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GEO Benin: don’t miss the traffic express

African GEOs are familiar territory for experienced affiliate marketers. But Africa is large and diverse, so in upcoming articles we will tell you about the marketing opportunities of these promising regions that can bring you good profit. This time we’ll talk about Benin.

Serbia, Montenegro and Co. How to understand Yugoslavia for maximum profit

Each Aff1 article on GEO takes into account the cultural context. For Serbia, Montenegro (or in a word Yugoslavia) this is especially important. Therefore, our advice on working with this GEO is based on the features and prerequisites of the mentality. Let this article reveal to you the maximum of insights and bring tangible benefits.

Norway bans Instagram and FB ads

Facebook and Instagram will soon be banned in Norway from tracking users online to target them with advertising. This is not the first “bell” so be aware even if you work with other GEOs. Aff1 shares news and forecasts.

Traffic is in Mauritius: an overview of GEO and all of Africa

African countries are actively developing in the economy and social sphere, strengthening their international positions. According to the pace of their development and our results with African GEOs, there is a lot of profitable traffic here. In particular, this article is about the team’s experience with Mauritius.


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