Facebook and Instagram will soon be banned in Norway from tracking users online to target them with advertising. This is not the first “bell” so be aware even if you work with other GEOs. Aff1 shares news and forecasts.

So: The Norwegian Data Protection Authority ordered U.S. technology firm Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, to stop showing users in Norway personalized ads based on their online activity and estimated locations.

Facebook and Instagram will only be able to serve personalized ads to people based on the information that users provide in their profile description.

It is clear: You can write anything in the profile description. Thus, the benefit of “targeting” tends to be zero.

What’s next: The ban kicks in from August and will be valid for three months. The ban could be lifted sooner if Meta finds a way to lawfully process users’ personal data and grant them the right to opt out of surveillance-based advertising.

It is hardly possible. Most likely, the parties will find another way out. Moreover, the situation is gaining momentum.

Back on July 4, a European Union court ruled that Meta was illegally collecting people’s data to serve ads without their explicit consent. And on July 5, Canada suspended advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

It began with a Canadian law requiring internet giants to pay news writers. In response, Meta promised to close access to news on its social networks in Canada.

To be honest, all these squabbles look like the beginning of the end. Therefore, keep an eye on the situation and diversify your traffic sources in advance!