African countries are actively developing in the economy and social sphere, strengthening their international positions. According to the pace of their development and our results with African GEOs, there is a lot of profitable traffic here. In particular, this article is about the team’s experience with Mauritius.

Essentials of the country

Mauritius is an island state, according to the UN – in East Africa, according to the CIA – in South Africa. The republic includes the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, the Cargados-Carajos archipelago, the Agalega Islands and many small islands.

The second-richest state in Africa with the highest HDI, the second-highest GDP per capita, and GDP per capita in Africa.

 The population is 1.3 million people, and about half are city dwellers.

The average age of Mauritians is 37–38 years.

  • Capital: Port Louis, located on the island of Mauritius.
  • Official language: English. The main languages spoken are French and Mauritian Creole.
  • Currency: Mauritian rupee (MUR), equal to approximately 0.022 USD (in July 2023).
  • Religion: Nearly half of Mauritians (48%) are Hindu. Christians are approximately 32%, of which the majority are Catholics.
  • Average income: 37451 MUR/month (823 USD/month).
  • Internet domain .mu
  • Time zones: +4
  • Tier 3

879 thousand inhabitants of Mauritius use the Internet. The average mobile Internet speed is 22 Mbps, and the fixed Internet connection is 26 Mbps. Consider these possibilities when designing creatives.

Note that mobile phones are used twice as often as laptops or PCs.

In Mauritius, there are about 875,000 social media accounts (but this number is not equal to the number of unique users), which is almost 70% of the population, women and men in social networks are approximately equal.

The most profitable social networks in descending order of popularity:

  1. Facebook (80%)
  2. Pinterest (7%)
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. YouTube

Mauritians actively use the Internet for shopping: they use bank cards, to pay for delivery and bills.

What offers are the most profitable in Mauritius?

To select a suitable offer, take into account the natural and social features of the GEO.

From the point of view of nature, Mauritius is an eternal summer. Accordingly, SPF creams of a high degree of protection, and repellents are always needed.

There are cases of infection of dengue fever by mosquitoes, you can focus on this in advertising repellents. Stonefish bites are rare but can be fatal. Therefore, slippers for corals are very relevant.

Many hotels have anti-venom serums and motion sickness tablets but suggest that customers purchase them in advance.

In terms of everyday life, Mauritius is much more modern and industrial than the rest of Africa. Industrialization also led to faster promotions for women. According to official figures, a quarter of all managers are now women. They are solvent, they can afford fashionable clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics.

However, keep in mind that there is no such craving to dress up as in traditional African countries. Focus on the quality of care cosmetics, preservation of youth, health, and natural composition.

Liza Gundowry Miss Mauritius 2022

Growing prosperity opens up new opportunities for Mauritians, and this leads to an increase in bad habits. This is overweight, and the diseases caused by this, are preventable. All this is a reason for offers for weight loss, body cleansing, etc. Here is some weight loss information that will come in handy for your weight loss offer landing page:

Locally produced tea is popular and loved. Offers in the form of tea will fall on the right soil.

Bois Cheri tea

Mauritius has mixed many cultures that coexist peacefully. Religious monuments of different ethics are often found on the same street. There is no official religion in the country. This means that there are no problems with the sale of beautiful “magic” amulets.

Please note

Pay attention to translation. In everyday life in Mauritius, Creole is most often used, French or Creole is used in business and business environment, English is used in schools and offices. Most newspapers and media use French. Moricien Creole, spoken by 90% of the population, is considered the mother tongue of Mauritians and is used most often in informal settings. French is suitable for advertising.

Namibia Ad Creative Tips

Mauritius is one of the most beautiful and expensive resorts in the world (along with the Maldives and Seychelles). There are many European tourists here, so the lifestyle is appropriate. You can use European characters (doctors, scientists) in advertising, this is a recognizable format.

Mauritians are always surrounded by bright colors. Everything around is filled with exotic trees, plants and flowers. This is a native, recognizable visual setting, it is desirable to use it in the design.

Mauritius was the only habitat for the extinct dodo bird. In general, the local nature is unique, inhabited by endemic animals and plants. Feel free to mention everything natural, fresh and organic in advertising.

Mauritians have great respect for Rangoli – these are beautiful prayer drawings applied to the walls of houses, floors, any surfaces. These drawings protect, have a magical effect and simply decorate. They will decorate and enhance your advertising.

The pride of Mauritius is the banyan ficus (Ficus benghalénsis). This huge tree creates part of the “architecture” of the Mauritian cities. A bus stop has been created under one ficus-banyan tree, and under another, local residents gather to play basketball, dominoes or chat. The sacred tree is a good theme for creatives.


It is one of the most tolerant and multicultural countries. It is difficult to truly offend a Mauritian, but there is a risk of losing his attention. For example, they still adhere to relationships and marriages within the same nationality. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Asians, Africans, and emigrants maintain their national “monogamy”. So, do not use photos of couples with different skin colors. This is especially true for dating.


Mauritius is experiencing an economic boom. There is a high standard of living and a lot of traffic. The nature here is luxurious, so Nutra and all the offers with a “natural” vibe work very well.

Mauritians are accustomed to online shopping but have maintained a simple and trusting view of the world. Be sure to test this GEO, it will surely turn out to be profitable.

Mark Twain once said: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” We won’t say anything about paradise, but the traffic here is perfect.