Hi there, ADLEADPRO here! We’ve been publishing a lot of material about Facebook lately, so we decided to shake it up a bit and talk about other traffic sources with no microspending and regular bans. From the name of the article you might have guessed the topic: UAC. We’ll talk about the setup for starting traffic, see how we can warm-up the account and where to click in this interface to launch campaigns. We’ll also be sharing some more tips in our Telegram channel. 

What is UAC and why you shouldn’t go there if you have little money

Google UAC, as is evident from its name, is an ad source by Google created specifically for promoting mobile apps in search, YouTube and Google Play. That’s why it’s so popular among publishers working with gambling.

There is, however, a fly in the ointment. There is almost no targeting that we’re used to, and the whole audience search and campaign optimization is carried out by an algorithm. It will be eating up your budget for many days (might differ) before actually giving a reasonable price for an install. There are cases where media buyers have spent tons of money for just 100 conversions before the algorithm actually started adjusting and stopped operating at a loss. There are tools that can influence this, but we’ll talk about it later.

All in all, if you have a good budget and nerves of steel, you can start looking for apps (and there are many sellers out there) and promote crypto, finances, games, utilities etc. You can find these offers in our network, by the way (and we also help with apps). 😉

What materials you need for UAC

In general, you need all the same things as with Facebook. The only difference is you won’t have the same turnover with accounts. Have these prepared:

  • Google Accounts. Search for accounts that already had some ads on them. If the account had at least $100 in ads – that would be great. A good thing would also be to have an account in the same GEO as the offer: for example, if you plan to send traffic to France, it’s better if you have some French payment method. If you have time for farming and no bundles, volumes and big ambitions, we’ll show you what you can do with your account. It’s better, however, to spend time on tests rather than farming, because Google is not always stable, and your account with emails can fly out of the window. But at the start you can buy accounts in a shop.
  • Apps. Sure, apps are the main material we need. And we need trustworthy apps from Play Market.
  • Anti-detect and proxies. Check out our Telegram channel to get a promo code for both of them. You can also get a 20% discount with Dolphin. Choose proxies based on the GEO of the account and the offer.
  • Payment methods. We, for example, found this service PST.net with a great deal for newcomers: you can get your first card for free (and the first deposit will have no fee) and no documents are needed. 

That’s about it. We could also add mobile app tracking from Firebase to the list. But if you don’t work with gambling, you can go by without it. 

How to prepare Google account for UAC traffic

Let’s first see what you can do with an old account. Even if it had no ad activity on it. Go to Google Ads, press on ‘Start now’ in the right top corner.

Click through everything that Google will throw at you and get to the personal Google Ads account. It should look like this:

The best thing about Google is that you don’t have to suffer through the whole linking and re-linking process, farming it again to have ad activity permission. Just add the card, warm it up a little and you’re ready to go. Let’s look at the steps themselves.

Add the card to the Google Ads account

Let’s start with adding your card. We’ll need to go to ‘Tools and settings’ => ‘Billing’ => ‘Settings’.

On the left choose ‘Payment methods’, give the card info.

Warm up the account to not get banned for suspicious activity

For that we’ll need some simple offer, like a marketplace, and launch a campaign with $10. How to do it:

In ‘Campaigns’ click on a plus and choose ‘New Campaign’. Then click on ‘Create a campaign’ and ‘Continue’.

Choose what we have in this screenshot:

Now we need to tell Google about our business. Here we just give some random information from Google Maps, that should be enough. Then place a link on any ad on the marketplace that you promote (or the one you chose as an offer). Do everything Google asks of you, including selecting some keywords.

Then type the offer’s GEO (and we think Google doesn’t like any changes here), choose a recommended budget and run your campaign for a few days. 

How to start a Google UAC campaign

Now that we have a warmed up account, found the offer and the app, let’s go launch a UAC ad campaign. Let’s go to ‘Campaigns’ again, click on the plus, choose to create a new campaign and in the new window click on ‘App promotion’.

Now we just need to fill out all the info that Google wants from us. At the end add a link to the app (pay attention to the link format).

Then let’s go to the campaign settings. Choose our GEO, language, budget (as with Facebook, let’s set it at $20-50 and increase it with the campaign’s progress). In ‘Bidding’ choose ‘Set a target cost per install’, let the algorithm know we’re interested in the maximum number of installs.

Now it’s time to add creatives that are relevant for the app. The rules stay the same: no overly explicit content, less red elements etc.

Now send the campaign to moderation. If the campaign gets launched, based on analytics we can then only optimize the creatives, increase our budget and rely on Google’s algorithms. 

In general, the campaign setup is pretty simple. The main piece of advice that we can give you – don’t go to UAC if you’re running out of money. This source is for those who are not afraid to lose several hundred or thousand dollars and can patiently wait until the campaigns start bringing money. 

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