Hi, ADLEADPRO here! Constant bans and microspendings everyday are a pain in the a**. And that is how lots of different bundles/funnels/setups come to life to help avoid (or at least minimize) the loss or decrease of traffic. Today we’ll talk about what setups you can make (for newbies) and how you can scale when everyone is having microspendings.

A glossary for media buyers

If you open up a forum or chat with media buyers, you are instantly bombarded by numerous slang words that are impossible to guess without a dictionary. So this is a very short glossary of the most important words:

  • ‘King’ accounts, social accounts are well-farmed accounts => trustworthy. In the ideal world they are farmed for at least 14 days and more (the coolest being several months). But with how fast bans are and the prices for these accounts, this is only a matter of your budget.
  • Autoregs/selfregs are accounts that were registered by a software and are sold at $1-2 dollars for a bundle.
  • Logs/brute accounts are hacked accounts of real people. This is not ethical (+ not entirely legal), but cheap and effective. But the sellers are not always to be trusted: it does happen that another (or more) person works from the same account.

We also have BMs and FPs in the setup. That’s easy:

  • FP — a Fan Page. Most campaigns are now launched from fan pages. 
  • BM — Business Manager that helps you manage all of your FPs and accounts from one interface. It has its own ad account that you can use for ad purposes. 

Classical setups for Facebook

Now let’s talk business. 

What does a media buyer need to start traffic? As per usual, we have:

  • Accounts. Separate, linked to each other, linked to BM (and don’t forget FPs that participate in the launch of the campaign). You can google different shops, but will have to check the quality yourself.
  • Anti-detect browser. For example, Dolphin. For initial tests you can use their free plan for 10 profiles. If you need more, you can always use our promo code ADLEADPRO that gives you 20% off any plan.
  • Proxy. Here we usually talk about mobile proxies, but you can always use individual IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Bank cards. There are lots of services, one of them is here.
  • Tracker and white pages. Tracker is for better analytics, white pages are for steering FB moderators away from some more black-hat campaigns.

And the offer can be chosen here.

There are different types of collaboration, but the most used and effective are these:

Setup #1. ‘King’ + autoregs. Let’s take 1 king account with a 30-day farming and 5 autoregs that were farmed for at least 5 days, 1 trustworthy Fan Page (read: old, with posts and followers) or 5 new Fan Pages. Proxy – mobile EU. For each ad account take one domain. 

Now let’s link our ‘king’ account with autoregs, share the FP rights to all of them and start traffic from the ‘king’ using autoreg’s ad account. If the ad account gets banned, we un-ban it with our king. And we get a setup where each ad account gets a higher spending limit (depends on the FB’s mood). Add payment methods in ‘king’. If you don’t have a good FP, farm it a bit more and warm it up with autoregs (and add the ‘king’ as a manager to save time) and then use them to start the ad campaign.

A note: at the moment even if you use 1 account = 1 proxy = 1 card with allowed ad activity, it doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. This is Facebook, you just need to take it easy.

Setup #2. BM + ‘king’ + autoregs. Take a ‘king’ account with a 20-day farm and an existing BM. Link the BM with another ‘king’ to preserve the access to ad campaigns in case of bans. The account, autoregs (5 items) and proxy are all of the same GEO. Proxy – mobile, for autoregs – IPv6.

Now let’s share the rights to autoregs with the BM, FP – with all accounts. And launch traffic from autoregs’ ad accounts (the principle in all cases: preserve the ‘king’ and the BM at all costs). Don’t add card info to more than 5-6 accounts. If you have good creatives and white pages, there is no need for FP with allowed ad activity.

A piece of advice: always have more ‘kings’ added to the main ‘king’ or BM. We don’t want to lose access to our campaigns.

Setup #3. ‘King’ or BM + log. This should be evident from the name. Don’t forget to add a ‘king’ or a BM to not lose the logs. Logs should be linked with the ‘king’ or BM and from their ad accounts launch ads. Don’t forget to turn off all the notifications in the log account.

If you get lucky to have a log that already had ad activity – congratulations! Now you have a trending account with higher budget.

By the way, you can also launch ads from the ‘king’ or the BM itself, but it doesn’t guarantee a problem-free campaign. It’s better to spend some time linking autoregs (to make our lives easier we also have automated traffic) than to lose money. 

And don’t forget, the number of autoregs and the accounts that manage FP are not a constant, but a variable. They will change with time (this is FB we’re talking about).

What’s up with microspendings?

Talking from experience, we would say that the situation that we have with microspendings is not just for you to wait it out. We believe that FB changed something in algorithms and is looking closely at your creatives and white pages. 

If the work with creatives didn’t bring any results, pay more attention to the work with accounts. This is where we’re more interested in having a pool of trustworthy accounts that will spend $700 or even $1,000. Accounts fresh out of a ban have better spending, so this is where it’s all about creatives and white pages. If FB likes them, the chances of getting out of ban are way higher. 

What’s more, this is how you create a pool of trustworthy accounts. And sooner or later FB will give higher limits. 

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