ADLEADPRO here 👋. With everything happening in the world and the midterms coming in the States, it’s time to prepare yourself for anything. And how can you do that? Well, we have something in mind. How about preparing setups for launching traffic? The stronger they are, the less problems you will have when starting the campaigns. That’s why we prepared this guide on farming accounts and Fan Pages for ad activity.

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Why need ad account setup

Nowadays account shops offer you ‘king’ accounts and Fan Pages with allowed ad activity. Is there a point in buying them? If you want to save time and money – then obviously, yes. Farmers now have a good method of passing ad activity restrictions which means you get a good end product. 

But! It wouldn’t be Facebook, if there were no ‘but’. As we found out, passing the checkpoint guarantees account trust for 2 weeks. The prices for Fan Pages with allowed ad activity are biting. That’s why if you just started saving money for Hurakan, you’ll have to complete the setup with your own hands (either from the start or give a second life to your already bought account with allowed ad activity).

The idea is: take the setup from this article with 1 ‘king’ account (farmed for 30 days) and 5 autoregs that were farmed for at least 5 days and one trusted FP. With mobile proxy you can use EU, GE or KZ (try out this proxy service – For each page one domain.

Then add the king as the admin of the Fan Page, start traffic and get ad activity restriction. Whether it’s suspicious activity or not, doesn’t really matter, but you can get an ad ban. Now we need to get accounts out of the ban and get a trustworthy setup that will serve us for around 2 weeks. 

Now let’s see in more detail what to do.

Three ways to get ‘king’ out of ad ban

There are lots of manuals online, so we won’t delve into it that much. The most important thing to remember is that Mark is always considering the trustworthiness of the account that pushes the buttons, not the one with an ad account, so don’t be lazy and farm accounts for longer. 

So, the three ways:

  1. NB! If you get the setup from previously banned garbage, then before lifting ad restrictions link banned Fan Pages to the ‘king’. You’ll see why you need to do it below.
  2. Take a template of a document that we’ll download to FB. Here are some PSD-templates, with a face generator: create a profile picture, prepare the document, delete all metadata and convert to GIF. A bad quality template won’t do.
  3. Click on Continue request.
  4. Then go to the mobile version of the website, add ‘m’ at the beginning of the link.
  5. Click on Continue, go make a cup of tea and come back to a reinstated advertising access.

The second way. You can also send a request to lift the ban based on the quality of the account. Just go to the corresponding page on the menu in the left and request an account check. In our case it didn’t work. For these cases we have a third way.

Third way. If you can’t appeal the quality of the account (and this does happen often), you can just follow this link and appeal to get the ‘king’ unbanned. 

How to farm a Fan Page with allowed ad activity

What we noticed: if you launch traffic from your ‘king’ account and its own Fan Page, Fan Page will not get banned. If you change the admin of the Fan Page – you have a 90% chance of getting it banned.
You can also get banned if the farming itself was not thorough or if you have dozens of ad accounts for one FP (but oh well, it’s also a matter of luck).

How to get it out of ban:

  1. After you received ad activity permission for your ‘king’ account, you still have some linked FPs to it (where you’re an admin)

  2. In the new tab click on ‘Request review’.

  3. Now here it’s time to play victim and say you don’t know why it got banned. If they need some verification, send them what you can.

How long till you get out of ban: no fortune teller will tell you that, because Facebook is that unpredictable. We see some patterns surely when it comes to Fan Pages and the speed with which they get ‘unbanned’. Fan Pages that lasted for 1 to 2 years can go live again after just one day. Newly registered can be on 

How to unban a BM

In our previous article about a setup for FB where ads are launched from BM autoregs. In a case where you need to get your BM out of a ban, follow this link and submit an appeal. If the FP is connected to the BM and has an activity restriction, use this form to file an appeal.

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