¡Hola árbitros! MakeMoney TEAM continues to develop the section with GEO review for the drive traffic. This time we are targeting Peru. This is a state in Latin America with a large population and good potential. Let’s talk about the average salary in the region, the demand for beauty and health products, and also, according to tradition, we will analyze the approaches to creo. 

General information

Peru is one of the strong tier-3 GEOs — the country is in high demand among webmasters. They have long been accustomed to LATAM and upload to offers from different verticals. Peru lags behind Europe in economic development, but is slowly developing in the format of an agro-industrial state. 

  • Currency: PEN (Peruvian New Sol)
  • Domain: .pe
  • Time zone: UTC-5
  • Phone operating systems: iOS – 8.96%, Android – 90.09%
  • Mobile operators: Movistar Perú, Claro Perú, Entel Perú, Bitel
  • Popular payment systems: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Pago Efectivo
  • Popular applications (Social): Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

Average income of the population

The income of the inhabitants of Latin America is not comparable with the figures of European countries or states of the “first tier” like the United States or Canada. At the same time, GEO converts perfectly to gambling, nutra, dating and other verticals. 

Analytical reports show that the average salary in Peru is gradually increasing. Although in 2018 it was higher than in 2023. Most likely, this is due to the devaluation of the national currency and the strengthening of the dollar.

On average, a Peruvian worker earns about $6,264 per year. The amount of income is highly dependent on specialization, work experience and location. The highest salary was recorded at around $4,083, and the lowest was $280.

Peru is ranked 47th in the world in terms of GDP per capita. Interestingly, Israel, Denmark, Portugal and other top GEOs are further down the list.

A breakdown of salaries by specialty is extremely difficult to find, but there are data for several specializations. For example, a nurse earns about $10,000 a year, an industrial engineer $98,000, and a programmer $49,000. 

Demand for nutra products in Peru

One of Peru’s main problems is limited access to professional medical care. The country lacks qualified personnel, and many cannot afford private clinics. Promising specialists go abroad to get a good salary. 

According to various media reports, the country’s government allocates only $332 per capita to the vulnerable in Peru per year. This is a critically small amount to completely cover the need for quality treatment.

Problems in the health sector lead to a decrease in the level of trust in doctors. Population surveys show that many Peruvians are turning to non-traditional therapies and trusting various healing techniques. 

The indigenous peoples of Peru are accustomed to treating diseases with herbs, tinctures and other medicines of their own production. This means that by default they have a positive attitude towards dietary supplements. 

Peruvian women try to take care of themselves. They actively use anti-wrinkle products and other cosmetic preparations. If you submit a product with the right “sauce”, potential customers will surely be interested in it. 

What you can run traffic on in Peru now

In fact, there are not so many really normal in-approach offers with not penny peyout on Peru. Now we are working with good offers from Cpagetti:

These and a couple of other good offers are now in the testing phase of our buying, so we may soon show some kind of case. In the meantime, test-test-test. We are working on increasing the approval and improving the quality of traffic by sorting through creatives and pre-landers.

Nutra creative examples

Peru is a very rich country in terms of culture and identity. There are many dialects, and Spanish is considered the official language. Accordingly, it is better to prepare creatives in Spanish. 

The visual presentation of the сreo should include national elements: images of local residents, traditional currency and other symbols, famous people. SPY services are dominated by creatives with a concise presentation without shock content.

We analyzed dozens of advertisements and identified the most popular visits:

  • product demonstration;
  • a detailed explanation of the useful properties of the product;
  • cuttings from news stories;
  • integration into the video of doctors.

In static creatives, potential customers are often shown product packaging, highlighting its key features and focusing on a huge discount. There’s no overdoing it with CTAs, and the lite creos perfectly warm up the interest. 

For beginners in LATAM, it is important not to forget about high-quality translation of texts for creatives. It is better to find a Spanish-speaking translator on any freelance exchange and work with him calls to action. 

Peru is the perfect GEO to start in affiliate marketing. In the country, goods from different categories of nutra are in demand, so you can earn money on the treatment of joints, weight loss, impotence remedies.Write to our chat, are you planning to test the uploading in Peru and be sure to subscribe to blog in telegram. We often share life hacks that will help you upload even more efficiently..