African GEOs are familiar territory for experienced affiliate marketers. But Africa is large and diverse, so in upcoming articles we will tell you about the marketing opportunities of these promising regions that can bring you good profit. This time we’ll talk about Benin.

Key facts about the country

The state of Benin is located in West Africa. Former colony of France.

Capital: Porto-Novo, but the country’s government is headquartered in Cotonou, the country’s largest city.

Population: 13.5 million people, approximately equally divided in cities and villages.

Average age of Beninese: 18 years.

Official language: French

Religion: Christians, Catholics 48.5%, Muslims 27.7%, Voodooists 11.6.

The currency is the West African CFA franc (CFA).

1 CFA = 0.0016 USD (October 2023)

Average income: 64,000 CFA/month. (105 USD/month)

Internet domain .bj

Time zone +1


Benin has almost 5 million internet users and 1.5 million social media users.

Favorite social networks of Beninese people:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram

Almost everyone has a smartphone to access the Internet. Almost everyone is on Android.

Benin is making great strides in internet access and education. The Benin government has invested heavily in improving its electronic infrastructure. Online courses, lectures and tutorials have become available. Offer Beninese students access to education from the comfort of their own home, as well as nutritional supplements for mental performance and more effective study.

Features of life in Benin

Benin is an agricultural state. Cotton is one of the main cash crops. The second most important cash crop is cashew nuts. These products are rightfully considered the “breadwinners” of Benin, which can be used in advertising.

Habits, character, relationships of the Beninese people

Benin people are considered almost the most intellectual people in West Africa; they read a lot.

People with non-traditional orientation are treated calmly; of course, it is not customary to talk about it, but no one condemns anyone.

Everyday life here is a mixture of European norms of behavior with local traditions and customs. Gender equality is observed, therefore there are no religious or other requirements for the appearance, behavior of women, as well as other restrictions for them.

Benin is considered the birthplace of voodoo magic. At the head of the cult is a bokonon – a priest who has the highest “qualification” to communicate with spirits. These are not just demonstration performances for tourists, but the real life of the people. They actually believe in the forces of nature and perform ritual activities according to the culture of their country. Offers magic amulets are a successful here.

Leopard is the symbol of Benin:

Pabe is a typical popular singer from Benin. His image can give you an idea of how to advertise:

French rapper Heezy Lee is popular in Benin and constantly wears a unique mask. This recognizable element can be used in advertising for a suitable target audience:

This is what the Instagram of a fashionable guy from Benin looks like:

Benin has its own equivalent of the very popular TV show “The Bachelor”. This is an excellent reference for advertising relevant offers:

Benin borders Nigeria, which is home to Nollywood (Nigerian film production). Stylize the advertisement as a poster for such a film.

Benin people love football and are interested in related topics:

Health and beauty in Benin

Benin has the highest number of twins born in the world (proven statistics). Use this in advertising creative or for the “1+1” promotion.

Back in the 1980s, Benin’s under-5 mortality rate was one of the highest in the world. Now these problems are behind us, but the memory of this remains among the people. You can appeal to it in advertising products for children.

Beauty salons in villages look much like in the photo – homely. This means you can sell them cosmetics and other products that will allow you to achieve an “city” or “European” effect:

There are barbershops in the capital, and barbers are considered fashionable guys – just like in Western countries. They run their Instagram accounts and promote stylish looks.

Women still carry things on their heads. A good reason to offer them remedies for joints and back pain.

In Benin, locals live alongside expats from all over the world, so standards of female beauty vary. On average, it is ideal to use the image of a dark-skinned girl with Westernized features.

What do people buy in Benin?

Residents of Benin are actively exploring online shopping. The most popular marketplaces are Jumia and Afrimarket. Everything from household appliances to everyday cosmetics is sold here. Here is an example of a typical advertisement from the Afrimarket platform: the hero of the video tells how he was impressed by the speed and quality of delivery from an online supermarket:

The population of cities is trying to reach out to the Western lifestyle. You need to offer them suitable means and suggest the path to the goal. For example, weight loss products and cosmetics based on familiar, local ingredients. If the offer has a different composition, then focus on traditions, continuity, and similarity of products:

Creative techniques suitable for GEO Benin

The Kola nut has a special relationship among the people of Benin. It is believed that it invigorates the spirit and increases male strength. During the wedding ceremony, the nut is blessed by the bride’s father.

Kola nuts are best known in Western culture as a flavoring ingredient and one of the sources of caffeine in Coca-Cola. Their healing powers are trusted in Benin.

The image of an athlete is suitable for advertising sports nutrition and dietary supplements. Here is an example of a triathlete from Benin:

In Benin, there are expert bloggers whose opinions are trusted. You can use the format of such an expert blog for creatives:

Instead of conclusions

Benin is considered a poor country. Now, telecommunications are actively developing there, and the standard of living is improving. The government is attracting foreign investment. Residents also strive for the best. This market is growing and improving every year.

Online commerce plays an important role in connecting Benin to the global economy. The local digital revolution is providing citizens with opportunities to participate in international trade, access educational resources and find jobs. They are ready to buy educational products, goods for health and beauty, the future of their children – in short, invest in themselves and their development.

Our task now is not to miss out on fresh traffic and “ride” its wave. managers will advise you on the best offers suitable for Benin. We are always in touch and ready to share ideas, experiences and even link tests.