Hello everyone, this is iRent.Market, a new and unique iOS app rental service.

In the arbitrage market iOS-apps are less popular than android, but we consider it a big omission! Indeed, very few people know that iOS can be poured with high ROI, and even for a more high quality and solvent audience:)

With our service you can optimize iOS traffic without any losses or  limitations. You can lease our apps for 2 minutes or acquire full ownership of them!

Our partners from Profitov.Partners have shared a very interesting case study (read as “case in the weight of gold”), where the uploading comes not from the usual channels – Facebook, TikTok, push, etc., but through the In-app traffic in Unity Ads.

There are almost no cases with In-app, that’s why we are hoping for your cool feedback and lois for uniqueness. Where else have you seen a Unity upload, and even through iOS apps?!

Source: Unity

Geo: Italy

Offer: Alpino

Affiliate program: Profitov.Partners

Offering type: public

Payment Model: CPA

Rate: $200

Period: 10.04.22 – 10.11.22

Spent: $2331

Profit: $3800

ROI: 63%

Instal2reg: 1k2

Reg2dep: 1k5

As for conversions we received the following result: installations = 203 ($11 per installation), registrations = 110($21 per reg), deposits = 19 ($123 per deposit).

In-app traffic is something that has existed for quite a long time, although hardly any people in arbitrage are aware of it. In simple terms, this is an advertisement in mobile apps.

In order to customize the commercials, we implemented an extension to an ad account in Unity Ads via

AppsFlayer and put an offer link on all the GEOs. That means that any user from Italy, had been directed to our offer , when he downloaded the app from the AppStore.

We also excluded iPads, iPods, and iPhones below the 8th one , as these devices were not suitable for the installation of apps on them.

Setting up ad campaign in Unity Ads

The advertisement campaign was launched on installs.    

Setting up ad campaign in Unity Ads

The cost per install came out to $11, which is quite a lot. However, as the deposit rate in the affiliate  was high, it was not so critical. The plus side of In-app traffic is that advertisers are ready to pay more for it.

While working with the In-app source, you cannot quickly reduce the cost of the installation. More time  than on classic sources (Facebook,TikTok, pushes, etc. ) is required for optimization of advertising campaigns on applications where adverts will be shown. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of experience and time.

Statistics from Affiliate Program

We have tested different runs and creos. The specially created video creatives for our offer in the style of slots and wheels worked very well. Incidentally, our iOS apps links lives on average 6-12 months and are very seldom banned, unlike android, this is exactly the guarantee of preserving your nerves and worries about constant bans:)

In the creatives we tried as much as possible to avoid the following words: earnings, winnings, slots and casino ( as we recommend you do).

Some of them are attached below. 




Сreatives for the bundle  

Uploading is done directly to the offer, as there are no links in the In-app and prelendings are not required. 

The application Gate of Olympus

We have added push notifications to our bundle. We always recommend you to pay a great amount of attention to them, because they will significantly increase your enrollment and deposit conversion. They’re also a great reminder for the user to log in to the app. In our service iRent.Market you can create your own pushes under the offer on a huge number of localizations.


The Conclusion

Uploading In-app traffic through iOS prills can help you earn a very cool and serious profit, if you work with that source for a long time and have experience in arbitrage:)

Bottom line, in less than a week of uploading through Unity Ads, we got $1469, a ROI of 63%!

The audience in iOS traffic is much smaller than in android, so the competitiveness is lower and deposits are higher. Use all the features of our service, which we create and regularly update.

And, of course, in order to corroborate our words, we attach the testimonial from our user:)

We are always open to close cooperation with all arbitration teams, advertisers and webmasters. We will be pleased to write a collaborative case with you! But if you already have one, we’ll give you a very steep offer, you are unlikely to refuse:)

If you have any questions about cooperation, please contact Alexandra.

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