Hi guys! This is iRent.Market here — a service for renting and buying webview iOS apps for Gambling and Betting niches. We remember how the 2023 year started: more than thousand Android apps had been banned by Google Play and a lot of media buyers had problems with running traffic to this type of apps. But what about iOS apps? iOS apps are more sustainable, because they get approved by manual moderation. This feature provides them a long lifetime period, especially to one year.We have prepared an amazing case study with Adington team together. Adington is a cool ukraine team who works really hard and has a big experience on running traffic. We can’t tell you all tricks of this case study, but really advice to get insights and practice.


Media buying team: Adington

Source: Facebook

GEO: Australia

iOS apps provider: iRent.Market

Offer: Rocket Play

Offer type: Public

CPA Network: RocketPlay Partners

Payment model: СРА

Rate: $220

Period: November 2022 – January 2023

Spent: $59.000

Revenue: $92.840

ROI: 57%

Further the case study will be written in interview form.

Why did you decide to work with iOS apps?

iOS apps have extra audience reach. Usually we work with Android apps, but for getting more audience we also run split-tests to the both apps types. iOS apps have less competition for leads, the audience payment ability is higher and casinos offer higher rates for media buyers teams. Also the page’s average loading speed on iOS is better than on Android. 

Why the Rocket Play, Facebook and Australia?

First, we have a lot of experience with Facebook and Australia. Second, Australia is a priority GEO for Rocket Play.

How many ad accounts did you use? What are the costs?

We can’t say sum costs for ad accounts, but it was about 15% of the spending. We used all types of ad accounts: agency accounts, autoregs and no limitation accounts.

How did you set up ad companies? What did you pay for?

We optimized ad companies on conversions, action “Purchase = Deposit”. We targeted men and women from 28 to 65 years, auto placement. Media buyers controlled the budgets by themselves, average costs were about $500 daily (average cost = $140 for purchase).

What creatives were used? What focus was on?

We used video-creatives with slots and people’s emotions. Focus was on push-notification with money transfers from the best australian banks. It was a news style. 




What iOS app did you run traffic on?

We were running traffic on the Frozen Dice iOS app. Unfortunately, we can’t show you the app 🙂 

Did you use push-notifications? What were they like?

Yes, we used conventional push-notifications by iRent.Market. Below the examples:

Example of push-notifications #1

Example of push-notifications #2

Did you use pre-landing, which customers interact with before installing the iOS app?

Yes. We sent traffic to Justlink and used conventional pre-landing with automatic redirection to the App Store by iRent.Market. We used pre-landing in a wheel of fortune style.The example is below. Please, ask the manager about what Justlink is and how to earn by it.

Example of pre-landing

What white page did you use?

We used a conventional generator of white pages by iRent.Market. This one generates white pages based on iOS apps content from the Play Store. Below the example:

Example of white page

What results did you get?

We spent 4130 EUR on the one Facebook ad account. In general we have got 253 installations, 125 registrations and 30 deposits, install2reg = 53%, reg2dep = 24%.

Statistic from Facebook Ads #1

Statistic from Facebook Ads #2

Statistic from Keitaro

Why did you decide to use iRent.Market? Leave your feedback.

We were looking for iOS apps and got many positive reviews from our friends about iRent.Market. The key advantage of the service is 98% of the audience tracking by Justlink. This feature helps to optimize traffic on events: installations, registrations and deposits and send traffic by big media buying teams. We have got a good experience with iRent.Market.


Currently media buyers send traffic through iOS apps less than through Android apps, so the competition for leads is less too. The best countries for iOS traffic are Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries with the most wealthy audience who make high deposits. Any casino brand adores this type of audience so they are ready to offer the highest rates. Also App Store has high trustfull from iOS users hence iOS traffic is more qualitative. Average iOS apps live for 6-12 months.

Rent iOS apps by Justlink technology, rent organic traffic or buy full iOS apps. Get in touch with our manager for getting iOS apps and with our PR-manager for cooperation.  

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