Affiliate marketing media frequently talk about affiliate managers, but there’s often a veil of mystery surrounding the world of affiliate support. Even though, it’s the affiliate support team that shapes a marketer’s initial impression of a company! That’s why we’ve embarked on a journey to unravel the intricacies of the support team’s work and debunk some stereotypes surrounding this profession. Join us as we delve into the subject with Denis Vasin, Team Lead of Alfaleads Customer Care Team.

Routine or Creativity? An interview with Denis Vasin, Team Lead CCT Alfaleads

Denis, hi! Can you please introduce yourself and shed some light on your role within the company? What are your primary responsibilities?

Certainly! I’m Denis, and I hold the position of Team Leader in the Customer Care Team department. I cover team management, the onboarding, and training of new team members, as well as overseeing a dedicated group of affiliates. My primary goal is to optimize the efficiency of CCT and ensure top-notch service for our partners.

So, the immediate question arises: why is the support team at Alfaleads referred to as the Customer Care Team? Why not simply “support”?

A few years ago, the company underwent a significant transformation within our unit, transitioning from a standard tech support to a “care team.” To achieve this, we focused on three key areas:

1. Emphasis on training

We enhanced everyone’s technical skills through regular and in-depth master classes covering various traffic sources (UAC, FB, SEO, ASO, etc.), post-back settings, and traffic analysis. Moreover, we continually refine our communication skills, ensuring that our interactions with partners are as pleasant as possible.

2. Revised team values

Once, we were primarily centered on providing quick and efficient responses to affiliates’ inquiries. Today, our approach is more holistic. We aim to foster our partners’ development, influence the growth of their results, and boost their motivation. We don’t just give access to offers; we analyze traffic, propose alternative products, and provide valuable tips and tricks for optimizing ad campaigns.


3. Implementation of quality assurance (QA) 

QA experts review our interactions with affiliates and offer insights into how our communication can be further improved. They evaluate the work of CCT and provide feedback. For instance, they might highlight instances where we performed exceptionally well and others where there’s room for improvement.

Today, the CCT team is far from the typical technical support team you’d encounter, say, in a bank, where responses are usually polite but standardized. Our team members are vibrant individuals and exceptional professionals who genuinely care about affiliates. This idea is reflected in our name, “Customer Care Team.”

So, what exactly falls under the umbrella of CCT responsibilities?

First and foremost, it involves processing incoming applications. When an affiliate registers on our site, we must moderate their application. We determine whether they have enough experience to join and if there have been any prior fraudulent transgressions on their part. 

The second, as mentioned earlier, is providing support and assistance to our partners. This encompasses various technical aspects such as coordinating offers, generating tracking links, and configuring post-backs. We also share valuable insights, including tips on setting up targeting, identifying high-converting landers, recommending new products, and pinpointing top-performing GEOs. Our aim here is to nurture our partners. When we see positive results, we then transition them to the capable hands of a dedicated manager.

We also play a supportive role for our key account managers (KAM). The largest teams at Alfaleads collaborate with a KAM, and we step in to handle routine tasks, allowing the KAM to concentrate solely on maximizing the affiliate’s profits.

Could you provide more insight into your process for approving new affiliates? What factors do you consider?

We assess the affiliate’s experience, which should ideally be at least six months or more. Our evaluation includes reviewing screenshots of their activities, which must be submitted with their application. It’s preferable if these stats are recent and cover a short timeframe, such as the previous month. These stats should not only display the GEOs the affiliate has worked with but also the specific offers. The best-case scenario is if the screens also show the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the players. It’s important to note that all this information remains strictly confidential.

Does this mean you don’t accept novice affiliates?

That’s correct; we don’t onboard newcomers who have merely watched a few marketing tutorials on YouTube. The reason is: we work closely with advertisers who highly value the quality of our traffic, and we offer terms that, in most cases, are unmatched in the market. This is why we can’t extend our offers to inexperienced marketers. However, we are always open to affiliate marketers with potential — those who can grow and expand their traffic volume with us.

Is there a chance that a skilled affiliate might not get approved? 

The likelihood of that is extremely low 😃. But if an affiliate believes that their application has been unfairly rejected, they can always reach out to us, and we will promptly address the situation. Reach me on Telegram at @den_alfaleads, I am always open to communication. Feel free to reach out to me in case of any uncertainties.

Are there any common stereotypes associated with your line of work?

One stereotype is that support work often involves following rigid scripts, and support managers are perceived as reserved and unemotional. However, in our specific domain of CPA marketing, the reality is quite the opposite.

When we’re hiring for CCT specialist positions, we pay close attention to an individual’s communication style. Emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in our industry it’s the ability to intuitively understand and empathize with others’ needs. Exceptional support specialists excel in picking up on subtle cues in communication, enabling them to foster strong relationships and resolve conflicts effectively.

As for being “scripted,” while there are established work standards, they don’t stifle the creativity and engagement of our specialists. Those who think creatively can often find innovative approaches to address complex cases, which benefits both the company and our partners.

What are the career growth opportunities available to support staff? 

Our company refers to CCT as a “talent incubator” because employees quickly learn the ropes, refine their hard and soft skills, and frequently advance to other departments. Several of our top affiliates and business development professionals have their roots in the support team.

We’ve shared Zachary’s story on numerous occasions — he also began his journey in support a few years ago and now leads an entire team of affiliate managers. Zachary’s voyage started when some acquaintances from Alfaleads informed him about an open position for a support manager. Despite lacking marketing experience, he was driven and eager to grow. 

Zachary describes his time in the support department as a fascinating experience that allowed him to earn his first substantial income. This was followed by a steep increase in expertise, a considerable learning curve, and self-development, and gradually, Zachary emerged as a shining star within the company. Today, he represents us at various conferences, delivers speeches, and contributes to the training and development of others. 

— Our company refers to CCT as a “talent incubator”. For instance, Zachary, our Head of Affiliates who’s in charge of a whole team, started his career journey in the support unit.

By the way, just the other day, Zachary and I made another career leap. He moved from the Team Leader to the position of Head of Affiliates, and I moved from the senior manager to the position of Team Lead CCT.

This is why I am always happy to see ambitious people at interviews — we definitely have potential, and Alfaleads provides the opportunities. Right now, we are looking for a cool support specialist for our team. So if you want to join our unit, contact me on Telegram @den_alfaleads!

What is the most challenging part of your job? And what is the most interesting?

The most challenging aspect of our job, as aptly put by my colleague Ars, is the need to remember and address all our partners’ requests promptly while maintaining the quality of our responses. Learning to multitask becomes a significant part of the first few months. On the other hand, the most interesting part of the job is the sense of accomplishment in completing numerous tasks by the end of the day — from providing offers to checking post-backs and link setups, and ensuring that the landers are running fine.It’s a rewarding feeling. 

Share your plans for the development of the CCT unit!

As for the growth of our department, we have several key plans. 

In the near future, we aim to expand our schedule to provide support almost around the clock, 24/7.

Additionally, our focus remains on continuous development. We strive to enhance our service for partners every day by participating in internal expert lectures, mentorship programs, and collaborative case analysis with colleagues. These efforts collectively yield excellent results.

Denis, thank you for the interview!

You are always welcome!