Hello, webmasters! Nutra allows many teams and solo webmasters to maintain a stable ROI. MakeMoney TEAM is back with a portion of valuable insights for promoting health and beauty products.

Today, weโ€™re focusing on the most mainstream segment of the nutra market โ€“ breast enlargement offers. Weโ€™ll briefly discuss the medical aspect of the issue, explore the specifics of affiliate products, and provide examples of creatives and landing pages.

Demand for breast enlargement products

To assess the demand for breast enlargement surgeries and cosmetic products, itโ€™s sufficient to analyze a few recent studies. Analytical and medical companies regularly conduct surveys, and you can rely on statistics when running your campaigns.

One recent study indicates that 71% of respondents from 40 countries are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. 47% of women would like to increase their breast size, while 23% would like to reduce it. Consequently, this is a significant concern, and people are willing to spend money to address it.

In the mass media, articles regularly appear on how easy it is nowadays to change the shape of oneโ€™s bust. Surgery costs several thousand dollars, but if there are no financial problems, the issue can be resolved quickly.

Since 2006, mammoplasty has consistently ranked high in the list of the most popular procedures among plastic surgeons. Those who cannot afford the services of doctors use injections, creams, and other means instead.

Features of breast enlargement offers

Offers for breast enlargement are not in as high demand among webmasters as segments related to potency, diabetes, joints, or blood pressure. The product selection in CPA networks is lower, but the competition in the auction is not overwhelming.

The main feature of breast enlargement products is that they donโ€™t actually affect the size of the breasts. However, the price of these products can reach $50-100. Some creams contain beneficial ingredients, but they donโ€™t solve the problem.ย 

Women who cannot afford surgery have no choice but to spend money on repeat orders of creams or gels. The product is not tied to seasonality, so it can be promoted year-round.

In affiliate networks, payout rates range from $10 to $35. There is a wide range of GEOs available, from Thailand to Hungary, Indonesia, Singapore. In addition to creams and gels, in affiliate networks you can find non-standard products such as breast-enhancing tea.

The main traffic source for promoting breast enlargement offers is Facebook. You can push creatives into the auction using masking, associations, and other techniques. The key is not to use template creatives from SPY services but to create unique promos for each region you are targeting.

To prevent your accounts from getting banned too quickly, we recommend testing a new antidetect called Vision. Itโ€™s currently in beta testing, but it has shown good performance: instant profile creation and launching, convenient functionality, Chromium-based operation, user encryption, real user fingerprints. Most importantly, it has a lower account suspension rate, and there have been no observed lags in the tool itself.

Examples of creatives and landing pages

Cases related to promoting breast enlargement offers havenโ€™t been published for a long time, so the only option is to analyze the Ad Library and Adheart in search of fresh examples of promotional materials.

The creatives typically use standard approaches:

  • solving the problem without surgery;
  • medical approach with recommendations for different products;
  • celebrities;
  • news-related.

Images and videos often include discounts, promo codes, and other perks that create a sense of missed opportunity. However, when working with celebrities, itโ€™s important to be cautious, as many nutra affiliate networks have prohibited the use of such creatives.

The creatives actively employ the โ€œenlargement without surgeryโ€ approach. They integrate large fruits like melons and watermelons into the content. Additionally, they include attractive product packaging to convey visual cues for creating lasting associations.

Everything is standard on the pre-landers. In the example below, thereโ€™s a doctorโ€™s story, explaining how to increase breast size at home without surgery. Then, the customer fills out a form and receives the desired cream.

Analysis of SPY services shows that webmasters primarily target affluent tier 1-2 countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, and France. The cost per click there is higher than in low-budget GEOs, but thereโ€™s a significant difference in customer demand.

Breast enlargement offers are one of the eternal niches in the nutra market. There are plenty of ad examples in the public domain, but youโ€™ll need to work on your pre-landers. Affiliate networks provide a limited set of landing pages, so itโ€™s better to create your own versions.

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