Country: Bangladesh

Advertising network: Push.House

Offer: Glory Casino

Goal: deposit

CPA network: Yellana

CPA: $22

Period: January-February, 2023


First, I have worked in the CPA industry since October of last year. That’s when I started working on verticals called “sex dating” or just “dating”. As always, the beginning was difficult for me as a person who thought spending $100 on advertising would yield $500. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that, and I promoted my ads on many advertising networks. Mainly, these were in-page push and push ads. Every day I learned something new, and each day brought me a higher ROI. I learned many things by tracking competition in countries such as Germany, Spain, and France. And after two months, I already had a real profit. The only thing I didn’t like about the dating vertical was that the rates were too low for me. And since I am ambitious and want to try something new. It turned out that I would try the vertical of gambling/casinos.


I began my casino adventure when I was invited to beta-test a new platform Yellana. I was one of the first beta testers of this platform because my ID is 22. I quickly established great contact with an excellent manager Nikita. I started my first casino challenge with Glory Casino, focusing on the geo Bangladesh. 

The beginning was difficult because it was my first time working in this vertical. Making good creatives and writing text in Bengali using Google Translate would be enough. I started with the most uncomplicated texts, such as “You win”, “Try a new casino”, and “You will receive a bonus”. I collaborated with several advertising networks, but the results could have been better. 

However, I noticed that push ads converted the best since I used in-page push and web push ads. Analysing this, I chose the advertising network with the best conversion and ROI. This network is Push.House. And from that moment, my adventure with verticals/gambling truly began.

Campaign Optimization

I decided only to use the Push.House advertising network. My manager from Yellana helped me to start optimizing my campaigns based on the cities that performed the best.

1. I limited myself to cities such as Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Chittagong.

It was a bull’s eye because these cities in Bangladesh are considered the most developed and wealthy.

2. The subsequent optimisation involved choosing the Android system version.

At first, the latest Android versions would convert the best. But I needed to be corrected. I tested all Android versions and found that Android 8.1 converts well regarding deposits, while Android 13 performs the worst.

That was an exciting lesson because I didn’t know why I thought Android 8.1 practically no longer existed. But thanks to detailed statistics on Yellana’s website, I could see that only recently. So, I concluded it is worth using older Android systems in a country like Bangladesh.

Therefore, when buying ads from the Push.House service, I also set up targeting for older Android systems.

Creatives Choice

Regarding creatives, I’ve taken on the role of a casino player. So, I created some ads based on the idea of influencing the player’s psyche. I think this is very important because it’s one of the options that can impact the deposited amount.

In this case, it is an advertisement that converts very well regarding CR. The English advertisement’s title is “Luck has smiled on you today!💰” As you can see in this advertisement, the money shown is in the currency of Bangladesh, which works better than showing dollars. In addition to this, I also use standard advertisements so that the user knows that they are dealing with a casino immediately.


Promoting Glory Casino through Push.House was worth it. Sometimes, I don’t have any daily deposits, but I don’t worry about it anymore. That’s because Glory Casino ensures that users who registered at the casino make deposits even after more than a month or longer.

The CR from ads on the Push.House advertising network is at an average of 1:90, which is an excellent result for the network and Glory Casino.

I use Keitaro tracker, and I have had a better view of my earnings while advertising Glory Casino in Bangladesh.

To sum up, I spent $1958 on advertising with Push.House, and the revenue generated was $3991.

Deposits: 180

Spend: $1958

Revenue: $3991

Profit: $2033

ROI: 103%

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