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How to promote breast enlargement offers

MakeMoney TEAM is back with a portion of valuable insights for promoting health and beauty products. Today, we’re focusing on the most mainstream segment of the nutra market – breast enlargement offers.

How webmasters can benefit from interacting with Facebook support

However, Facebook remains one of the most valuable sources of traffic, and operating in the market without it can be difficult. Today, MakeMoney TEAM will reveal an unconventional aspect of working with Facebook. We will discuss how webmasters can interact with the social network’s support to gain perks.

Prostatitis campaigns in the international market

Nutra is unlikely to become obsolete anytime soon, which is why this vertical is consistently in the spotlight of the affiliate community. MakeMoney TEAM is back with a new batch of useful content on promoting health and beauty products.

We moderate comments in FB and increase ROI

Another article from MakeMoneyTeam. This time the guys shared their experience of working with comments in Facebook ads. In addition to a small guide on where to take comments, the guys also tried to experiment with campaigns themselves.

How to work with Straight Sale offers in nutra

MakeMoney TEAM continues to introduce newcomers to the fundamental things of the affiliate market. Today we will talk about the Straight Sale (SS) model in the nutra market. The article collected information about the volume of the global market and popular countries where SS-offers work well.

Profitable GEOs to drive traffic to nutra-offers | Peru review

¡Hola árbitros! MakeMoney TEAM continues to develop the section with GEO review for the drive traffic. This time we are targeting Peru. This is a state in Latin America with a large population and good potential. Let’s talk about the average salary in the region, the demand for beauty and health products, and also, according to tradition, we will analyze the approaches to creo. 


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