Hello webmasters! MakeMoney TEAM continues to introduce newcomers to the fundamental things of the affiliate market. Today we will talk about the Straight Sale (SS) model in the nutra market.

The article collected information about the volume of the global market and popular countries where SS-offers work well. As usual, we will show many examples of creatives from SPY services and share insights on a successful running traffic. 

Nutra market volumes

Nutra is among the niches that remain stable even in times of economic crises and global health turmoil. For example, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for certain categories of goods has only increased.

Analytical data  show, that In recent years, more and more people are interested in disease prevention and strengthening immunity. Nutraceuticals remain in the TOP and the trend will only increase in the coming years. 

In 2022, the Nutra market was dominated by the Weight Control category with a 20% share. Residents of different countries began to pay attention to their diet and strive to improve their health. Analysts also expect an increase in demand for energy drinks. 

The lifestyle change has created a huge demand for dietary supplements. Obesity rate exceeded 35% in 2022 in 19 US states, more than in 2021, according to Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) report. 

Nutraceutical manufacturers are ramping up capacity to meet customer needs. Now the nutra market brings in hundreds of billions of dollars and the figure will constantly increase. 

The most popular GEOs under SS

The nutra vertical is multifaceted and each segment has its own rules. In addition to the traditional COD (payment on delivery) model, there are also SS and Trial. In each case, the approach to sales is very different, so using the same funnel will not work.

The main feature of SS for affiliates is fast payout. As soon as the client pays for the order, a lead falls on the web account. No call centers, long-term storage of the parcel at the post office and no refusals. 

The instant payment model has not taken root everywhere. For example, in tier 2-3 countries, customers prefer to buy a trial first or pay for the goods by mail. They have their own model of behavior, which does not change over the years.

SS is a common order payment format in the “first tier” countries. In the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and other developed countries, people part with money without problems before receiving the goods. 

In the CIS countries and specific GEOs, it is better to use COD, since most buyers do not have confidence in sellers. Especially when they see a store landing page for the first time and have no experience with shopping. 

The cost of attracting traffic when working with SS is much higher than with COD. The webmaster will have to work with “premium” GEOs like America, where the cost of a click in an auction can reach several dollars. But whether the costs will pay off or not – the statistics will show after loading. 

Also, to work with FB and multi-accounting in general, we use cloud autoupload and antidetect browser from the Dolphin team. Both products greatly simplify life and reduce routine and are definitely the most advanced among the competition. In the antidetect browser, by the way, we recommend that you pay attention to the built-in script builder, which automates every click, button press, login / password entry and other actions that are usually performed in the browser. To do this, it is enough to create a script – a sequence of operations that the robot will perform to complete your tasks. A very cool feature.

Specifics of launching traffic to SS-offers

Webmasters love Straight Sale for high rates on offers. For comparison, according to COD, the average payout is $30-40 depending on the GEO, and in SS, the figures of $100-150 are standard. 

When moving from COD to SS and Trial, even experienced webs become newbies, as it becomes necessary to close all user objections and lead them by the hand before paying for the order. Accordingly, the landing and other elements of the funnel must be perfect. 

Let’s imagine that the affiliate spent $1,000 on advertising and received 1,000 clicks, of which 30 visits were converted into applications, but only 8 leads. Even taking into account the high rates for the offer, in this case, the costs may not pay off. Therefore, it is important to remove obstacles on the way to the order in advance. 

When working with SS-offers, affiliates usually pour a test cap so that the advertiser evaluates the quality of traffic, and then gradually reaches the volumes. Standard sources for Straight Sale: Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, email campaigns.

The profit of a webmaster is strongly influenced by the size of the average check. If the number is kept at a high level, the ad can easily bump and increase the cap to get the most out of the affiliate’s traffic.

We also recommend that you carefully monitor the return rate. As soon as the number starts to grow, then there are problems with the funnel. Most often, customers refuse orders due to mislead in promo-materials, inconsistencies in delivery conditions, etc.

Advertisers with SS-offers provide high-quality landings, but it will not be superfluous to make your own. Translation of texts is better to order from native speakers, and design – from a specialist who fumbles inside.

To increase the conversion on the landing, you can use:

  • concise calls to action;
  • advantageous offers with a limited duration;
  • elements of personalization;
  • promo codes.

The screenshot above is an example of a beautiful promo page with a lot of useful information. A potential client can get acquainted with the composition of the “bears”, the benefits, customer reviews. Free shipping is great to stir up interest. 

Creative examples

The nutra market consists of a large number of distinct sub-verticals. Webmasters can pour on weight loss, joints, gels, pressure medications, CBD and other goods.

There are hundreds of creatives in SPY services for different segments of the nutra market. Each approach can convert in the context of a specific GEO, but it’s always worth focusing on unique creatives. 

What to bet on in promo:

  • demonstration of the advantages of the product;
  • 100% natural products;
  • fast delivery to the client’s region;
  • high rating based on reviews;
  • discount 30-50%.

Most creatives are designed in a laconic style, but from time to time there are examples that blow your mind. Check out the first video below. It is made for impotence remedy.

Landing pages are most often created in a simple style, but sometimes you can see non-standard options with calculators, quizzes and other interactive blocks. 

Working with SS-offers is not suitable for every affiliate marketer, but any beginner can gain invaluable experience. Even if you can’t find a bundle with a high ROI, you can adapt the sales funnel to other models and earn $$$.

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