Hello webmasters! MakeMoney TEAM continues to share useful tips that will help you save time when running traffic and increase ROI over the course. As they say, there is no limit to perfection and this also applies to the CPA market. 

Today we will talk about the importance of automation when working with paid traffic. We will tell you what tasks can be automated, and what is better to do by hand and not trust artificial intelligence. The material is designed for beginners, but experienced webs should also not forget about the benefits of automation. 

What tasks can be automated

Many webmasters dream of finding the coveted “dibs button”, but, unfortunately, it does not exist. Any product that brings conditionally passive income needs regular support, and even with active attention, the profit can be greatly reduced. 

The secret to a successful launch is simple: active research + tests + automation. If you have a budget for buying traffic and a desire to actively test different approaches, you can eventually come to a stable revenue. 

Automation in CPA helps to get rid of routine tasks and focus on finding new offers, A / B tests, scaling, working with direct advertising. Given the active development of neural networks and auxiliary software, the idea of automating most of the routine does not look too brazen. 

Search for bundles

Searching and testing connections is the bread and butter of any affiliate marketer. Some manage to upload in squeezed offers with high ROI, while others skim the cream with new approaches and leave to test other products.

It will not be possible to fully automate the search for bundles, but with the help of SPY services, you can quickly check trends in a specific niche. For example, now they have begun to actively churn out creatives for gamblers with a frank adult. Apparently, they download in some GEOs and it would be a sin not to test this approach.

You should also keep a close eye on offer aggregators like OfferVault. Fresh products in different niches often appear in the catalog. Some of them have quite high rates. 

Warming up accounts

Most affiliates work with Facebook, despite all the storms and massive bans. Everyone buries the first bills and the source itself, but there is no getting away from it. If you want to make money, you will have to adapt to the constant updates of Facebook rules. 

To effectively drive traffic in any GEO, you need high-quality accounts. Some webmasters warm them up on their own, which is a difficult and monotonous job. Some tasks can be automated using the same «Dolphin» script designer, where the software can perform simple actions for you. You do not need to pay for this function separately, it is available to users with any tariff and with it you can automate every click, button press, login / password entry and other actions that are usually performed in the browser. To do this, you just need to make a script that the robot will execute to complete your tasks. 

Captcha passing

AdsPower also has a good automator. With the “Robotization module”, you can mimic the actions of real users and get some trust on Facebook. Pleasure is paid, so get ready for the costs in advance.

An example of a script for farming accounts

Promotional material creation

Neural networks have become a very hot trend in the last 2 years. The site already has materials on whether Artificial Intelligence can make a  suitable creative  and how to use ChatGPT

On our own, we add that both tools are useful. They will help you see the problem from a different angle and save time in the process of testing GEO + offers, but you should not expect 100% automation. 

Midjourney-based instruments have already appeared on the market, which open up even more opportunities. For example, You can make a video with animation effects from a static image.

White Page generation

White pages are needed by webmasters that flood into gray niches. It is not necessary to create them by hand, you can use generators. We recommend the following whitepage creation tools:


Whites have to be slightly adapted for themselves, but generators remove most of the routine. You should especially carefully look at multilingual tools designed to work with paid traffic. 

Upload of Campaigns

It is difficult to imagine successful work in the CPA marketing market without an anti-detect and a tracker. Recently, the rule also applies to autoupload. Dolphin and FBTOOL save hundreds of hours due to the massive uploading of campaigns, bindings cards and passing checks. We are currently working with Dolphin too, but with their cloud version, because it does not need to be installed on the server – accordingly, the costs become less. And from experience, this version lags much less than its competitors and its server version.

For a conditional $100 per month, you can close a large number of routine tasks and scale bundles without hitting your psyche. Except autoload you will get uniqueization of creo (this feature is only available for dolphin), tracking stats in one interface, editing the text of ads, sending requests to friends and other goodies. 

Comment monitoring

Many savvy webs forget the importance of comment moderation. Operational monitoring and cleaning increase ROI by an average of 10-20%. This is especially true for niches like gambling, where casinos are regularly hated in the comments. 

You can solve the problem with negative feedback from users for free using a list of stop words or using paid tools: Dolphin Cloud, FBTOOL. You can also reply to comments with questions to increase ad trust. 

You will have to spend conditional $200-300+ per month on automation tools, but for this money you buy free time that you can spend on tasks that require direct attention. 

Write to the chat, what tasks would you like to automate, but so far it does not work out. And be sure to subscribe to the blog in Telegram. We often share life hacks that will help you upload even more efficiently.