the very first week ensured $9 for just one banner display I did for the SM App affiliate program. Before, I earned $16.91 from my native ads displayed around 10+ placements. The earnings from the one banner I made for the SM App encompassed the total earnings I made with the ad impressions served through the other native ads network if it should be divided by 10.”

Such a difference turned out to be crucial, so our partner decided to replace all of his native ads with banners that had SM App links. 

As for the banner setup, our partner did a great job with improving his creatives after two weeks of campaign rolling. He characterizes his initially used images as “plain and non-catchy” and they didn’t bring a desired CTR. 

So he changed them to appealing GIFs and saw his CTR boosting by 200% compared to the previous pack of creatives. 

Here is one of the initial plain images used:

And here are GIFs which our partner found on 

“That day alone, I had 584 clicks with 42 conversions recorded on Zeydoo, which made me $18.711 in a day, as shown in the screenshot below.”

Important: our partner created different links to Zeydoo for each banner, which allowed him to get more precise analytics regarding their performance.

Optimization strategies 

The efficient approach used by our partner – he monitored the performance very carefully and made corrections in real time, which helped him resolve mistakes and reach great results smoothly. 

The optimization was hassle-free. He was regularly checking which banners were not generating clicks and removing them promptly, keeping them in the most successful areas only. This way, not only he avoided overloading his website with too many banners, but he also didn’t waste his traffic for low-performing areas. 

So, he constantly renewed and changed his GIF banners to more appealing variants, which brought him the best results. And then he realized that “replacing native ads with Zeydoo’s SM App offer was worth doing.”

The numbers prove his approach to be efficient:

  • Total cost: $0

“The total cost was $0, while the total profits encompassed the amount I made with the ad impressions served through my previous native ads network.”

  • Earnings: $110.577

“These earnings represent the revenue generated from the conversions achieved by promoting the SM App offer.”

  • Traffic profits compared to using native ads can be calculated this way:

(profits from 10 banners/10) – (Profit from Zeydoo one banner) >> 

($16.91/10) – ($1.69) – ($9) = $7.31

“We can now determine the additional traffic profits compared to using native ads in this case to be +731%.”

And here is a screenshot of our partner’s payouts from Zeydoo by the 7th of February 2024:

Instead of a conclusion…

Maybe, the most significant mistake of this case is that our partner didn’t specifically target Android users browsing through his website. For that reason, a significant amount of traffic didn’t end up with installs – users were not using a relevant device. 

As our partner believes, the secret of his success was the right banner setup. He recommends working with creatives, testing them, and trying to find which brings the best CTR. His idea of replacing plain images with GIFs worked well – users became interested in the offer and clicked it to find out more. A certain percentage of them downloaded the application:

So, out of 10,102 clicks on the banner with 5,651 impressions, 488 users converted. This means that half of the users who clicked the banner wanted to know more about the offer, while almost 500 of them converted. 

“The impression rate here is 55.9%, and the conversation rate after calculating it with the impressions is about 8.5%, which are very good numbers.”

What can we say? Indeed, the SM App is an offer with amazing potential. To reach success, follow the example of our partner, especially:

  • Use eye-catching images, test them regularly, and do some optimization efforts by removing those that don’t bring desired results;
  • Locate tracking links for each banner separately – this will help you make sense of the statistics and see which placements perform the best;
  • For even better results, make sure you can arrange the right targeting settings. For example, for this offer, attracting users with Android devices is the best choice. 

If you are a Zeydoo partner and cannot wait to try the SM App, make sure to send us a request, fill in the form, and we will review your application within 24 hours. 

That’s all! See you at Zeydoo!